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Apr 2016
Rising from the ashes you spread your wings to fly,
Reaching now for these final dreams,beleif will never die.
Beautiful,glorious and sacrificing self for renewal,
You have it all the bird for eternal.

Dreams are now your destiny,
Reach with all you might.
Don't be afraid,you're a powerful infernus
Ablaze and in full light,
Cause you have the wings of fire.

Take the heart, travel the sky,
Fly and shine, be strong and powerful,
Cause you hav the wings of fire.

Leave the pain behind,
Be joyous my freind,
Cause yesterday was past,
And today's the present.

My dear freind,
You are not empty,
You are filled with melody,creativity,harmony and light,
Cause you hav the winhs of fire.

The things that you write express your beleif,
Each line shows a purpose,
Each line has a heart,
Each line is claw ripping you sadness apart,
Each line shows the phoenix inside you.

Listen to your dreams that call to you,
When you're on your own.
Dreams will help your hand and lift you,
Dreams will be the star of of your heart
Let them light your path.
These are the wings of fire
That are never dying! Never dying! Never dying!
Written by
Ayussh Srivastav  Bangalore,india
   CoolGuy2804 and CapsLock
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