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A rose is a rose
For you are a rose
More beautiful than
any rose in the world
I wrote this when I was 5 year's old for my mother.
Me and you are like adding half
Half we equal one whole.
A part we are not whole
Together we are whole
Love binds us as one
You say
"I love you"
When I ask you not too
You hold tight when I push you
You comfort me
When I cry
You held me so tight that night
Everything was crazy
When mornings are bad
You brighten my day with your smile of charm That saves the day
Written by my 16 year old daughter
What I write is how I feel
It comes from deep within my soul
I have done everything within my power to make you happy
Still you never seem to be
I have found that in return you have taken my happiness thrown it away
Torn me down
Belittled me
Taken everything I am
To make yourself feel better
My only outlet is what I write
                                                            or Calm
Accept me
This is me and part of who I am
Twisted trunks and winding paths
There's no telling where your at
Dark shadows passing by
A never ending night
The dark forest is no place to be
Unless you want misery
Even black cats stay away
Witches don't dare to play in the forest
Where creatures hide in the darkness out of sight
Written by my 19 year old daughter
He watches her in daylight
See's her face at night
Two long thoughtful days go by with her not in sight
He draws every perfect
And shape
He goes around asking if they'd seen the lovely lady
They take a look
Seeing a sketch of a perfect woman
Not a line
Or curve
Out of place
It looked as if a moment of time had been sketched apon the paper
No words given to him, but
Words run in his head
Dreadful thoughts flooded in
Sadness grew apon his heart
When he hears a woman call his name
He sees her lovely face
Written by my 16 year old daughter
Sun shines on the water so blue
The sand warm to the touch
White shaped clouds high in the sky
Water lapping the shore
Very serene
Clouds turn grey
Wind starts to blow
The water laps in waves
Higher and higher they come
Lightning strikes on the water
The air is cooler
Rain drops fall fat and heavy
The storm rages hard and long
Emptying it's full belly

Waves calming down
Wind turns into a light breeze
Sand is wet and compacted
Rain slowly leaks from the clouds
The sun show's off in the distance
Rain clouds dancing around the light
Rainbows shine bright
Life is a sad winding road
Don't know which way it's going to
turn or go
People say they love you, but show hate instead
Real sweet to your face
Lie behind your back
Your heart aches and yearns for the
ones you love
Yet theirs don't do the same
You get taken advantage of every day
Reaped of everything you work hard for
Getting nothing in return
Then the day you get sick
Your ready to go
They all show up to pay their fake respect's
To take what you have left
You die
It's done
They won
Trust no one
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