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Vuyiwe Aug 31
Wishing our hearts were intertwined. The sync of each beat a conversation.
With every contact as transparency.

A horrid wish that is.
I wish that could change me in your yes.T
Vuyiwe Jul 4
When the demons find me again,
When I can no longer resist,
When I'm too tired to fight.

Hold me tight and let go
Your touch is my peace for eternity
My soul will remember.

When the clouds get dark,
Run far towards light.
I know your soul will be with me.
Vuyiwe Jul 2
My soul sought the feeling,
Something so popular,
Yet so rare in my sight.

My heart longed for the ultimate,
Transforming in hopes to lure it,
Both patience and hope were lost

My mind became a genie out of care
Forging and attaching,
To fulfill the wishes of the heart.

And so I learnt,
Its a feeling that sprouts from within
It never was in the world.

And I also learnt of the deceit
The longing and desperation
But I needed to find it within
Something I never had.
Love sprouts from within. Find it in you, you find it in the world.
Vuyiwe May 19
I've laid in bed with many
Heard the moans of pleasure
While I enjoy the sweat.
It has always been a sport
Nothing sacred.

I've laid with her,
No word spoken,
I heard my spirit shout in the silence
I felt my soul fulfilled
For the first time, intimate.

Without touch
I lost my whole body
In the pleasure of her presence.
Laid side by side
I stared in the eyes of my joy
Like a beautiful butterfly,
I wanted to keep her,
But I wanted to let her go too.

My heart forgot its rhythmic beats,
My entire body embracing the warmth in her eyes
I felt paradise the sacred land
Any steps would seem unholy,
For was I worthy?

I stared in the golden gates
With mercy she welcomed me,
Suddenly I felt pure.
Vuyiwe May 2
Life is meant to be shared.
The little love you have, shared.
Water me and I water you.
In the togetherness,
With the warmth of our hearts.
Happiness sprouts,
Life is worthwhile.

An impossible task,
How long can one water wilderness?
No matter the beauty of a ***,
When it's broken, it's broken
Not even the porter dares fix it.
An artist makes broken beautiful.
Don't cut yourself with the pieces.

Many dream of a shared life,
I dream of a quiet life.
Alone, in a box surrounded with flowers
A house in the middle of nowhere
Or a coffin you'd say
Just quiet and peaceful
#Loneliness #Damaged
Vuyiwe Apr 28
So you thought I was a field?
You could play in?
Oh honey!
I'm a maze.
See the skeletons?

The ignorance left you trapped.
I am a game.
A deadly one.
Even the air is toxic.
Best of the last hour.
Vuyiwe Nov 2020
What charms and spells do you possess?
I cannot continue rejoicing over your hold.
With you I can say,
"Surely I know the taste of poisonous water,
It has a beautiful timing,
Comes as a cold beverage
In an angry summer
Pleasurably passing through my lips,
Peacefully sliding through my tongue
Hugging every inch of my mouth
As it fulfils its purpose of bringing me into captivity
My heart surrenders before it quenches my thirst
As your sound passes through my ears
Like sweet melodies,
My whole body surrenders
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