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Misty Meadows Jan 2021
Lips like a smooth spirit in a dense glass.
Drink from my pain slow, I hope you don't

I felt her cold on me like a winter dawn
Gasp for my air boldly, it's a long night.

Eyes pierce heavy with little room to flee.
Waltz with the devil if you crave the energy.
Misty Meadows Jan 2021
Veins bulging, I been absolutely nauseous.
Ingesting all the bullsh!t of my monetary
Approach me with a caution, for your being.
I ain't perfect..
I done blacked out on my morals,
See the dullness on the surface.
My blood it roams within the cracks
I've felt the time around me lapse.
Malnourishment to be exact.
The brittle bones protrude attached.
The gut it growls and eats me slow.
I pray my heart don't rot the most.
My soul, it bleeds. Intentions soaked
With great remorse. My severed hope.
Misty Meadows Sep 2020
Can't pretend to be too
I got this blood all on my palms.
And if you ask me, yes of course
I'll swear that really nothing's wrong.
Through half smoked cigars and boxes
Of pad thai,
I'm just pushing past the years of being the
Bad guy.
And if I'm just worm food to the dirt that Craves you,
How do you expect me to bleed out simply to
Save you?
Misty Meadows Sep 2020
I **** spiders in the basement,
Think my palette's going tasteless.
Wine gets finer by its aging,
Everything between is wasting.
Call it bodies in the cellar.
Does the smell get any better?
Swallow opioids together
Just to fight through stormy weather.
Walk through Hell and make it drizzle.
Spread the pain and let it trickle.
****** a soul out by the nickel.
Nothing's done coincidental
Bible stories not my answer.
Has it ever cured the cancer?
Wars and ****** still the manner.
Call it blasphemy or slander.
Misty Meadows Sep 2020
Whether six feet deep or six
Feet tall,
Believe the higher the
Ego, the harder the fall.
I add milk in tea to adjust
The flavor.
Their souls are saved and
My fate's in danger.
And with fits of anger, I
Express this ache,
I've grown in my gut.
Must digest this hate.
Free the depths of
The belly and
Faint at the sight.
And something 'bout being
This wrong is so right.
Misty Meadows Jul 2020
Call me distant, but I'd swim miles just to get
To you. And to tell the truth, my passion is
What sets the mood. But I guess the
Movements of my flame can't spark a single
Fuse. And to tell the truth, my
Pain looks like your rendezvous. I cut my
Heart up into pieces, leave the rest for you.
I cross that heart and hope to die to save the
Mess of you.
Misty Meadows Jun 2020
I'm sweating, don't you sweat me.
With this steel beneath my belly.
Cross me once, I'll let you test me.
Test me twice, you won't forget me.

You'll regret the way you played foul.
Ain't it hard for you to stay proud?
When I see you, play your cards well.
I poker face and lay them face down.
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