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melinoe immortal Jul 2017
'Healer' time take thy poor, black sheep,
and stop it from wondering
in the dangerous corners
of the mind,
because heaven and hell collided
inside a body and in unity they came
in the presence of all those
who conspired to it.

From the frontal to the occipital lobe,
dark thoughts obstruct
the brain’s watershed regions
and thanatos they bring.
The soul cannot take this coffin

The stone is too heavy to carry;
sliding down and pushing up,
every night the pushing starts,
for the dawn, her courage to crack.

It may be like Hooke's law they say,
but bodies break down,
when people apply the extra force
and so do the souls,
long before.
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Stream of consciousness
traveling down tin cans and a string
going on about Romulus
and ramblings, vibrating in between
half a world away
keeping each other awake
thanks again
for the company
srax  Aug 2018
newtons fourth law
srax Aug 2018
the limit of proportionality
is the is the point beyond which Hooke's law is no longer true

where the material you are stretching
becomes permanently stretched
so that the material does not return to its
original shape

and i guess people are like that too

you can only stretch for so long
until you reach a point where you break


                                                               ­        Broken
Kimberly Santana May 2014
He wants to be an engineer. He's talking about Newton and Hooke and I can't really keep up. He spits out equations and formulas, numbers and letters, my head hurts just thinking of it. His eyes are getting wider, brighter. It almost hurts to look at him when he gets like this. I know people are confused when they see us. He is math I am words. He is a top ranked school I am community college. He's filled with equations, formulas, and theories. I am filled with poetry, books, and literary devices. And in the fall we will part and despite the promises of keeping in touch I'll be just another thing he's left behind.
Yani  Oct 2018
The Value of K
Yani Oct 2018

In every mathematical equation,
          present by any means;
A constant yet it constantly changes
          from chemical reactions showing how compounds dissociate
          to Hooke's Law of Elasticity, stiffness it describes.


Just like that I know we'll part,
          our equilibrium shifts to the left;
Going back to what we once were,
          barely acknowledging each other's existence,
          strangers passing by; hesitant, stiffly saying hello.

Tell me where do I look
for the value I lost
when K became constant,
constantly we changed.
King Tutankhamun Jan 2018
Yosef is the coldest on the microphone
And you know this just ask ya girl who's so loving us
None above us Straight notorious but victorious
Once I step into the battle field better have ya shield
But no defense could stop the immense
Pressure either way ya leaving on a stretcher
Better known as a gourney to the after life journey
Only to be enslaved by me no present future or past
Could stop me from projectin' the blast
Hit ya cells like plas "ma causing asthma
To emcees ain't no rivalries cuz I devour em easily
Graded like cheese better believe once they receive
The magnificent epiphanies I be the elephant
In the room hooke ya with a sonic boom
Powerful paragraph that make it hard for you laugh
No jokes to tell or smell I'm not a comedian
Stretchin' rhymes like an accordion
Step into My expeditions only be left wishin'
My wildest dreams turn reality while ya cells at fatality
Can't battle me I'll body rock em
Like the treacherous three
Instantly the emcees crumble once the crowd applause
From me moving my jaws left 'em in awe
Easy victory art of war principle mentality
Bruised and battered competition shattered
I'm.moving like a piston hotter the engine
The faster I'm gettin' hittin' while my rhymes sittin'
Off the top of my thought who would ever thought?
Yosef could rip it like this makes for analysis
So much content I could write a master's thesis

— The End —