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11.6k · Jan 2016
She can cut diamonds.
pc Jan 2016
She can cut diamonds.

There will always be
Some hard elements
Scattered along the way
But she will be at it
Because she can cut diamonds.
This is the write-up I submitted for my Med School yearbook.
4.4k · Jan 2016
I Don't Need Calm
pc Jan 2016
I don't need calm -
I want stampede in my mind
I want sparklers in my soul
I want wildfires in my heart

I don't need calm -*
And I wouldn't want calm
If the roots of my madness
Will be springing from your veins

3.4k · Jan 2016
Lights On
pc Jan 2016

Light­s On?

3.4k · Mar 2018
Kung Sakali
pc Mar 2018
Kung sakaling pagbibigyan,
Ako ba'y iyong hahagkan
At hinding-hindi bibitiwan
Hanggang sa pagtila ng ulan?

Kung sakaling may pagkakataon,
Ang pag-ibig mo ba'y ipababaon
Tuwing lumalakad sa ambon
At pati narin sa habang panahon?

Kung sakaling itatadhana
Ng Makapangyarihang May-likha,
Ikaw ba'y hindi mag-aalintana
Na ako'y habangbuhay makasama?

At kung sakaling tayo'y hahadlangan,
Ako ba'y hinding-hindi mo iiwan,
Sasamahan mo ba ako sa digmaan
Upang tadhana'y ating labanan?
975 · Jan 2016
Happy New Year
pc Jan 2016
Happy New Year, Darling!

My wish for you
is not to find yourself
but to finally have the courage to
be yourself.

957 · Jul 2018
ngunit papaano?
pc Jul 2018
mahal ko ---

nais kong isulat ang larawan mo.

ngunit papaano?

paanong mailalathala
gamit lamang ang mga salita
ang matayog **** ilong
at ngiti nang iyong mga mata;
ang baluktot ng iyong likod
at mga binti **** mahahaba?
829 · Jan 2016
pc Jan 2016
Oh, darling!
But your demons
match with mine.

733 · Jan 2016
pc Jan 2016
They say experience is the best teacher.

I am now selfish.
I am now irrational.
I am now skeptical.

Most importantly,
I am now someone who cannot commit.

You have taught me well, Darling.
You have taught me well.

653 · Sep 2018
someone nu
pc Sep 2018
will you be my to the moon and back?
will we ever be right on track?
will you be my all time high?
will you give me your chicken thigh?
will you be my christmas morning?
will I ever be your favourite being?
will you fancy to sit down for a cup of tea?
will we ever be a possibility?

will fate let you?

will fate?
will you?

will you be my someone new?

446 · Oct 2018
beasts. monsters. heroes.
pc Oct 2018
A  lady  stares  blankly  ahead:
Ignoring  everything  in  her  stead,
Inhaling  the  adulterated  room  air,
Taciturn,  stiff,  certain,  or  maybe  scared.

Still  as  a  rock  –
Calm  as  a  lake  –
Strong  as  a  dock  –
But  those  are  all  fake.

Inside  her,  a  war  is  waging.
Beasts,  monsters,  and  heroes  –
all  fighting.

For  the  longest  time,
Her  mind  has  been  running  wild.
Her clock  is  ticking
Yet  no  one  is  winning.

Not  one  bloc  is  determined  to  fall
Because  all  she  does  is  feed  them  all.


— The End —