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Princess Chisom Aug 2019
Every shade of amazing
Every bit of wonderful
And every sketch of lovely
Princess Chisom Jul 2019
We grew from nothing to something
And went from something back to nothing
Tell me,
Where did we go wrong?

Lying on my back, watching the shooting stars
Wishing I could have a glimpse of mars
Tell me,
Where did we go wrong?

We cried and laughed together
Said we would last forever
Tell me,
Where did we go wrong?
Just watched a really heartbreaking video and felt like writing this.
PS: I'm not going through any form of heartbreak. My relationship is totally fine. Lol. Kindly tell me what you think
Princess Chisom Jul 2019
Find the strength
And the courage
To smile at the face of sorrow
And may you find the peace; the peace within
To breathe in a choked world of chaos
Hey there!  breathe, it's not over yet.  it will all work out
Princess Chisom Jul 2019
I hear cries; sorrowful sounds
Cries that seem to be unnoticed
Cries of the silent night
Cries of suckling babes
Cries of aged men
Cries of the woman in labour
Cries of the whipped child
Cries of the depressed teen

Tears flow
Even more tears
And bitter hearts grow darker each day
Monsters are birthed
Monsters who were born Angels
Innocent angels who glowed with so much light
Until heavy life burdens flowed
And flooded they became; flooded with worries
Little by little,day by day, they drowned in it
Innocent angels turned curious angels
Curious angels to demanding humans
Demanding humans to monsters they became
Chaos following their paths wherever they went
The aura of destruction became their trademark
Causing pain and heartbreak
Stopping heartbeats

Now they were noticed!
Now they were recognized!
The souls which seemed to ignore them now knew them!
The faces that overlooked them began to care!
Where was this when their cries filled the ocean?
Where was this recognition at turbulent times?

If causing pain brought care and recognition
Then pain they will cause
Hearts they will break
Souls they will ******
Hearts they will stop
Destruction they will bring
To get the undue recognition they never got

Even if it brings pain and hurt

Just so that till the day karma decides to catch up with them,
Till the day their luck runs out,
Till the day the universe decides to finally have its own look on them,
They'll never ever stop getting noticed
Thank youuu Mi Amorrrr for helping me complete this poem.
Pain shouldn't be ignored.
Try to help anyone you can, however little you feel it is.
Help prevent the birth of emotional monsters.
Do not let your words cause pain or hurt, rather let them soothe minds and heal wounds.
One love.
Princess Chisom Jun 2019
Let me breathe your breath
And see your visions
Let me feel your pain
And hear your cries  
Let me hold you by the hand, guiding you each day
Let these very eyes of yours be mine;
Let me see through them
Introduce me to your world
For I yearn to know you
Just as I know myself
Let me in
Let me understand
Sometimes, we need to open up to people, the right kind of people. We sometimes need to cry out for our voices to be heard.  And  until people open up to us, we find it hard to understand why they do the things they do. Let your breath be theirs and theirs, yours.

— The End —