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 Jan 2016 pc
Sleepy moon
 Jan 2016 pc

Sleepy moon,
Can I see you soon?
Can I watch your rays of light,
Fall upon me tonight?
Can I feel your soft dust,
Of peaceful sleeping lust?
Oh sleepy moon,
Can I see you soon?
 Jan 2016 pc
Keyana Brown
I have a lot on my mind
but thinking about it
is a waste of time.
Ever since I've been lost inside
I'm trying so hard to be alright.

Did I....make a mistake by running away
from the thought of yesterday?
I never wanted to remember
all I ever wanted was to be okay.

Oh, what's the benefit
what's the point of it?
There's no need to mutter
I need to get better!

I just can't hold onto this  
so I don't overthink it
I should **** it up and quit.
I have had this problem many times before, but it's better to write a poem about it.
Let me know what you think.
 Jan 2016 pc
Daniela Ascensão
 Jan 2016 pc
Daniela Ascensão
grab a book,
sit in the rain,
and write what you feel.
can be ****** throughs,
but in the end,
is pretty good feel,
the cold rain,
in your face.
 Jan 2016 pc
Luna Casablanca
Perhaps I am the seasoning of your
bread on the plate.
You drizzle me on and  I make the day
Once you are gone like the bread eaten
I am pushed back to the corner of the
in my glass jar kept away from
So does this mean I am just an
portion of the meal?
All you want from me is
my beauty to walk beside
in the streets of the village?
Live the day with or without
You are not a dish to be eaten
and I am not your
olive oil.
I may not run all over you but
I am not living alone in a
Shame on people who use others as arm candy so they are seen
with people who seem worthy when they themselves don't feel
 Jan 2016 pc
Black Ice
 Jan 2016 pc
What came about in a time of wandering.
The consolation  getting  me by was
     knowing  it would  end,
I could  go back
  I could  go  back  to how it was
    I could  go back to how it was when I remember  happiness  
      I could  go  back  to  how it was when I remember  happiness  
           although  the time,
     was not.
Coming home to where I am safe
and where I can  be  anywhere  but  here.

I got by in dreaming  of stories  to  tell  
that  reflect  where  I  have  been,
where a path of solitude  crossed  theirs
and voice  where  I fear  most  in going.
I busied my mind  in the folds of the concepts,
and I was not afraid.
I came to  where  I knew I would  
but still I can't  stop  wandering.
The house  is here, and  I  am  inside  
but both  of  us  are  empty.
I know  the  stories  that haunt these halls
even  though  I could  lose my mind  entirely
wondering  what they mean.

Is it common
Am I lazy
Am I standing  in a place that never  existed  
and if I exist


I am  losing  the  grip of
whatever  it is that  actually  cares  to know,
if even anything  is worth  knowing.
Insight recognizes a pattern
I never will  find where  it is I am going.
I ought to just stay here, soon it will be snowing.
I'll  wait here.

Closed off, abandoned, derelict, haunted  
             you are unwanted.  
I guess let it collapse  
   on its  own; we can't  pay
for demolition  faster
             than natural  decay.

If you  visit  
   it is to test the
   structural  integrity,
else to marvel at what could  have  been,
   upon  why she
    is what is left.
Or theft.

I wish I could  collapse  into myself
   to be consumed  within
      the black hole in my chest,
so that my lifelong  companion,
   loneliness, cannot  follow.
             It is where
             it is nothing
and where nothing  may follow  as a guest.
Written  9.15.15
Rediscovered  while trapped  away from  home  overnight, by the wrath of merciless  El  Nino
 Jan 2016 pc
Rob Rutledge
I see you in the storm
Of rain lashed eyes,
I feel you in the wind
And tumultuous tides.
I see you in the fire
Splendid tendrils of desire,
I hear you in the songs
Of solemn, mournful choirs.

I found you in the stars
Sat upon the shoulders of Orion.
I found you in the shadows
Another lonesome scion.
I found you in the fall,
Leaves encaptured and enthralled.
The weight of an oceans promise,
The allure of waters call.

Yet for all our senses we couldn't see
The sense of foreboding melancholy.
That which was found in the depths of the sea
You found it all,
All except for me.
 Jan 2016 pc
Karina Norris-Veirs
I climb this mountain alone
I require nothing but my own peace of mind
Along the way I found friendship that I believe will stand the test of time
Temptation has met me halfway up
One that promised to give back lost loves
But I've no time for empty promises and such
For my journey is not yet done
To the peak I must reach, and reach alone
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