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With dreams like clouds,
Which often drift and
Everyone confuses my
Thoughts with lethal
Thinking fire and destruction
Is the cause of my
My clouds hover
Above the path of
For miles.
People think they can read minds
The smoke circled halo,
Bent smiles and summoned demons,
Brimstone come a reverent silent
And obeyed sort of way.

I let my left eye avoid.

I’d let my right dream,
As I munched skewered calf,
Innocent, slaughtered, salivated
And my only excuse – Survival.

Toe-to-toe with
Home-field advantage
I nodded from shadows
To the one who scented venom;

Lace tucked slightly thigh,
She’d wink and hours later,
The demon would meet the Devil
And she’d devour –

All I’d known,
All I’d ever know
And all we’d ever be.
Another life, but for some reason, I remembered that smoke filled room under arrogance tonight; maybe it's my obsession with neon.
When you were a phosphorus angel
     There was almost light,
And your glow became like the Fallen.
When you were holding my hand
       Your prints took over
Mine, like a stolen identity...

       And I was,
Because you were my existence
    In the abyss,
And your luminous spirit a breath

And you were the storm
     That I left the shelter for,
A little grey can go a long way
      In a rain of sorrowing embers.

I was the reconstruction
     Of your project,
Rebuilding is never easy
But you stayed til I was me again.

       Life is big,
But so little in time,
     I am because you were,
I was because you're gone.
Well it's dark outside,
I'm lying on bed
those thoughts of you
crawl back into my head
laid together in a passionate embrace
a look of lust and desire plastered on your face
the bed creaking, the neighbors hearing more... and more
I never would've guessed how naughty you are, you took me by surprise on the floor
now we're in bed, biting, thrusting for all we're worth
making love until the sun arises to awaken the earth
oh how lovely this would be
oh wait I'm alone.... back to the website for me!
 Dec 2015 Roisin Sullivan
 Dec 2015 Roisin Sullivan
Blood drips through clogged veins
Like molasses.
Breathing deeply,
I taste the sweetness of tar
Drowning my lungs
And solidifying muscles.
 Dec 2015 Roisin Sullivan
We were at the age where roses could walk,
And petals were silk,
They carried us to nirvana,
Struck with the fear of a child.
Haven't wrote in a long time- I suppose that's a different kinda death for those people like us were writing and art are a part of us
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