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Tyler Man May 2014
I'm done it's over
No more no less
I'm done with this touture, distress
Stomach so nauseous
My mind so vicious
I can't do much more
It really won't be long before
I'm out that door
Or is that a metaphor
I really dont care anymore
My life's a *****
Lending my heart
My life my part
And nothing but pain
Nothing remains
My core is all gone
No strength to take on
This world
My head spins it's twirled
I'm weak a dieing clover
I'm done its over

Inside me was beleif
But was destroyed my mischief
I'm all gone from this life
Would I take it with a knife
To my throat
Maybe if I drowned I might float
Who cares anymore
I'm down on the floor
No more helping hands
All I can see is empty lands
Hurt so hard
A fat piece of lard
A waste of space
A complete disgrace
To the whole human race
Time to find a new place
Who am I, what am I
A monster meant to die?
So hurt inside
I tried to hide
But is death the key
Maybe then I can be free
Ayussh Srivastav Apr 2016
Rising from the ashes you spread your wings to fly,
Reaching now for these final dreams,beleif will never die.
Beautiful,glorious and sacrificing self for renewal,
You have it all the bird for eternal.

Dreams are now your destiny,
Reach with all you might.
Don't be afraid,you're a powerful infernus
Ablaze and in full light,
Cause you have the wings of fire.

Take the heart, travel the sky,
Fly and shine, be strong and powerful,
Cause you hav the wings of fire.

Leave the pain behind,
Be joyous my freind,
Cause yesterday was past,
And today's the present.

My dear freind,
You are not empty,
You are filled with melody,creativity,harmony and light,
Cause you hav the winhs of fire.

The things that you write express your beleif,
Each line shows a purpose,
Each line has a heart,
Each line is claw ripping you sadness apart,
Each line shows the phoenix inside you.

Listen to your dreams that call to you,
When you're on your own.
Dreams will help your hand and lift you,
Dreams will be the star of of your heart
Let them light your path.
These are the wings of fire
That are never dying! Never dying! Never dying!
Hailey A Carlson Dec 2013
What if heaven and hell were real. What would differenciate people from going to heaven or hell? Would it just be beleif. Believe and you're saved? Like if a murderer of a thousand children beleive in the catholic faith, they would be "forgiven"? While someone who saves children's lives everyday, yet doesn't believe in the Catholic faith, gets to spend enternity in hell? Maybe we reincarnate. What do we come back as? Is it even in this universe? Do we each have a soul? Are the animals and things around us the past souls, or even the future? Is that possible? What determines the animal or thing we come back as, is it what we most resembled in our last lifetime. Like an angry person would come back as a badger, and a peaceful person, a dove?

Or what if we simply stop living. We don't see a white light, or go into a dream, or darkness or heaven or hell or anything else. But what If we just stop living. And this is really it. What if what we are doing right now, eating, sleeping, breathing, as time goes on, as we all get older inevitably. This is all we have. There's nothing more than this. THIS IS IT. And it really is simply what we make it. What if there is no place to go when it's "over". This is all we got.

But what do we do? We go on doing what society expects, what others want, the normal. Constantly waiting and wanting what we can't obtain, trying and trying for things not needed. Searching for acceptance we could so easily give if we could just learn. Constantly pressured and watched and judged. Destracted by our surroundings, destracted from what WE are doing ourselves.

Happiness. Is it money? Wealth? Materials? That's what "they" imply. You tell tell me what it is. It's not something you can copy from another person. It's whatever tickles YOUR peach. Whatever makes YOU happy. Why don't people understand this? Our lives really aren't very long. Look at how old the world is, and how it has gone on without you in it, and how it will once again, when you are gone (if that's what you chose to beleive) "you only regret the chances you didn't take". When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life? Why be remeberd as just another ordinary. Or not remembered at all. You have nothing to lose.

The people who are good for you will stay in your life, they will stay with you till the end. The true people will love you till the end. And if things don't go exactly your way, there's nothing you can do about it after it's done. So make the best of it and MOVE ON.If things are out of your control, find the good in it and just try to have some fun. Slow things down if you can. Really stop and smell the roses, take a deep inhale and savor it. How many chances will you have in your life to smell the roses? Who knows? Do what you like in life, if you don't know what exactly you like just yet, try some stuff out. People think there's a path in life we you must take, a life rubric, a guidance. What everyone else does. We don't all need to do the same thing. So surprise some people. Mix it up a bit, life has no rubric, it's a blank canvas you can paint however you want. In fact, you don't even have to paint it. You can cut it up, or fold it like origami or glue buttons to it or sew it into your life quilt. It is Anything you want it to be. ****, eat it, fly it, smoke it, drink it, drive it. Just live it. It's yours. All yours. And No One can take it from you. Listen to Yourself. Be whoever you want to be, Because You Can. No one can stop you but yourself. Why would you stop yourself? Stop stopping yourself, and give the green light to a life worth living.
Emma  Jul 2016
Emma Jul 2016
In a instant it tumbles
Everythibg ive worked
Scattered on the floor
In a million peices
That seem irratreivable
My education, my sanity
My self esteem
Beleif i could be something
But somehow
Your warm embrace
Gathers the shards
So sharp and cold
And welds them together
To remind me
The tears on my face
Have a rightful place
Anf that its okay
To not be play
Something Simple Nov 2014
I think you don't know what you've been making
A creature of resentment and the solid beleif
I am never good enough
For you or anyone else
T  May 2018
T May 2018
Through these never ending falling tears
And every stand and my greatest fears
I can see light at the end of that long and winding tunnel
And one thing i do know no man on earth loves this woman more than I do
And I know if I make any more mistakes we are definitely through
I fight the darkness every day
While my princess looks the other way hoping it will all be ok
My lord and the angels are on my side
They know I was not just taking her for a ride
Lots of wrong doings and demons I must fight
Dailey hoping I will make it through the night
The only thing that keeps me on the right path
Is the love I have for her and that song in my heart
She and I were meant to be together right from the start
But as I fight my battle alone
I will prove what I am made of
I will show a part of me that has never been shown
So for the last and final time we will share this grief
I will show her my moves that are beyond beleif
So my next step to show that I am real
I will get down on one knee and recite those words and then she will know just how I feel
Joy  Nov 2019
Joy Nov 2019
stuffs chestnuts from the park
in the pockets of her brown jacket.
She's the type of girl
who believes in astrology
and wears socks that don't match
on purpose.
She says chestnuts emit good energy.

came sad to class the other day.
It was the type of sad
where the glass has been filled up
and when you try to drink it in one go
you can't speak and go silent.
She doesn't want to talk.

So imagine the surprise Malina felt
when she took of her coat at home
and found a chestnut had been slipped
into her pocket.
"A transition of beleif and love"
she called it.

— The End —