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hello again Sep 2017
end me please
i'm sick of it all
i'm done
i'm done with feeling
i'm done with not feeling a thing
i want to end it all.
hello again Apr 2017
I have many tattoos
Not physically on my body
But on my heart
The tattoos are peoples names
They're the people I care about most
The people who are going to be tattooed on my heart for the rest of my days.
Too many names
  Apr 2017 hello again
Imagine how many people
Have fallen temporarily in love with you
On the train
On the street
In the car
In your room
Or after you'd fallen in love with them.
  Apr 2017 hello again
Poetry* has never hurt like this before. I beg of you, drown this

hurt, and **** it with your last  touch. Touch my skin with your lips, let them rest against my bare neck. And let me drown in

you as well the disillusionment of a love  separated by the stars. Spare me one last look, tame in me this fire that yearns for you,

this fire that can't be put out.  Save me. From myself, one last night, before we say goodbye.

hello again Apr 2017
My life changed the moment I met you
The moment you called me yours
The moment I knew I wasn't going to be alone anymore
The moment I knew you were go to be with me no matter what
The moment I felt safe
I felt safe in your arms
I knew my life was in your hands
hello again Mar 2017
I'm drowning in my own thoughts.
Every time I lay in bed
My thoughts are only of you
I want to be of something else
But, once I start to think of you, I can't stop
I think of how many times you've made me laugh
How many times you've made me cry
And I think of many times you're going to make me want to scream.
But the words I scream are "I hate you!"
When all I want to scream is "I love you."
hello again Mar 2017
I hate not being able to call you mine.
You always say "Don't Be Sad"
When you're the reason I'm crying.
You love her.
And not me.
I wish I was the one you were holding in your arms.
But then I see how perfectly she fits in your arms.
All I can do is cry and never tell you you're the reason why.
All I can do is sit here watch you love her
And watch you slowly break my heart in two.
Sorry I had to repost it got deleted and i needed to fix it anyways.
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