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crystallised Mar 2014
I watch our favourite films very often.
They're not as good anymore, though.
crystallised Feb 2014
Your hands are like a poem buried underground,
and every detail of your fingertips seem to find its way to the surface.
crystallised Feb 2014
I remember how much you hated new bed sheets,
how you lit up when I did coffee for you
and how you teased me for not liking it.
I will never forget our 4am walks on saturday mornings,
when we always studied the stars lying on the same field.
You always told me no-one could ever replace me.

People ask me if I miss you sometimes.
I tell them no but I don't really change my bed sheets that often.
And I've learnt to enjoy coffee,
I still take those 4am walks on saturday mornings
and I always study the stars lying on the same field.
And no-one can ever replace you, either.
crystallised Jan 2014
If you read all I write about you,
would you come back?
Because I carve words
into my skin from midnight,
you are the poem I write till dawn.
A knife cutting me in half,
splitting me in two,
and all of this I did for you.
But would you come back?
crystallised Jan 2014
you came with seeds
and planted them inside of me
you watered them
with your love
and watched them blossom
into resplendent flowers
you plucked their petals off
one by one
you watched them suffer
and you let them die
crystallised Jan 2014
its how you fought your way into my head
under my skin
and reached parts of me
no one ever discovered
its how you fought your way into my head
under my skin
and never left
and i can feel you
with every breath that i breathe
crystallised Oct 2013
It's about having constant butterflies
and it's about staying up late at night
and have long conversations
and get lack of sleep
and regret it every morning
and then do it all over again
the next night.
It's about getting lost
in someones arms
and not wanting to
find the way out.
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