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Sep 2018 · 566
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2018
Light breaking through the clouds.
I sit with my dog on my lap,
My cat curled by my head
And an autumn breeze blowing in.

There’s no sound but breathing.
Smoke from incense curls in the air
Joining steam from my tea
Smelling of roses and jasmine.

The temple is at peace.
My mind and my body are not.
I sit at the altar
Praying my thoughts will burn away.
Sep 2018 · 160
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2018
I have something growing
Inside of me.
Rooted in my belly,
Upwards flowing.

A **** conquering all,
It clogs and chokes,
Thick, broad, and strong like oaks,
While tending flaws.
Jun 2017 · 458
Smoother Sailing
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2017
A child of the sea I'll forever be,
Diving between waves of emotion.
One minute I'm riding high on a crest
Only to drown in salt water the next.
If only there existed a potion
For smoother sailing on this churning sea.
Jun 2016 · 932
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2016
I saw stardust in your hands
As you slipped away
Smiling to yourself
Moving beyond earthly things.
Jun 2016 · 1.3k
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2016
I think the rage is gone now.
I feel clean
Like fresh laundry.

My moody storms are over.
I'm still now
As a mountain.

The tears have completely dried.
I am wind
Blowing through sand.

I sit in an oasis
Waiting for
The next big storm.
Dec 2015 · 704
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2015
I looked outside and
The sky was on fire.
Not a vague omen,
But a promise

Of what is, what was
And what is to come.

I looked inside and
My soul was a pyre.
Not a funeral,
But sacrifice

Of what is, what was
And what is to come.
It's been a while
Feb 2015 · 603
Roisin Sullivan Feb 2015
I tumbled into love with you

And now I'm slowly
Crawling my way out.
Dec 2014 · 6.6k
Questions for my cousin
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2014
Did you need a sister?
Eyes open, I see now
The familiar combo
Of angst and self-love


Did you want a sister?
We were close once,
I took care of you
And you loved me

(i think).

Did I disappoint you?
You're the one
That pulled away,
Always knowing best

(you thought).

Should I have pursued you?
Forced you to share secrets,
Stories about love or lack thereof?
Was that what you wanted?

Dec 2014 · 512
Comes a Time
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2014
Comes a time
When everyone gets tired.
Same old things
Same old repetitions.

Comes a time
When patience runs right out.
No more smiles
No more waiting around.

Comes a time
When I realize some things.
What I want
And who I want to be.
Dec 2014 · 915
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2014
A nor'easter is building
Inside of me.
It howls with rage,
With loneliness, with boredom.

Each day it's getting stronger;
Harsh winds whipping,
Sea waves crashing.
It wants to go home. Let it.
Dec 2014 · 871
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2014
I hardly think of you now;
It's incredible.
I lived and breathed you,
Swallowed your words like chocolate,
But now you're just a small stain
Hidden in the folds
Of some old bed sheets
I never use anymore.
Dec 2014 · 390
Roisin Sullivan Dec 2014
Sometimes I still think about
Running away; tropical
Shores or breathtaking mountains.

I wouldn't even mind not
Seeing the sun again if
Your shadow was blocking it.
Nov 2014 · 1.9k
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
As I drove closer
I could feel the pulse
Move through my body.

My heartbeat fluttered
Knowing it was near;
Family, friends, home.
Home again
Nov 2014 · 10.0k
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
I want to rip my skin off
               And crawl into someone else's.
Nov 2014 · 10.6k
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
I sit here becoming a ghost again.
Fading away,
Until I stop existing completely.

I have sacrificed everything for you;
My joy, my life.
I think to myself, what was it all for?
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Samson and Delilah
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
You know, I've never really thought about
The stories I heard my grandmother tell.
Something about Samson and Delilah
Something about unconditional love.

Never really mattered til now,
But, you see, I'm starting to learn.
The fog is beginning to clear.

I keep ******* up, I don't deserve you.
You have infinite wells of inner strength
And all I want is to make you human,
Come down and despair with us mere mortals.

Let me claim your strengths for my own.
Why not? Don't I deserve them too?
I'm selfish, I know.  Lord, I know.

If there comes a day where I'd get a chance,
I'd ******* shave your head; I'd nick your skin.
I want to stop having to reach for you.  
I need us to be on the same level.

Please, can we start over again?
Let's go back to the beginning,
No Samson and no Delilah.

Instead let's be Adam and Eve.
Nov 2014 · 501
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
I see you staring at me
The clear statement in your eyes:
"You're sick, you're sick"
Words unsaid, but deeply meant.

And then the winning question:
"Have you taken your pills yet?"
Suspended there
Like you have the right to ask.

As if that is the reason
We keep having these issues,
These creeping doubts,
In our claustrophobic lives.

Because I've taken my pills.
Swallowed them like tasty sweets
Always hoping
That they'd get caught in my throat.

No, it isn't the issue,
They always do their duty.
It's time to face
That we are the **** problem.
Nov 2014 · 1.5k
Frozen Roses
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
Roses always look beautiful
When the frost comes.
Always look poised
And fragile encased in the crystal.

But soon enough
The cold seeps in,
Blackening and withering them
Until they die.
Nov 2014 · 344
Dried Up
Roisin Sullivan Nov 2014
I feel dried up.
As if the summer sun
Absorbed all my creativity.

And it's only now exposed
In the pale fall moonlight.
Oct 2014 · 2.0k
Roisin Sullivan Oct 2014
Though sometimes the dawn
Is obscured by opaque,
Gray clouds, the sun remains
As it always does.
Oct 2014 · 463
Roisin Sullivan Oct 2014
I keep finding cracks
In the foundation of our home,
But you bring out tools
So we can fix it right back up.

And that makes all the difference.
Oct 2014 · 669
Not So Easy
Roisin Sullivan Oct 2014
Cry for me,
And let your tears
Burn a river down your cheeks.

Sing for me,
And let your tongue
Choke all your insolent lies.

Dance for me,
And let your feet
Carry you to my own Hell.

Come on now;
Be my puppet
And move to my directions.

What was that?
You are tired?
How the **** d'you think I feel?

Don't you know
That loving you
Isn't so easy anymore?
Oct 2014 · 273
Empty Rooms
Roisin Sullivan Oct 2014
I tell my stories and secrets
To the empty rooms
You left behind.
Oct 2014 · 407
Roisin Sullivan Oct 2014
In the dark clouds approaching,
I see deep sadness.
In your dark, clear eyes,
I see only the warm sun.
Sep 2014 · 5.2k
Japanese Maple Tree
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014
Moonlight glinted off my hair
And had turned yours to silver.
As we danced round and around,
We became stars that didn't
Belong in this universe.

But I'm sure in another
We're still laughing and playing
In the moonlight underneath
The Japanese Maple tree
Like the children we once were.
Sep 2014 · 957
Each Day
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014
Each day I fall in love with you more.
And like cascading harp strings,
Each moment is more
Than the last.
Sep 2014 · 2.5k
February Night
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014
I still remember
That February night.
Tears froze before they
Had even reached my eyes.

The wooden dock swayed
Underneath us and yet
I remained steady
Grasping on to your coat.

You showed me the stars
But I only focused
On your eyes, your scent,
And the way you held me.

I still remember
Holding on to your cold
Dog tags, pretending
That I could make you stay.
Sep 2014 · 3.4k
Roisin Sullivan Sep 2014
Pumpkin spice and apples
Tease my nostrils as
The fuzz on my sweatshirt
Tickles my cold skin
Aug 2014 · 329
Sea of Woes
Roisin Sullivan Aug 2014
I sailed across the vast sea
To escape my many woes.
It did not occur to me
That here there would still be foes.
Aug 2014 · 8.9k
Anchors Aweigh
Roisin Sullivan Aug 2014
To distant lands
And open doors,
To bright white sands
On distant shores,
I must away.
I cannot stay.

Set free the sails!
We must make haste
To catch the gales!
No time must waste
To seize the day;
Anchors aweigh!
On a Mediterranean Cruise for the next three weeks :D
Jul 2014 · 4.3k
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
As the alcohol poured down my throat
Part of me wished it had been acid.
Jul 2014 · 6.5k
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
As you all sat around the campfire
I hope you kept me in mind
And thought to yourself
"Oh what a wonderful life."
But to be honest you probably
Didn't remember a lot
The morning after;
Just as you failed to recall
Your promises made to me before.
Jul 2014 · 11.7k
Only money
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
For the first time in my life
I felt ashamed
Of where I came from,
And where I live.

And the worst part is
I can't tell you why.
You'd laugh it off and say
It's only money.
Jul 2014 · 2.5k
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
I feel a tick under my skin
An urge to produce art,
If you can call it that.

I stare at the page and wait
For inspiration to come
And paint it with words.

But everything I try to write
Comes out desperate,
Incoherent, inadequate.

Clutching at smoke,
I can see an image I want to imprint
Hovering just out of reach.

I have no muse to help me
Bring the slippery vision
Into my concentrated focus.

And so I sit here cradling my laptop
As if I could coax
A masterpiece from it.
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
We struck a match
But before
We could light
With it,
The flame
Danced and swayed
As it burned
Itself away.
Jul 2014 · 2.3k
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
I've grown to detest
Couples walking hand in hand,

Not because I care
About ****** preference
Or hate happiness,

But because it reminds me
That I'm not with you.
Jul 2014 · 375
Smaller Things
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
Wind caught her hair
Driving the car full speed ahead
Windows all down
As the landscape twisted and dipped.

The sun blazed hot
Killing flowers, insects, and things
By the roadside.
So much death but no one noticed.

Too occupied
With their individual lives
They soaked up warmth
And paid no mind to smaller things.
Jul 2014 · 2.3k
Roisin Sullivan Jul 2014
You climbed inside my skin
And made me promises
I know you'll truly keep.
Jun 2014 · 637
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2014
Day seven, I sit with restless feet
And a ridiculously wide smile
That I know will take a good, long while
To surrender and admit defeat.

Day six, we talk of getting a dog,
Moving into a house together,
And all of the storms we'll weather.
I spend the day in a happy fog.

Day five, I wake up from some nightmares
Screaming and tears running down my cheek.
Life without you by my side is bleak,
But I know soon we'll be without cares.

Day four, unchecked energy flows through
My veins and ravishes my body.
**** for the first time, not *****,
Surprises I have in store for you.

Day three, I want your arms around me
Holding me without restraint or fear .
Darling Dearest I wish you were here.
Oh please, God Almighty, hear my plea.

Day two, small birds are chirping outside.
Looking up, I see green leaves swaying
No thought to things that are decaying.
I'm blushing like some virginal bride.

Day one, the storm rages on once more
But it doesn't reach me in my heart
Impatiently waiting to depart.
The countdown's now down to twenty-four.

Today is the long awaited day.
I sit my car, hold the wheel tight,
Knowing that I'll be with him tonight
And that it's all gonna be okay.
Jun 2014 · 445
"Women's Language"
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2014
i think....
     um i think...
i think that women sometimes...
are...You know...trapped...

maybe because of...
         the words we speak,
the way we frame language,

or perhaps, it's our, like,
          little inflections?
or the way we give
You respect.

but just because
          we do this
doesn't mean that we don't
have strong opinions.

it doesn't indicate
          that we're dumb
or don't respect ourselves.
it means "this is the way we talk"

and that's all.
I took a linguistics course and college and we briefly discussed women's language and how it's portrayed as very "weak" by a lot of men.  However, this poem does not specifically target men
Jun 2014 · 436
My Parents Never Do
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2014
The married couples on tv
Always kiss each other
With unbelievable passion.

My parents never do.

The married couples in novels
Declare that they're nothing
Without the love of the other.

My parents never do.

The married couples that I know
Tackle their problems and
Without fail, support each other.

My parents never do.

My boyfriend and I exchange dreams
Of sweet, blissful marriage,
Of always staying together.

What happens if we don't?
Jun 2014 · 517
Naïve Whispers
Roisin Sullivan Jun 2014
"Together forever."
That's what they naïvely whispered,
As if the universe
Lacked a mind and will of its own.
May 2014 · 600
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
I'm starting to feel
Rushing through
My veins.

My heart beats again
Like drums of war
To yield.

A new sun rises
Bathing me in
Bright light.

An old feeling wakes.
I think it's hope
Coursing to
My heart.

It will be time soon
To take back what
Was once mine;
My life.
May 2014 · 477
I Still Feel You
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
When I go to bed
My body automatically
Makes room to fit yours.

When I hold my breath,
I almost feel your lips press mine
But they're only ghosts.
May 2014 · 20.8k
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
I look in the mirror
And all I see now are
Black holes threatening to
Swallow my red-rimmed eyes.

I never moved with grace
But my body tremors
More than it ever did,
Thinking of unseen fears.

I reach with my fingers
Towards my old reflection
To discover the tips
Are now cracked and bleeding.

Hollow shell, hollow shell.
I am losing myself.
Every step that I take
Destroys my sanity.
May 2014 · 2.3k
Wish you were here
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
Lying on my back
I stretch out my hand,
My fingers creeping
Across my bed, running into fabric.

I grip it tightly
For a brief moment,
Pleased I found your shirt,
Before realizing you are miles away.
May 2014 · 617
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
Today I wanted
         To get high off of you;
         But I guess I wasn't
The drug you needed.
May 2014 · 6.4k
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
Let me fly

                              Quick cut the rope tying us together
                           And I soar on the wind's wings.
                       You can't feel my heaviness
                   Up, higher and higher until
               My sails until I start to lift
           Let the breeze creep under
       On the ground as you go.
    Trailing me behind
Sprint ahead
read from the bottom up :)
May 2014 · 347
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
I think I'm getting better
              But then one single
Sends me spiraling back
May 2014 · 1.1k
Sitting at the Desk
Roisin Sullivan May 2014
She closes her eyes and leans back
Pushing her feet against the desk
Believing (praying) that the chair
Won't slip and dump her on the ground.

But all that is secondary.
In her mind's eye she sees Heaven
In the starlight and wispy clouds
Wheeling through her mind to her soul.

She puts all of her trust in Him.
Through Him she finds much needed peace
And surrenders herself to waves
Of thought and love that He provides.
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