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it’s migrate, mutate, or perish, he said
   I plan to proceed before I’m dead
      traveling on wherever I’m led
      opposites often weirdly wed
        starry wonders up above
      Exoplanets Appear Ahead!!!
the future is female, it read
a sign in my hometown

the races mixing and mingling
so the future also is brown

exoplanets above
stars keep swirling around

if aliens also inhabit
future fantastic renown
John F McCullagh Dec 2018
The Jupiter is on the launchpad.
The count down  is proceeding smooth.
On board there's a crew of robots;
for Man there is no room.

Yes, those androids look like us;
and, once, there was a time
when human Scientists themselves
designed some android minds.

Now AI has progressed so far
that circumstance demands
that the designers of this crew for space
must have titanium hands.

This crew will never tire.
they need no food to eat.
Radiation that would **** a man
they'll easily defeat.

The distances in space are vast
at even half the speed of light.
This robot crew will long  endure
after my last good night.

There are headed for Tau Ceti.
Exoplanets there abound.
They'll transmit their data findings
to those here on the ground.

I worry for Posterity;
Fear clouds my troubled mind.
Once  our species were explorers
now we're  forever left behind.
A bit of Science fiction about the launch of the Jupiter 1 exoplanet explorer
gas stations and cheap hotels, threat of eternal Night
but I breathe upon the balcony, stars provide their light
             Luna's beauty view, exoplanets spin
                          madness is the mind
                        I choose, I lose, we win

— The End —