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On the day before Adamma's birth
Mama came visiting
She said she had a rough night
And she couldn't stop thinking about me

On the day before Adamma's birth
Mama made me peppersoup
The whole house had the heavy aroma
Of Uziza and Uda spices

On the day before Adamma's birth
My husband kissed me tenderly
And laughed when I said I wanted frozen peppersoup

On the day before Adamma's birth
The sky was beautiful
It showered light waters on the earth
I watched the beautiful scene
And absorbed it's familiar misty scent
From my special window

Mama chuckles each time she hears me call the window special
But my dark, handsome husband doesn't;
He understands every bit
We stood face to face by that window,
With extremely beautiful emotions overwhelming us
We spoke silently, our eyes passing numerous messages across
We were pregnant

And so,
On the day before Adamma's birth
We stood by that same window,
Kissing tenderly,
Reminding ourselves that our baby was on the way

On the day Adamma's was born
Light beamed on our family
Adamma's smile was light itself
And it beamed through every corner of our lives

And then I realized,
I had two babies
My baby, and My baby
*Adamma is a Nigerian-Igbo name for a female first child. It means 'beautiful daughter'.
*Uziza and Uda are traditional cooking spices used by the igbos.
Princess Chisom Nov 2019
Teach us;
To love,
To care,
To feel

Let us see the stars and see beauty;
Not fearing that the night is here
Let us awaken to the smiles of the bright sun;
And fear not its scorching heat
Let us look at the sky and remember those we've lost
And let us be at peace knowing that they are at rest

Teach us;
To smile admist the storm
To move our legs in the depth of cold waters
Let our empty hearts feel pain and love and sadness and joy
And let us breed hope; the hope of overcoming
Princess Chisom Oct 2019
Strong, Powerful and Bold
Beautiful, Awesome and Amazing
Glorious, tender but also tough
Everything good and more than enough!
We are everything good and more than enough!
Princess Chisom Aug 2019

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Princess Chisom Aug 2019

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Princess Chisom Aug 2019
I'll hear the sounds in your mind
And feel your heart beat from afar
You'll feel the soft breeze upon my skin
And smell the fragrance of my tears

Someday, you'll come back like you promised
With all joy, you will smile and say,
"I promise you baby, I'm here forever"
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Thank youuu
Princess Chisom Aug 2019
Every shade of amazing
Every bit of wonderful
And every sketch of lovely
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