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Kilam TA Aug 2017
Fck you for encouraging me to take out more than I needed
ck you for not explaining the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized
Fck you for judging my eligibility based on my parent’s income and not my own
ck you for pretending to look out for my best interest
Fck you for making me decide on whether to pay you, or go to the hospital
ck you for harassing me via phone and email
Fck you for transferring my loans to a different company
ck you for asking for money back BEFORE I graduated
Fck you for asking for money AFTER I graduated with NO job
ck you for asking for MORE money after I got a job
Fck you for transferring my loans to a different company (again)
ck you for suggesting a 30year repayment plan
Fck you for the high interest rates that negate the payments I was able to make
ck you for adjusting my repayment plan without my consent
Fck you for suggesting a lower monthly payment as I crept toward full repayment
ck your shoes with the belts on them (Boondocks)
And Fck Donald Trump
This is America sucka. The land of the free, and home of the brave
Not the sea of debt and house of enslavement
So, F
ck you from the bottom of my heart, and if you call me again I’m gonna slap the sh*t out of you
Goodbye forever
explicit language.
Trefild Sep 2019
my time is wasted, yours is still up to you

some words go US Eng, some go UK Eng
so inside the word-dividing "[ ]" is the chosen sound
speaking of which, to hell with the "æ" sound
the stress marks aren't for nothing
if some words look like they're out of context or something
check dictionaries for meanings

‣ don't categorize this O̲nset as a boast
‣ but, next to some triflin' social nE̲twork posts
‣ that length-wise are like a pair of shorts
‣ from attires O̲f can-shakin' girls
‣ or ones that gyre on a metal pole
‣ this HIGHLY JOYFUL blend of words
‣ is kind of an extension cord (what?); hence, if your
‣ ceilin' is readin' them posts
‣ or if you're simply a kiddie, get lo[ɒ]st
‣ like somebody a[ɑ]fter donnin' headphones
‣ do a runner like in sled sports
‣ a little bit outta 𝒹ℴ𝓈 with 𝓉𝓇ℯ𝓈 O's [2000]
‣ which is the number of the next words
[just letting you know, maybe it would scare you away]
‣ come with a vengeance like I am Shady [the one who's Slim]
‣ that's why a couple of ways ta describe what's takin'
‣ place (and your time) are a rhyme inundation with a[ɑ]mmo-sprayin'
[but I guess you "aren't really surprised at that"]
‣ a divine operatin' since I'm at makin'
‣ mY̲ pieces ma[e]rried; it's like a weddin'
‣ so, if you still haven't absqua[ɑ]tulated & are go[ɑ]nna make it
‣ through this pile of letters to the final sentence
‣ sto[ɑ]ck up on patience is my suggestion (for you)
[I need Joe Budden here with his "you have rhymed a bunch of words"]
‣ no prizes for guessin' politeness ain't present
‣ LA[ɑ]CK good intentions like VIOLATIVE
[US Eng "lock"]
‣ oh, & there's somethin' else the
‣ eruptin' pen has go[ɑ]tta mention like some Russian placeman
[got a mansion]
‣ seizin' this occasion, would like to give tha[e]nks ta
‣ Em & Kelly provided me with some inspiration
[Eminem; Machine Gun Kelly]
‣ enough with the preparation
‣ it's about time to shift to the narration
[still here? you don't value your time as hell]
‣ erstwhile one typical child
‣ by which I imply witless & wild
‣ went through hell & nearly flatlined
‣ maybe on my way from bein' alive
‣ took place somethin' like "access denied"
‣ or perhaps the figure disguised
‣ in black & wieldin' a scythe
‣ havin' seen me, was like:
‣ "it is too early for you, nipper, besides
‣ you've done nix to deserve it, so you're finna
‣ survive"
‣ joke-cra[ɑ]ckin' regardin'
‣ the fa[ɑ]ct that in the pa[ɑ]st, he nigh ca[ɑ]shed in
‣ hi̲s chips a[ɑ]s if it's somethin'
‣ to lau[ɑ]gh at, like a jA̲[ɑ]cka## that's fine with
‣ wi[ɪ]ndin' up in a ca[ɑ]sket, like life is
‣ a thing which can be acquired
‣ I'm not the only one of such kind, am I❓
‣ should be grateful since was rescued
‣ should appreciate & take pleasure in life
‣ but it seems that could-be-fatal thing I wE̲nt through
‣ isn't enough for me to│bE̲ this way;│I'ma place that aside
‣ despite the stuff told in them funereal lines
‣ I'm totally no[ɑ]t set to die (no way) unless i̲t is locks-wise
‣ hopefully, the la[ɑ]st days of mine
‣ are a mind-blowingly long way from nigh
‣ but what an iro[ɑ]nic cloud's gon' get rainin' [get training]
‣ like bombshells; time, the thought that I'm runnin' out of this brakele[ɪ]ss [breakless]
‣ companion of life, which is jo[ɑ]lly elatin'
[the thought]
‣ that b#tch was pO̲[ɑ]ppin' in lately
[told you I will make some irony]
‣ hunted me down like a scent hound!
["don't grow up, it's a trap"]
‣ had more of such kind of co[ɑ]ntent, yet now
‣ that sh#t's cut the hell out
‣ like them pro[ɑ]sts/tarts that were found
‣ inside & around the Whi̲techapel grounds
‣ aside from po[ɑ]lishin' up
‣ like what's done to beautiful cars
‣ don't see a more a[ɑ]pposite o[ɑ]pt.
‣ of what to do with these bars
‣ I've gO̲[ɑ]t than to dro[ɑ]p
‣ even though they don't look to be bo[ɑ]mbs
‣ and would never... (and that's where I flub)
‣ I mean, though it's appa[e]rent [a parent]
‣ like an individual tha[ɑ]t has go[ɑ]t a
‣ crotch fruit to raise
‣ as long as lyrical stuff is no[ɑ]t on
‣ a track, it, similarly to a train
‣ that's in similar sta[ɑ]tus, doesn't
‣ differ much from│bE̲in' of zip│use or vain
‣ a tra[ɑ]ck, why don't I mA̲ke one?
‣ oh, you know, I'm like a groupie/rookie nE̲w biz. [newbies]
[couldn't decide which one to choose, so it's up to you]
‣ of which is runnin' a large-sized corporation
‣ but regardin' producin'/cookin' music
‣ but not that I've taken a run at tha[ɑ]t
‣ additionally, due to my Eng. la[ɑ]ng.
‣ proficiency which I def. la[ɑ]ck
‣ I cannO̲[ɑ]t speak fine e█ough, much less ra[ɑ]p
[but not that I want to rap]
‣ while lyrically, I've pro[ɑ]b'ly go[ɑ]t
‣ a lo[ɑ]t of cra[ɑ]p
‣ like some █oli█ical h█gh mucky-m█ck
[a small puzzle for you]
‣ about to deliver a pile of cla[ɑ]ptra[ɑ]p
‣ nah, politics is quite a qua[ɑ]g
‣ and not my thing ta get plunged i̲nto
‣ so I'm not finna any deeper
‣ a walkin' flo[ɑ]p, pathetic, wa[ɑ]ck
‣ as... the "T&DVE" "DMITTE" squa[ɑ]d's bad luck
["Tucker & Dale vs. Evil"; "didn't make it to the end"]
‣ had go[ɑ]tten sla[ɑ]pped by a mental self-atta[ɑ]ck
‣ soon after gO̲[ɑ]t up, but
‣ not even the slightest shred of bein' perplexed or sho[ɑ]cked
‣ cool as someO̲ne that pa[ɑ]ssed
[dead people are pretty cool, if you know what I mean]
‣ yet that doesn't change a problem: I might sna[ɑ]p
‣ like an inflated bubble gum might po[ɑ]p
‣ outcomes?
‣ not worldwide unforgettable
‣ like the "after Thanos" ones
‣ although mi̲ght be regrettable
‣ nah, the rhymer's not 𝓁ℴ𝒸ℴ
‣ except that a mite a sleepwa[ɔ]lker
‣ so, bein' near him O̲nce he has rolled in
‣ it's better to bear inso[ɑ]mnia or be
‣ with your E̲Y̲E̲s peeled like girls seen
‣ on the sides of "*******" zines
‣ as much of a ta[ɔ]lker as this troublesome work or
‣ the Jared Leto type of the Joker is on point
‣ like Deadshot with a **** abuttin' his shoulder
‣ once he's go[ɑ]t a hit order, or no[ɑ]t mediocre
‣ comparin' the fi̲rst one with Em's "CampA̲I̲gn Speech" verse &
‣ that jester in purple with Heath Ledger's version
‣ do you know what that is? a foursome
[apart from Deadshot, of course]
["that was f#cking stupid..."]
‣ although, in terms of co[ɑ]ntent invo[ɒ]lvedness
‣ next to somethin' from Marshall, mY̲ text is nO̲-frills
‣ it's a trifle, recognizin' that there are vau[ɔ]ltfuls
‣ of mumble rap & pop au[ɔ]thors
‣ nothin' short of a cra[ɑ]shin' bore that
‣ you'll pro[ɑ]b'ly never meet in person
‣ a VASTLY GOOD self-review!
‣ though there are some worthier attributes of mine too
‣ bein' not much over 18, I'm sober & clean (have A̲lways been)
‣ I̲ don't give... a slU̲g or stick for whA̲t you think
‣ regA̲rdin' it & what you're abO̲U̲t to think
‣ but I̲ believe sobriety is qU̲I̲te a thing to be prO̲U̲d of in
‣ twenty ni̲neteen; in reality, my blO̲O̲dy ears
‣ haven't even heard how gO̲[ɑ]blets clink
‣ when it cO̲mes to "cheers"
‣ only when that stU̲ff was seen [scene]
‣ on the screen; yep, certainly no[ɑ]t one who's
‣ fine with takin' smO̲kin' sh#t, drugs, & *****
‣ fO̲r it gives nothin' good
‣ if you're in disagreement with this opinion
‣ for you, I have the bird sent to/pU̲t into the skies [get it?]
‣ like what's done at weddings/funerals sometimes
‣ come to think of it, this whole world is wonderful, lovely
‣ once you sink i̲nto it, feelin' bored is somethin' unlikely
‣ just imagine some of its fillings [feelings]
‣ woman-beatin', rapists, dope production & -dealin'
‣ human-eatin', racists, mass shootings, other so indis–
‣ –pensable violence & killings
‣ US PEACE OFFicers [****]
‣ twistin' those guys' A̲rms to ge[ɪ]t
‣ 'em to read somethin' that's on **̲w to deal
‣ with non-threatenin' ones pro[ɑ]perly
‣ perhA̲ps would be quite sO̲U̲nd to fill
‣ lA̲pses bet–ween spans of ti̲me in which they're projE̲ctin' lead
‣ or exerci̲sin' in some "breathtA̲king" sh#t
‣ not that vi̲ral thing brought by K.C. Reeves
‣ knockO̲U̲t as re–gards protE̲ctin' peeps
‣ call it attacops (attack ops)
[guess what they have in common with people writing diss raps; both like taking shots]
‣ and the ro[ɑ]tten 5-O's (rotten)
‣ somewhat cut frO̲[ɑ]m the same clo[ɔ]th
‣ a boot in the belly retributed for gettin'
‣ in the way a group of them's headin'
‣ no addin' fuel when protestin'
‣ still they have their clubs operatin'
‣ like venU̲E̲s to attend if/when
‣ you fancy dance music & bevvies
‣ but their main undertakin'
‣ is perhaps case-fabricatin'
‣ like one containin' your raiment
‣ that you take on vacation
‣ combin' thrO̲U̲gh social netwO̲rks ta
‣ capture another commE̲nter, "ruthless" like a roadster
‣ on tO̲[ɑ]p of 'em there are terrorists
‣ prone to drO̲[ɑ]ppin in with their bA̲[e]ngin' gifts
‣ pro[ɑ]bably one of the wE̲ttest dreams...
‣ of patientless psychiatrists & psychotherapists
‣ somebody rhymes, cooks beats, does what helps
‣ ones in need; sO̲mebody's like obsessed
‣ with kinds of things O̲U̲t of which there's that mess
‣ this blue mA̲rble is a wasp nest
‣ inasmU̲ch as each one's possessed
‣ of a lO̲[ɑ]t of ****** to distress
‣ somebody's hind-end
[also: "hornet's nest"; "pain in the..."]
‣ some mi̲ght think, why am I so negative?
‣ it's a blood tY̲pe thing [get it?]; plus, arrived a pessimist
‣ but thrustin' puns aside, no[ɑ]t jestingly
‣ guess that is a way sO̲mebody just tE̲nds to be
‣ and in this bar-dumpin', I ain't nigh the E̲nd of it
[to all the positive ones out there, do you ever take off your "pyrovision goggles"?]
‣ referrin' to things skewin' normality
‣ here's one occurrence from this *******-up reality
‣ turnin' into that kind a[ɔ]lso partially
‣ owin' to sh#t sti̲rrin' up in virtuality
‣ a successful young belle
‣ did away with herself
‣ thanks to a key-presser brigade
‣ that, bein' online, wE̲nt off the chain
‣ havin' come at her by way of a range
‣ of offensive things said
‣ effin' insane...
[some people remain the same, some things take place over and over again; getting the connection?]
‣ can't help but arrange
‣ a stanza addressin' the case
‣ and gettin' revenge on them cads, reprobates
‣ I'ma slap in the face, batter & slay
[by the way, recognizing the rhyme pattern? probably not]
‣ servin' up some guidance
‣ on how to dispose of them unki̲nd ones
‣ ga[ɑ]g the pieholes to ge[ɪ]t 'em quiet
‣ like a boneyard keeper's ni̲ght shift
‣ becau[ɔ]se their rea[ɑ]ctions to what's on the horizon
‣ would be exa[ɑ]ctly the opposite of silence
‣ begin the show of impoliteness
‣ with the finger bones, familiarize 'em with a pi̲pe wrench
‣ to inflame the fire
‣ the fingers meet a fi̲ne-edged kitchen knife &
‣ 𝒶𝓈 𝓁𝒾́𝓃ℊ𝓊𝒶𝓈 meet a pair of jewelry-makin' pliers
‣ each member belongin' to the fleshly parties gets coerced
‣ into one-time, though to-be-engraved-on-mind *******
‣ in the course of which they E̲nd up ****** divorced
‣ re the bo[ɑ]dies, like a wife & a husband
[a wicked end of relationships, on a rewardingly and wicked low note; slang ↑s used]
‣ havin' go[ɑ]tten 'em trU̲ssed up
‣ dro[ɑ]p 'em off by a railroad & await the arrival
‣ of a train like a part of a bride-to-be garment
‣ once one gets close, lay 'em on the rails in the style of
‣ Leoni[aɪ]das, "300"
‣ wherea[ɑ]fter there go their operational cycles
‣ it's a wrap like a bag wontly linin' a tra[ɑ]sh bin
‣ which is somethin' to o[ɑ]pt for to pA̲[ɑ]ck up
‣ what's left of the sli̲meballs if such measures were rightful
‣ R.I.P. to August Ames
‣ I might be no[ɑ]t of this world
‣ don't even have a go[ɑ]ddamn smartphO̲ne
‣ some *****-po[ɑ]sitive girl
[pick some another offensive adjective]
‣ most likely wa[ɑ]nts to the bone
‣ plus, to count pictures of me
‣ taken in the last several yea[ɪ]rs by my will
‣ fingers would be
‣ needless like the ones that are owned
‣ by the maltreaters whose wrists
‣ I've slapped with my previous schemes
‣ there's zilch of them pics
‣ as the thing with that sh#t's
‣ that I simply don't see
‣ much meanin' of it
[don't even think about reading "you've" in the next line as "you have", it ruins the rhyme-scheme]
‣ know what you might be thinkin', you've missed
‣ if you have chalked that up to my visuals, *****/b#tch
‣ keepin' the talk on the theme of digital things
‣ and revertin'
‣ to not havin' a smart dog & bO̲ne, ex–
‣ –cept the one that's not workin'
‣ if the first thought of yours is
‣ that's for I can't afford it
‣ meet a piece of nE̲ws, which [*******; new switch]
‣ is that you're amiss like "Sin City" Goldie
[a miss]
‣ you're deluded (yeah), if not even stupid
‣ I'm just not like: "I really need it, wa[ɒ]nt it"
‣ guess there's not much need for mE̲ to use it
‣ while, like some within-a-church/kirk sh#t
‣ them digi. toolkits
‣ are nearly bein' worshipped
‣ a new religion loomin'
‣ somebody, help them a[ɑ]ddicts
‣ whose smartphones are like
‣ extensions of their bo[ɑ]dies
‣ whose eyeba[ɔ]lls are stuck
‣ on the screens like on a jelly's a[ɑ]ssets
‣ still, like they got attra[ɑ]cted by a ******* ma[ɑ]gnet
‣ plus, the way today's people a[ɑ]ct
‣ when somethin' thrillin' is ha[ɑ]ppenin'
‣ I'm merely statin' a fa[ɑ]ct
["I had Wembley Stadium packed"; sorry, got distracted again]
‣ they're on some paparazzi sh#t - filmin' & snA̲[ɑ]ppin' it
‣ when some geek is gettin' his ****
‣ kicked by some ***** he's unwillingly scrA̲[ɑ]ppin' with
‣ then they go to a social nE̲twork & just
‣ opportunistically drO̲[ɑ]p the sh#t
‣ have been listenin' tO̲ some rhyme-spittin'
‣ havin' little to pU̲t my time i̲nto
‣ that's what set the scE̲ne for this fU̲tile ℯ𝓈𝒸𝓇𝒾𝓉𝒶
‣ (but it's still not a [w]rap)
‣ speakin' of which, maybe I̲ de-emphasize it
‣ and this is a reach, nonetheless what I̲ think
‣ is that it turned out kind of unexcitin' (yep, self-criticizin')
‣ what is the pro[ɑ]blem? O̲ne thing that I̲ can
‣ say for certain is I̲ went pri̲ma[ᵊ]rily for rhymin'
[hence the title "some guy decided to rhyme"]
‣ in part becau[ɔ]se I, of course, lack in terms
‣ of plays on words & metaphors
‣ but/yet suppose it could have been worse
‣ at least, no sentence goes with a senseless boast
‣ about wealth & hoes, or about sellin' dope
‣ and gettin' ******, which, as well as those
‣ seem to be what among today's listeners flies the most
‣ if that's sta[eɪ]tus quo, "Mayday, go–
‣ –in' down" is what the time's come for
‣ other words, that plainly blows
‣ like that Hellfire broad
‣ and it seems the nobo[ɑ]dy has kinda a thing for "iing" [eyeing]
‣ but it has nada to do with wa[ɑ]tchin'
‣ after a[ɑ]ll the indited
‣ someone else woulda pro[ɑ]bably wondered/been likely to wonder:
‣ "why do not I̲ be–come a songwriter?"
‣ funny or no[ɑ]t, but jo[ɑ]lly iro[ɑ]nic
‣ find the 'bove o[ɑ]ption highly unlikely
‣ wa[ɑ]nnabe rhymer, time-squa[ɑ]nderin' idler
‣ you must be a little bit [beat]
‣ if no[ɑ]t even pretty, sick
‣ of receivin' the sh#t of mine or E̲ven just seein' it
‣ well, this lyrical binge, despite not succeedin' at killin' it
‣ I'm fixin' ta finish it
‣ like an "MK" participant's i̲n this b#tch
["Mortal Kombat"]
‣ if you've made it to these words
‣ give a few seconds of applau[ɔ]se
‣ not to me, to yourself, of course
‣ the precious time of yours
‣ is wasted like a pers.
‣ after a lot of drinks; it's an L; 𝒶𝒹𝒾ℴ́𝓈
The Good Pussy Feb 2015
                        ­    **** **** fu
                          **** **** ****
        fly               **** **** fu               fly
     flying            ck **** ****            flying
    flying fly       **** **** fu       fly flying
   flying flying  ck **** ****   flying flying
     flying ****   **** **** fu   flying  ****
          flying       ck **** ****     flying
                            **** **** fu  
                            ck **** ****  
                            **** **** fu
                            ck **** ****
                            **** **** fu
                    **** ****        **** ****
                **** **** ****  **** **** ****
             **** **** **** fu ck **** **** fu
              **** **** ****    **** **** ****
                  **** ****             **** ****
It's  a bird,  it's  a plane  - no, it's  a ****!
Nikita  Aug 2018
F*ck me over
Nikita Aug 2018
Lick my lips
Cradle my face
Gaze into my eyes
And tell me I'm safe
Edna Sweetlove  Mar 2015
Fuck Off
Edna Sweetlove Mar 2015
This poem has a message....

                            u        ck         o
                          f            f             F
                        u             ck           O
                       f              f                F
                      u        ­      ck               o
                      f                f­                 F
                       u              ck               o
                         f             f                F
                          u           ck      ­      o
                            f           F           u
                              c        k          o­
                     ­                   F
  ­                                      C
                         ­               K
      ­                                  A
                             ­           C
          ­                               !
zoie marie lynn May 2018
and i don't even know if i want to kiss your lips or just your skin
because i'm
but i don't want to hit the ground again.
are you sure your arms can hold the weight of my love when it's wrapped in wet clothes?
and are you sure it's the best idea to take this where the wind goes?
i'm not yet sure if love is a real thing
it's just a
and you still kiss me like i'm sane
but i know it's all just another game
so don't be surprised if i refuse to participate.
and you're like a
but your vicious words still gently drag me along.
and i'm not sure if you're really toxic
or it's just all in my head.
i love you
love you
ove you
ve you
e you
or maybe i love when you're in my bed.
there's a difference between someone telling you they love you and them actually loving you
i haven't figured it out yet though
Lucas Keith  May 2013
F^ck Yo^
Lucas Keith May 2013
A Short Mental Conversation*

"They told me, 'Yo^ only have the right to the
p^rs^it of happiness, not the right to happiness
Well I never cared m^ch for the egotistical
power-hoarding 'they' so I told them, in all
honesty, 'I don't really give a f^ck abo^t happiness
See, I always fig^red being happy was a fickle, fleeting
thing, a sq^irming worm prone to be snatched away
by the next passing bird.
However in opposition to happiness a revelation came
^pon me, and it was this:  Joy is more end^ring and
similar to enlightenment or ascension.  Happiness
co^ld be taken from yo^ b^t joy, I foolishly tho^ght,
wo^ld remain even in the absence of the former.
However that clever ******* 'they' ret^rned and with
a toothless grin retorted, 'Joy is empty and feeble witho^t
the presence of an ^ndying hope.'
They then absconded with hope and garishly painted the
word in a negative light, b^t then I realized I never tr^ly
wanted any of that b^llshit anyways.
As it is with life and rabbits, I ret^rned f^ll-circle and
decided that in addition to not needing them, I was
j^st going to do what bro^ght me joy, or happiness, or
whatever and forget abo^t everything else.
They didn't dig this m^ch beca^se they realized that
I didn't need them to define me.  More importantly
I realized I didn't need them to define me.
Individ^ality is a 'f^ck yo^' to them in a 'kick to the *****'
kind of way, and maybe that's still allowing them
to control thro^gh intentional disassociation,
however my conscience is clear.
In the end, I g^ess that's all that matters.  Some may call
that mindset 'a perpet^ation of circ^lar j^stification', b^t
what do they know?
So, anyways feel free to disagree, if that's what yo^
act^ally think, j^st don't conf^se tho^ght with reg^rgitated
machine speak.
And if yo^'re part of them, well... yo^ know…
F^ck yo^."
I had to use ^ so that the whole thing wouldn't be full of random Italics.
Scottie Green Jul 2013
The boy walking in front of me
With a slight limp on his left leg
A backwards astro hat
And dark skin underneath darker clothes
Smelled of coffee
And the humid breeze lifted axe from his neck
Backwards and up my nose

He smelled of trouble
Of seventh grade solitude
And looked as if  he walked out of my fifth grade memories

Still I thought of you

***** and dark
Dope across your tee shirt
Freckles spotting your smile that press into your dimples
Lifting the corners of my mouth

I'd like to lick cologne from your neck
Made of sweat and ****** solitude

You made none of my memories
Smelled and looked of nothing familiar
Only past daydreams

Maybe I'm just tired

I was up all night thinking of Ma
She has always smelled of Ck perfume
No matter how much money we had

She looks like all of my memories

Her short boy haircut
Her androgynous women's work suit
I remember her younger

Still loving women

Made of muscle, teaching me how to run
After soccer and before the gym

At night
She went out in slinky tank tops
Made of sparkles or silk, and sometimes both

Leaving, she'd kiss my forehead as she left me with father and my 101 Dalmatians sippy cup
I'd hug around her neck
And breathe in her Ck perfume
CK Baker Jan 2017
( i )

I lucked out
on table 4 last night
window seat
baseboard heat
with intimate passages
from Ginsberg
in his purest
and most evident form

Cover-all Carl was draped
in his usual garb
(turning pages
of yesterday's news)
animating, culturing, bantering
on the fate of the
Greek barber
(in an accent of which
I'm not so sure)

His cronies
looked on
(with a twisted conviction)
with their own tales
of ingovernance and woe
did you know that Panasonic
lost 5 billion last quarter?

The evening moved
in time lapse...
with painted winds,
streaming lights
and a host of
high school girls
running cold

Maleah passed
on her late shift
(checking the pile and trough),
patronized the boys
and called it a night

( ii )

The bald man
is back at it again
bickering at the till
(something about
a cold free coffee
or 99 cents
or the coloured guy
behind him who got it hot)
a kind Filipino
is trying to get it done
(at 8 bucks per)
losing her cool
and shedding a quiet tear

Wonder what the Purewals
or Haitians or Cossacks
would have to say
about this grim public reminder,
wonder what
this sad f*ck
will do tonight...
without his
bus pass
or sling sack
or broken Turkish stems
Ember Evanescent Nov 2014
Once again I wore my spiked choker and wristband today
I haven't worn them in a while
Because everyone thinks I'm depressed when I wear them
But I realized I don't care what people think of me
I'm not hollow like I was the last time I wore this
So that is all that really matters
This is my little symbol of rebellion
Against hatred
To say to those who prejudge me and hate me:
F!ck you
I'll do whatever the hell I feel like
Your approval is not needed
I'm happy dressed this way
That's all that matters
I encourage everyone to have a little bit
Of that "F!ck You Attitude" today
Just little symbols of rebellion
Draw a black X on your wrist today
In black ink
If you support
Being yourself regardless what people think
And through this little ink symbol
Though apart in miles
We will be united in spirit
Be YOU :)
I'm drawing the black X on my wrist right now. Comment if you are going to do it too. So we know someone else out there supports rebelling against hatred. ;)
Sam Conrad Apr 2014
I didn't love her for her body or her beauty.
I loved her for her.
I loved the way she looked into my eyes, not the way her beautiful eyes sparkled.
I loved her thoughts, ideas, feelings and actions much more than anything related to her gorgeous body.
I loved her for kissing me, not because she was a good kisser.
I loved the good and bad and all. It's good to have some differences.
I miss those differences. I promised myself I'd learn to love them and now I'm all alone.
I wanted to live the rest of my life by her side, to wake up with her, hold her in my arms through all of life's struggles.
I promised her I'd always be there, that I'd always love her.
She promised me too.
She says she doesn't love me at all, anymore.
"I'm lesbian and I could never have had *** with you," she told me after deserting me, and apparently all men.
Maybe I didn't want to have *** with her anyways.
I never would have left her for such reasons.
It is, wasn't, and never will be an importance to have *** with someone so special as her.
"Don't pretend", she says. "Even if it's not everything, that's still important"
Well, why do I still say I'd do anything for that girl? Why to I want to kiss her, not because she's attractive to me, but because I have things to tell her that only my lips could tell?
She hasn't looked my way for a while now. I don't exist to her anymore, and she couldn't be happier.
I've not seen her in almost half a year.
She's not been mine for longer than that.
I wonder if she understood what I meant...
I wouldn't just do anything to get her to be mine again,
I'd do anything for her.
Sometimes love is a one way street.
I'm all alone and blind, going the wrong way up it.
I'd say it's a matter of time before something hits me.

— The End —