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aisha Aug 2020
I am only
as good as
my flirtatious remarks

beyond that
I am
Hey there, I see you've been empty
Let's go to the bar and drink whiskey
Where we can dance around freakily
It's alright if that's not your thing
We can just hang out at your place
So that you're not so lonely
Yeah, this nobody hates seeing you in misery
And yeah, I might be crazy
But I see your beauty and love your freaky mind
No, I'm not blind but I do love weird minds
Like you, who are far out from society
Would you mind if I be your somebody?
Both of us crazies
Away from society
Wouldn't that be funny.
Created by me on February 19th, 2020
This is a poem about you
and it goes something like this
Roses are red
violets are blue
I hate everyone
Except for you
now I know that sounds kinda harsh
Some might say a little rude
but seriously
You're so **** cute!
Created by me on December 31st, 2019
Colm Sep 2019
Still cups
Quiet unspokens
The hierarchy of all those who swim

What does it mean?

That you can take my silent ignorance as a token
That you are capable
And I am unwilling
Flirtatious IRL
Hamed M Dehongi Apr 2019
You are flirtatious Ludus and I'm dumb
I can't understand your moves
So I think you don't love me
Sometimes I feel that you love me
I am confused!
Austin V Apr 2018
What a fun little thing
You are to do
Never would I have imagined
I meant this much to you

Let's play the game
that we all know to well
For what we should say  
To cast that lovely spell

To capture those eyes
Which hold the sky
To touch the hands
Smooth as satin

We spin those words
So perfectly sweet
To tell that one
They set your heart a beat
I'm thinking of something
Of a smile
Of a kiss
Of a boy

I'm thinking of you
In all the best ways
You make me smile
More than I ever thought I would

And trust me
Your smile is
Cute and flirtatious too

I am in love
With every part
Of you
I know it doesn't count, so neither does this one.
Keda Kanye Nov 2017
I was sitting there thinking about oneness.
I’m not sure what I was thinking about or if it could even be considered thinking in any kind of meaningful way.
It was just a vicious cycle…how, how not, how?
I was thinking so hard I let my hand brush the curve of my breast—and he noticed.
His eyes glanced and flickered and the flicker said,
“what just happened?
Was she thinking about something?
Was she thinking about me?
Was it for me?”
then he remembered I was contemplating oneness
and everyone else
was contemplating oneness
and this is not the time nor the place.
Poetic T Jun 2016
fluid movements change
two now become singular
melody moves all

essence within touch
communication of sight
eyes linger on each

harmony slows down
linen drapes loosely
flirtatious ending
This was a three stanza prompt on dance, harder than it looks lol 5/7/5
Don't touch me if you only want
To know what it feels like to **** with my head.
Don't caress my cheek if all you desire
Is the sensation of my skin.
Don't even think about gripping your hand
Over my mouth just because you think it would make a marvelous joke.
If I hand you something, don't take my fingers with yours
So you can keep up your reputation.
Stop looking into my eyes if all you are searching for
Is a reflection of your emotions.
And I need you to stop pulling me into your arms.
Just stop taking me in,
Stop cradling me,
Don't trace my spine and shoulders with your fingers,
Don't embrace my little body,
Don't try to trick me into thinking that you care about me.
Don't you dare say that you love me,
Because you don't mean it.
Based on the overheard words of a Stranger fighting against someone who was clearly poison to her.
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