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920 · Sep 2021
world of lies
R L Sep 2021
bright faces, darker minds
the path of truth, i've left behind
I only tell myself the lies,
im never living a truthful life

If roses can bloom in a bed of thorns
then i can grow in this hateful world
768 · Oct 2020
the devil and my soul
R L Oct 2020
There’s a window
that gives you a glimpse to my soul
the sides broken off
because the devil
tried to break in
and steal my innocence
and now my blinds are
always drawn down
596 · Mar 2021
R L Mar 2021
drowning in ego,
she tells them lies,
she spreads the evil,
or so she tries

she'd **** for beauty,
and hurt for fame,
she'll make you pity
what she'll never shame
445 · Oct 2020
strongest people
R L Oct 2020
I admire those that can spend a day
Without feeling dead
Or wanting to die
I admire those that can keep a smile on their face
Even at their lowest
I admire them
Because they’re the strongest people
And the hardest to crack
but the most precious
I admire those people because they are different, and I’m not like them ✌️
421 · Jan 2021
burnt soul
R L Jan 2021
her soul burnt, charred pieces fell apart,
the flames of the cruel fire seared into her heart,
and what was it made of?
Only what people made of it, as a heartless soul
but she only knew of love and that's all she wanted
until they killed her soul
and buried her ashes.

grown into flowers,
her ashes cried every morning,
they hurt her terribly
but nature has it's consequences
that's what happens when you hurt an innocent soul
421 · Jan 2021
fake happiness
R L Jan 2021
she hides under her bed
and cries herself to sleep,
she wants a happy life,
but she hides what she needs,
though to many she may be joyous
and as many friends she has,
she still needs someone close
which she clearly never had
404 · Oct 2020
Unspoken words
R L Oct 2020
So much pressure
So much pain
I can’t help but
Feel a drain
of emotions
It’s hard to tell
which words should stay
I don’t know how to rhyme, still a beginner
365 · Feb 2021
R L Feb 2021
if i could lay out my sad thoughts,
there'd be valleys of it.
304 · Jan 2021
2021; a new year
R L Jan 2021
it's a new year,
and something i fear,
it may be better
or even worse this year,
let's just pray
that things will be okay
and our families be safe
maybe 2021 won't be that bad
286 · Jan 2021
R L Jan 2021
we looked straight at the truth
but only believed it when everyone told us to
236 · Aug 2022
R L Aug 2022
The night holds a devious gift
There’s whispers
There’s nightmares
And shadows that shift,

I do feel safe
But not for long
As the nights get longer
The fear grows strong,

Will I be hurt?
Are they out to get me?
I want to feel safe
But paranoia won’t let me.
229 · Nov 2021
R L Nov 2021
Every day is blurred together,
an hour feels less,
a minute takes forever.
Emotions erased,
feeling confused,
I’m simply nothing,
My life has no use.
223 · Oct 2020
R L Oct 2020
I turn the pages
Redolent of fantasies
Eyes eager for words
Sorry, I know it’s not my best. Still a beginner
175 · Oct 2020
to escape reality
R L Oct 2020
Every time I turn a page, I expect more
The words fill my brain with pleasure and satisfaction
I can see inside the characters
I can feel what they feel
It’s like an attachment
I don’t want to leave this place
I turn another page
My favorite character dies
It’s sad, but exciting
Then the book ends
And I reach for another
I do it to escape reality
Just for a moment
165 · Jan 2021
4 walls
R L Jan 2021
4 walls around me,
they start to close in,
i'm feeling insane,
i keep remembering
why i'm here,
i'm all alone,
i die of fear
when i should've known,
4 walls they're pulling in,
i've hurt myself
and i can't win
it's about the consequences of hurting myself
161 · Jan 2021
"perfect family"
R L Jan 2021
they gather for a picture,
with wide smiles on their faces,
and send the holiday cards
to their cousins and nieces,
"what a perfect family"
they all must think,
but behind the camera
their smiles start to shrink
because they need to stick together
when the family's falling apart,
but the parents get divorced
and the children don't get too far
140 · Oct 2020
the sound of silence...
R L Oct 2020
it’s deafening
but keeps me up at night
I can’t live without the sound of my thoughts
It helps me stay awake
I can’t hear my thoughts anymore
why is it so nice
to not have any sound
tranquil atmosphere
it’s so silent
except I can hear the sound of my solitude
I love my solitude it keeps me happy
139 · Feb 2021
R L Feb 2021
can you breathe for the both of us?
133 · Dec 2020
R L Dec 2020
anonymous poison,
what did you expect?
there's only one reason,
we let you forget,
but your torture and pain,
was just a game,
now it's our turn to ruin your name,
so be prepared,
for what's to come,
the poison that hides,
what you'll become
132 · Dec 2020
don't leave me
R L Dec 2020
tears of pain and fear,
of losing you here,
and holding on to you,
was never so easy,
i don't want to let go,
so please don't leave me,
in this dark world
you helped me through,
i need your love and protection
so take me with you
letting go of somebody is really hard. :(
132 · Oct 2020
R L Oct 2020
I wonder what it’s like to wake up on a beautiful
fall morning
Walk outside on the crunchy, amber leaves
Not a care in the world, nothing bothers you,
Because it’s hard to feel sad on such a brisk, invigorating,
fall morning
131 · Sep 2023
S o l i t u d e
R L Sep 2023
My solitude is a blessing and a curse.
I can spend days on end thinking to myself,
my past,
my future,
but I can't spend a moment living out reality.
My solitude is just an escape from what I don't want to experience.
122 · Dec 2020
R L Dec 2020
she laughed and cried,
she lived then died,
she walked and now flies,
an angel inside,
her soul made of light,
that the people destroyed,
she was once an angel,
but now a devil employed
117 · Dec 2021
my sanity
R L Dec 2021
I’m battling with the thoughts inside my head.

Some want me to live,
and some want me dead.

I keep fighting the anger,
And fighting the dread.

I’m hanging on to my sanity
by the end of a thread.
108 · Jan 2021
time moves on
R L Jan 2021
time never stopped,
no matter how hard she tried,
she spent every night crying,
and the time just flew by,
she tried to make it stop,
and got sadder by the minute,
but the world just kept moving,
and time had no limit.
the clocks kept ticking,
and the world kept moving on,
but she was still stuck
at the temporary problems that never seemed to be solved.
time moves on, and so should you
106 · Feb 2021
voodoo doll
R L Feb 2021
i throw the object to the floor,
rip out its leg,
and slam it at the door,
cut out its face,
out of anger and rage,
but im still alive,
and the voodoo doll remains,
i scream and yell
and rip it apart,
in attempts of killing
my bitter heart.
102 · Feb 2021
R L Feb 2021
statue stand, lean and tall,
i wrote the scriptures after all,
solid history to tell the truth,
i've been here forever,
standing beside you.

a thousand years,
of being watched,
no movements made,
no movements taught,
so we stood here forever
and watched us grow old
but we're made of cement
and our hearts made of gold.
99 · Nov 2020
R L Nov 2020
the bright night,
the sad smiles,
the deafening silence,
the living dead,
it never made sense,
but it was the way it was
98 · Jul 2022
A poet’s mind
R L Jul 2022
Thoughts beautifully carved into words that touch the heart,
in a poet’s mind,
what you see is just a part,
of the tangle of feelings,
and trying to find some meaning,
what stays in our minds,
and the ease we seem to find,
in expressing our thoughts,
our thoughts beautifully, carefully, carved into words that touch the heart.
95 · Dec 2020
gorge of sadness
R L Dec 2020
we all fall in a dark abyss
of depression,
leaving out the people who love us,
only to protect them from this gorge of sadness.
93 · Oct 2022
R L Oct 2022
Grief is like a broken root
From which nothing grows.
There’s no way to revive the dead root,
But healing is the garden that grows around it.
Healing means learning to live with that broken void inside you, and growing your soul around it.
93 · Jan 2021
R L Jan 2021
i've shown pieces of myself to people
but i never let them see the whole picture
86 · Nov 2020
Infectious disease
R L Nov 2020
Love is so contagious
It’s like an infectious plague
The symptoms are
And it’s hardly curable
74 · Nov 2020
R L Nov 2020
you have to hurt to heal,
there's no other way out.
You have to hate to let go of love,
You have to change to love yourself,
72 · Jun 2021
peek inside my mind
R L Jun 2021
You probably think you know me,
but you only know what you have heard.
you wish to peek in my mind,
but what you'd see would be absurd.

A thousand words I've spoken,
and the billion left unsaid,
the thoughts that spiral through my mind
when I'm trying to go to bed.

The thoughts that left me empty,
and the others that made me cry,
the words that you had spoken,
to slither into my mind.
71 · Nov 2020
a walk in the park
R L Nov 2020
The sun is shining brighter than yesterday
The grass is greener than ever
The birds are chirping joyously
The puddles splash as the kids jump in it

If only life was as easy as a walk in the park
70 · Mar 2021
R L Mar 2021
Should i listen to my fate,
or my mind?
67 · Nov 2020
R L Nov 2020
Jealousy is a hideous beast
He hides in the cave
waiting to attack
the innocent ones
and he eats them up
So they become a part of him
65 · Dec 2020
living in the future
R L Dec 2020
living in the future,
i'm thinking about what'll happen next,
my future is up to me,
but my past is full of regret
64 · Dec 2020
night air
R L Dec 2020
silver-lined clouds
scream my name,
the moonlight reflects
at the window pane,
the crisp night air
calls me to it
so i step outside
and walk through it
63 · Sep 2021
happy days
R L Sep 2021
I’m waiting for the days that I’m smiling again
The days when I feel like I’m living again
With my soul repaired,
Not torn, but free,
I’m waiting for the days I can feel like I’m Me.

I’m waiting for a life that feels like mine,
Not two different lives that have been combined,
No more two-faced, no more lies,
A life where I finally mean the words:
“I’m fine”
62 · Nov 2020
blessing and curses
R L Nov 2020
My father was the devil,
and he asked me one day,
"do you want me to curse the souls of every human that hurt you?"
i replied,
"no, because you'd curse the people i love."

My mother was an angel,
and she asked me one day,
"do you want me to bless the souls of every human that loved you?"
i replied,
"no, because you'd bless the people i hurt."
61 · Dec 2020
R L Dec 2020
i'm just a girl,
lost in the sea of others' opinions,
and i think i might drown.
58 · Dec 2020
R L Dec 2020
i can smell the coffee beans,
in your breath all day,
the smell of your clothes,
when we met today,
you smelled of tulips,
and heavily of cologne,
i love the smell of freshness,
that you always seem to hold
58 · Jan 2021
R L Jan 2021
i guess the window of opportunities
just shut close,
leaving me with no air to breathe,
but just my thoughts and i
56 · Dec 2020
R L Dec 2020
my heart drains,
leaves no water behind,
my arid heart,
my love so dry,
someone please water it,
my body remains,
just a dry soul,
that my heart drains
52 · Jan 2021
just a thought
R L Jan 2021
lying on the grass
beside your pretty face,
we laugh at stupid things,
and freedom at our grace,
we're living how we want to,
and then i grab your hand,
to realise it'll never happen,
it's just a thought again
52 · May 2021
R L May 2021
they tell me "be strong, stay resistant,
you should keep up a fight"
but i hide under my sheets at the worst hours of night
i try to be a fighter,
but i do it with my words,
so ill keep writing what i write
in hopes of being heard.
51 · Jan 2021
R L Jan 2021
my finger reaches out,
as i touch the sunlight,
and the absence of light,
as it creates a silhouette.
i see my shadow
beside nobody else
51 · Dec 2020
R L Dec 2020
we taught ourselves to lie,
and always hide our pain,
the elders keep us locked up,
depression on our chains,
we keep our sadness bottled up,
and cry when we're alone,
so how are we the bad ones,
when we don't know where to go?
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