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I walk behind empty gas stations
And broken windows,
My palms sweaty from the heat,
I think of the polar caps
Slowly melting away.

I open the door to my apartment,
I sit down on my leather couch,
My hands are no longer sweaty
But, I am still sad.
 Sep 2021 Levi Amare
Oh all the words left unsaid-
All the fits of anger,  
   I twisted away under a bitten tongue.
All the tears i didn't cry,
  stored in a vault in my heart.
And yet we crammed all the 'what ifs' into a single,

Yet, when he puts his hand on my waist,
and pulls me in
for the last fiery kiss
I hold my breath for just a second-
as if i could bottle this moment up
into a single memory,
and I could live there forever
floating in his arms.

And I'll wonder if he thinks of me
as the girl he could have loved all his life,
or just a chapter of many lovers
that he left unread.
I guess we will never know
 Sep 2021 Levi Amare
ok okay
His eyes never lie
That's why he always looks at the sky
 Sep 2021 Levi Amare
Norman Crane
coffee cup broken
pieces strewn across the floor
sharp words were spoken
now we are silent;       no more
(s)weeping;    sad ceramic gore
 Sep 2021 Levi Amare
Tessa Tyler
 Sep 2021 Levi Amare
Tessa Tyler
A rose is a rose
For you are a rose
More beautiful than
any rose in the world
I wrote this when I was 5 year's old for my mother.
 Sep 2021 Levi Amare
You’re bad for my mental health.
And that’s all I can say.
Broke my wings
So I couldn’t


So I stole his soul
So he couldn’t

 Sep 2020 Levi Amare
Sue Collins
Are they really so different?
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