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Luna Casablanca Dec 2021
On her walk,
she treaded the path,
brainstorming the incident
and facing the aftermath.
Along came a man,
walking on his own,
little did she have in mind,
this is someone she had known.

“Why the long face?
why the tears,
why the chin so low?
May you open your ears?”

She replied,
“I wish I cold tell you,
but I really don’t know.
Who I am or where I belong.
I thought I loved myself
but perhaps I am wrong.”

The man looked at her
astonished by her
he could see that she needed to be
told she was fine and deserved to be

“Oh the places you’ll go,
That is a book I wrote I’m sure
You must know?”

I read it as a child,
When it was okay to be
Fun, crazy, and wild.
Wait a second,
Dr. Seuss,
is it you?!
I read your books growing up,
and the meanings were oh so

“I love your feedback,
very genuine, you raise the bar.
Now what’s wrong with who, or how you are?
Do they say you take it too far?”

“I lose friends every year.
I come off as too strong,
I lose control when I go out
and they say I no longer belong.
I then get excluded and I spend weekend nights alone,
I don’t want it to be this way,
I want to show everyone I have grown.
I’m the reason drama happens but I only want to
Have fun.
I told them I love myself,
And they told me to
go away,

“Who is they?
Might I ask,
You’re like the
“Cat in the hat.”
But the mess gets cleaned up
in the end,
You just have to say,
“Yes I did that.””
Knowing when to draw the line
Is just as important
As knowing how to have
A real good

“That’s the thing,
I don’t know when.
I think I’m being too loud
But when I’m quiet
I feel drowned.
I feel like I have only myself,
I’m like the Grinch,
I’m alone on a mountain so angry
I have no help.
No friends,
nobody loves me,
wants me,
invites me,
they tell me they’ve had enough,
my frustration is as high as the sky.
I hate having no one
I don’t know how much more
I can try..”

“My goodness,
you’re so upset,
I’m sorry this is how you feel.
Now this may sound ironic what I am to tell you,
but you are the one who makes it
You are loved
You just have to accept,
You have some work to do
But you must let go of

“Mr. Seuss,
I live alone and I never sweep my floor.
I give my friends space,
But they always ask for more.”

“But you’re in control,
You just need to note,
Your confidence is there,
Now anchor your boat.
Take the anchor out of the ground
When you’re ready to go somewhere new.
Be a captain,
I see a leader in you.
Do you remember Horton?
The elephant that heard a ‘Who.’
If you spend time solo,
Someone like a ‘who,’
Will call for you.
They’ll need you.
They’ll want you,
They’ll be there for you
As Horton Said himself,
“A person’s a person no matter how small.”
The little ‘who’s’ told Horton he did nothing
but save them all!
Sometimes we people hear what we don’t want,
But think of it as honesty and then you let it go and you show them what you got,
“You must not hop on pop.”
Your heart may grow and you’ll be surrounded for a Christmas Dinner.
You are not a loser,
You are a winner.”

“Thank you, Dr. Seuss,
I’m no longer on the loose.
I may have had illogical moments,
But I have so many things to choose.
I may have had a loss,
but I am for now on proud to be alive,
there will sometimes be a cost,
but this is my life,
I am the boss!
I’m continuing my walk now,
I really needed this encounter with you,
Thank you for your words of wisdom,
And I will wait to hear from my “who.””

“Now I wish you the best of luck,
My sweet dear.
I love that you live a life of lessons,
And have nothing to fear.
Your rules are your own,
You know what you are after,
“Those who mind,
Don’t matter,
Those who don’t mind,
Today is your day.
You’re off to great places,
you’re off and away.”

“And I am the person
who will decide where I
Goodbye Dr. Seuss,
you’re a true friend,
I just have to move on and go forward
this story will never end!
You are a good man
and a blessing of a
Right now,
this moment,
I will start happening
Thank You.”
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Luna Casablanca Nov 2019
I listen and I learn,
I ramble and I pant,
I get up and I leave,
because they said I can’t.
No filter photo of me,
holding a white mug with tea,
featured on Instagram with likes,
and no others around me riding our
I go at it alone,
I hang by myself.
I love this company,
but deep down,
I want someone
Opinions do matter,
actions speak louder than
When the tree turns red and orange leaves,
the season has changed, time has
I listen and I learn,
to my own conscious.
It tells me not to beg,
let the others just
have it.
The photograph will be taken
with me in it someday.
There is a reason I get excluded,
let the truth come what may.
There is the right person,
somewhere somehow.
If this poem is going on too long,
I’ll stop here.
I showed you
Have your space,
and I need some too
right now.
Luna Casablanca Jul 2019
Up and down the slide,
it’s really a short ride,
I try to have drive,
I am still alive,
I continue to strive,
I have reached the ground unblind,
I am going back up the ladder,
wonder if I’ll feel the same after.
Every trip down the slide,
every second on the swing,
every time I touch the ground after the firepole
or twirl a ring.
I play this game alone,
see who else comes along,
I go up and down the slide,
not doing anything
Luna Casablanca Jun 2019
If I could thank every person who was nice to me today,
there would never be thunder crashing,
tornadoes whirling,
fires flaming,
only stars shining.
Butterflies chasing for the next
pollenated treat.
Children with their eyes beaming
and smiling wide,
oh so sweet.
Just another complement, how are you,
or smile to remind me,
there is love in this world,
it’s there somewhere.
Doesn’t have to cost a thing,
the more we smile and say nice things,
the more money we save so we can
later all go out together.
Now we can’t bring the whole world to the fun and
punkish café,
nor can I cook for all these people,
but we can bring the whole world to a better place,
in the heart, in the mind, on the street, boulevard,
we can be respectful, we can motivate with kindness,
Patronizing and antagonizing take
too many guts and labor.
It’s just better to be kind.
To everyone who was nice to me today,
Thank you,
for letting my moment be a moment,
you helped me feel fine,
because that is what I’m going to be,
we all are going to be
Luna Casablanca Jun 2019
You may say an herb is an herb,
a flower is a flower,
a succulent is just stiff,
and a plant is,
what one needs from a plant is one’s own
definition of what a plant is.
Is it beautiful? Is it ****? Is it sweet? Or abrasive like a cactus?
Children play with dandelions and blow the dust
and make wishes.
Young teenage girls sob over boys
and pluck petals off of sunflowers to judge
if he loves them,
does he not.
A young couple has just unpacked every cardboard box from
their Ford Pickup Truck.
They have moved into a new apartment with no garden outside,
the succulents from the nearby art store are perfect for their kitchen.
The clay jar that holds the succulent
matches their fiesta dishes.
Now lets talk about that lavender.
The girl who has a degree,
that is now just a piece of paper before a career,
she does not know where to go next,
and is thinking too much, going too far, and has
no final destination.
You may say an herb is an herb,
made for tea and getting ******,
but when she sniffs lavender within
the oil and the bag of herbs,
she collects her thoughts,
her anxiety is ceasing,
and she knows
there will be an
Lavender helps with anxiety
Luna Casablanca Jun 2019

Round like the world,
this item is technically a world,
it is round and filled
with stories, tales,
and lessons.
Whether it first be the beat,
the bass, drums, guitar, and vocals,
this album is a story,
it’s not just facts in a
When I sit at my kitchen table,
I have my sandwich on a plate,
coffee in a maison jar,
and I play an album from my phone,
Green Day,
Blink 182,
I hear stories,
I hear questions,
I hear unsure statements,
I hear complaints of anger and
The last few tracks are not the same as the
first few tracks.
The last few tracks are clinchers, conclusions,
This is just like listening to my own life.
Don’t know where I’m going,
but I know where I have been,
don’t know where things will end,
but I want them to end
on a good
Luna Casablanca Jan 2019
Will the avalanche occur on the Yukon
the day I choose to walk?
I’m here to forget my troubles,
not hear nature’s anger
Will a shark bite my leg off
the morning I surf the Pacific Coast
to regain my bliss?
I am not here to invade the shark’s
home, I am giving myself an athletic
How much more can I lose?
Have I worked hard enough?
I felt as if I should be nice,
but that was a fight,
and I was supposed to be
I don’t want my worst moment
to happen again.
I want to be a good woman
and a selfless friend.
I will keep myself calm,
keep my tongue still.
I will be polite if someone criticizes me or
insists I accept their help,
indeed they will.
They know I am different,
and strange.
We humans are a cluster of works in
not a group to be arranged.
I am here for the same reason,
they are no better no worst.
Changing to be improved
is a gift,
and very much so a curse,
I will change,
I’ll reimburse,
but never again,
will I be that
The future is in my hands,
not in my purse.
This is not worth a word in the dictionary
of words of curse,
I’d like to be better and humble,
no longer worse.
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