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Vuyiwe 6d
What charms and spells do you possess?
I cannot continue rejoicing over your hold.
With you I can say,
"Surely I know the taste of poisonous water,
It has a beautiful timing,
Comes as a cold beverage
In an angry summer
Pleasurably passing through my lips,
Peacefully sliding through my tongue
Hugging every inch of my mouth
As it fulfils its purpose of bringing me into captivity
My heart surrenders before it quenches my thirst
As your sound passes through my ears
Like sweet melodies,
My whole body surrenders
Vuyiwe Oct 24
The footprints of my journey
The victory crowns  of every battle
A scar free body is fashionable,

I am a whole body of art not trend

Desirable is not the worrior's journey
It's an artwork to be analyzed
A craft desirable upon understanding

A precious jewel untouched
Vuyiwe Oct 10
He held her hand,
Forcing a straight face,
But with just one glance
His eyes watered,
Exposing what was hidden in his heart

He acted like I didn't exist
His eyes told a different story
As the pain of shattered hopes he had
Slammed his knees with a hammer
I watched him grow weak in love

My presence contaminated the air
And slowly he began suffocating
With every second the mood dropping
The traffic lights gave him torture

My soul hurt at the sight of his pain
Afterall, a shattered glass ****** the hand that picks it
Not once had this heart dreamt to be poison
Yet again I left him
With hopes she'll heal his heart
Vuyiwe Sep 23
Why chase the sun,
When the moon awards peace?

My skin has fallen for this cold breeze
The star's glare has stolen my stare

Your gloom gifting serenity
Slowly setting my soul ablaze

Your entire reign kissing my soul
Midnight to dawn our time my love
#inlove with the beauty the night brings to mý being❤🌻
Vuyiwe Sep 19
"Love is pure"
What was taught to us
So tell me,
How is my love not?
Why is my love tainted?
I find happiness in her,
I've found the purest of love
Now you tell me it's evil, demonic

"Love knows no bounds",
All the lies you kept feeding me
I've found love with no bounds,
Why now show me walls you built?
"Love is unplanned"
Neither is my love planned
Not once would I plan for the world to be against me.
Religion, scientists, politicians all against.

"Love will never make sense"
What a fool I was to believe
Here I am crucified each day,
Looked at as an outcast
An enemy to humanity
You want to understand my love
Guess the doesn't make sense
Stands within your limits
A dedication
Vuyiwe Sep 15
Never served with a silver platter
'You have to understand'
'You are strong you don't need it'
Every pain regarded as a complaint
Every need considered greed
Learnt to look down often
Closed doors in fear of being dramatic
Every pain suppressed
Only to be let out in solitude

Found strength in the corners
Found comfort in isolation
Made friends with the wind
Found happiness in imagination
"You are so kind, so wise"
That's the only way I've learnt
A "You don't matter" hidden behind "strong"
So I try to be there for others
The way I wish someone was there
Thought myself advices I knew would never come

"Why are you always angry"
I'm sorry but you've never taught me to smile
For every kind, someone wanted to take
So I try to make things balance
"You're always quiet"
Have you ever listened?

Anxiously waiting for the future
Maybe I'd be free
Life Would be better and happier
I try to make it better
Has anything changed though?
Fate is playing a game of turns
With different souls
So what do I look forward to?
Vuyiwe Sep 13
The Love You Give...
Sweetheart You Truly Are A Gem...
You Posses The Rarest Of Souls...
The Purest Of Hearts...
I Would Choose To Love You...
In All Lives Given...
Over And Over Again...
I Would Doubtlessly Choose You...
I Wouldn't Think Twice...
#Self Love
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