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K G Dec 2018
I was hoping we'd get along
After I made you a playlist of songs
So I sink back on the sofa and shut my eyes
But you seize & enkindle my lids
And I fell, regret, and yelled last year
And I know you've been through & received  
Far worse than the displeasing playlist
K G Jul 2018
There’s some knowledge you need to hear of how I feel
I remember the images of my dreams and they’re all of you
I’m dealing with some demons and you’re helping me heal
I live in my own world, your eyes are my sun and field
I always look to women with respect when carrying the shield
Loss is the leash on my depression as we’re increasingly real
Seeing you crumble is a weight but your stories are heard
Please feel assured, because I care for you the most
And I need you in every sense of the word
You are the vision in every poem I’ve ever wrote
Anger can’t defeat the distance or keep us afloat
Keep relieving my pressure to maintain the goal
My conscious is only in-line when you speak your soul
We’re taken somewhere we have never been before
Everything has an end, but at least peak through the door
Only time will tell whether my choices were wrong
Either way, where I’m going, I’m taking you along
Sep 2017 · 478
Staten Run
K G Sep 2017
I'm leaving soon, I feel as if everyone in the room knows that
As of late, this social life has been left abstract
I have seven bucks to buy a screwdriver in my backpack
No note, a grisly souvenir, place me somewhere to nap
It'll be years before they know their god isn't the only atheist
Some energy for living past seventeen, I may need it
Dolo, going no place, heaviest burden, built on glass
Nobody wants this bitter boy unless its on a server
I can't recall any memories of me telling my inner fervor
If there's an abbot, I'm carrying his baggage no further
Since you can't be afraid of what you already endure
Ending with a newer sun, sleeping with my phone before I enter
May 2017 · 8.1k
K G May 2017
The basin drains her polluted blood as wine envelopes morose
Every minute is a memory, onset of her blanketed comatose
Vying in a fog of icons and myths, words always fail them
From every misread evil that is disposed of improperly
From every neighbor or friend eternally mute again
From every gilded pattern that leaves a cuff for the eyes
From every fetching barroom, where all such nadir lies
Apr 2017 · 1.1k
K G Apr 2017
This day was fused with difficulty and a newer sun
The only note this night can end on, is a bad one
In the rush I fell further from life, poor fortune seemed impaled
The crude white's new and improved hypocrisy had been scaled
A restless heart burns beneath these bones with a trembling sigh
As I'm identified, it hits like vesta when these loaned emblems tie
Feb 2017 · 1.4k
Pretty Little Distance
K G Feb 2017
I'll helm
Twisting my midnight switchblade
To somehow bruise the living space
To find it, will take less than a survey

I'll helm
With lips red and badly broken
Enveloped in doubt and omens
So we can be vastly interwoven
Feb 2017 · 483
K G Feb 2017
Sitting at home alone with a regret infused past
When I may as well be asleep for the week
Sometimes a day or two can pass
Then i'll know what I should have said
Feb 2017 · 812
Alma Mater
K G Feb 2017
Allowing our lungs to wane
Upon the school's rooftop
Watching these good times disappear
Like tears in the rain
Feb 2017 · 737
K G Feb 2017
Coughing up tales, of which hundreds exist
Regretting us and misreading my transcript
Displaying a shade of default dismissiveness
False bereavement is what you're equipped with
Your visage remains a rivulet, negating encrypted lips
As you spew nix, levels of sanity collapsed when you loosened it
Jan 2017 · 628
Lay At Rest
K G Jan 2017
Warring within the wind
Aped by a flush, you unveil a plash
Flaunting us a stygian, hazy gore
Left weaving a susurrus blether
With shards prodding your throat
Jan 2017 · 745
K G Jan 2017
My chin is ****** in the piles of plastic cups
After nibbling myself out, the tables are bused
Onward unlatching, mussed my steady cause-
she was seducing my balance, I had to adjust
She dented concrete when sussed
She saw my incision and continuously cut
She saw my face when her description didn't fit
To be weak, anemic, and homeless I admit it
Now that my leash is leaking out of the tub
I'll remain spiraling like when in cuffs
Jan 2017 · 700
An Ending
K G Jan 2017
We slipped into our socks, eyes were closed
Soaking boldly within us, acedia's warm coat
View the clement fate, endless reaches cold
Every step lead to atrophy past the belt post

City's first pinching, whipped us into a storm
They pin down our wings so we'd conform
Every breath is an option to plummet or soar
Yet like a moth, i'm drifting down to the floor
Jan 2017 · 1.3k
K G Jan 2017
Vacivity feels abstract, yet maims nether ends
Burgeoning to habitual like repeated ******
Overcoming this notion of occurring widdiful
By consummation within myself
Nulling unfurling wounds
Garbed in a crimson lagoon
Jan 2017 · 1.0k
An Opening
K G Jan 2017
My face blew up at such a casual sight
Every minute is moderated by a memory or concern
The shower's fog clogs my throat, yet it feels right
Because the surface of your heart never embraced mine

There's an opening gradually slipping and wearing thin
I'm freezing to the bone and you're steaming homes
Plucking the pearls and personality from me, inch by inch
And I thought you'd be different
Jan 2017 · 499
K G Jan 2017
Time wrinkles the wall
Life smothers madness behind
Everything has an ending, nothing lasts in my life
Telling me that I'm not who you thought I was
To you, I'm just a kid with a name and a price
Bodies against you, as I silently oxidize
Jan 2017 · 633
K G Jan 2017
An endless trap neglected to be seen
I find myself clinging to the scheme
Conceptual romance, called lunacy
Better things are coming rather slowly
Like the clothes folding

She orchestrates, collecting mishaps in jest
She rose beige and benign into the sunset
On the steps of my home, I noticed a little presage
She then sends galling annals in one text message

Hovering on your lawn
And wretched calls became a bad quest
Soft clouds traipse vastly like coy insects
Sloom the week, stapled to the mattress
My whole life has been nothing but this
Restless, princely, and a sad mess
Jan 2017 · 462
K G Jan 2017
You stopped making sense
Every morning, you come back to life again
Applying bobby pins and a foolish grin
Alcohol brimming from the clothes you're in
Its an effort to care, to open up to you
You're scattered across the course
You're resting on the torn roof
While two years before
I leaped and no one knew
I'm calling from the phone, only for the last time
Words fail me all the time, still you go on the line
I'd rather you not worry or compare to my strife
So I'll call from the phone for the very last time
Jan 2017 · 1.4k
Wet Jeans
K G Jan 2017
You're like a necessary drug
Repeatedly pumping in my veins
Occupying your borrowed space
I embrace, I cage myself within
Vowing never to drift out & in
After the moment with you
Stepping on your toes
My feet are dizzily heaving
Squeaky clean denim jeans
Become filthy wet strings
Even though I aim to please
I just mess up these things
Jan 2017 · 1.2k
Untitled Paths
K G Jan 2017
The water tosses saddles within the mist
Scribbling a mesmerizing sunshine of gold
The rest is in her head, as it tail spins
Cold ankle shivers, waking waves of snow
Easing the sniffling sipper's imprisonment
Beneath the bungalow
K G Jan 2017
Born within a terrible mess
Nothing lasts in your sleepyhead
Music dashes your thoughts to bits
By some sort of gnawing loneliness

Your composed of broken bones
Dethronement shifting within control
Enclosed are senses so unknown

You are now a means to an end
Though your wonderful view is hidden
The shine lifting you, bent and dimmed
By some sort of gnawing loneliness

You're beautiful across the room
With the skunk next to you
Though you'll never discover
That I could be your lover
Jan 2017 · 802
K G Jan 2017
At your place
You suspend my coat and my ethics
By then i'm entering my stealth
Working on selflessness
Because you may hound
Because you may roam
You may find these unskippable moods all alone
You may find that i'm not a bird lifting trees and stones
K G Dec 2016
In the night they'll find you all alone
The hounds are restless, trembling as they breathe
Roll up the window, here's cujo crawling in
- 2
He writes 666 on the beach's sand
The cracked rungs, send them off to cast
Splintered soles will never pull them back
K G Dec 2016
I love the emptiness hidden within this room
Until it's dark, then the emptiness tortures us

*Take the periscope
Read my skinny wrist
Don't run away
I can't make you stay
Dec 2016 · 623
She's God (10w)
K G Dec 2016
These heels, varnish
From solid ground
Upon the rain clouds
Dec 2016 · 531
Sorry Ma'
K G Dec 2016
I'm used to it now, but i'm over it now
Dagger's edge, found in my flesh
It was my fate, i'm dying
Ma' I'll be on my best
For sure
I'll speak to you in time
For sure
K G Dec 2016
Could this be the day I've waited for?
When all my hard work doesn't go ignored?
They always walk away...
So there's no use in trying anymore
It's like my life is looked upon by jealous eyes
Plucking the pearls and personality from my bones
They lay the hiatus of happiness with lies
Because *there's no use in trying anymore
Dec 2016 · 461
Poem to Nathan
K G Dec 2016
I think you've caught my disease
You've been feeling so sad and empty
Sometimes all you want to do is lie in bed and cry
To an endless mystery, to fog the memory
Putting the tears roughening surface to sleep
Spiraling you up a million feet high
Yet burying you a billion feet deep
And sometimes it's all you need
Get over it, wake your greedy eyes, and breathe
K G Dec 2016
We all looked up to your encrypted pattern
Like a baseball, they fly past our eyes
Right into & through the saturn

Few have cut their strings
And risked it all to chase their dreams
Few have grown their wings
To take pride in the task they achieved
To pleasure on materialistic things
Or to take part in the view of other's agony

From your monster height, they please
You the queen
You fail to find someone to trust
And your downfall undoes it's rust
Drink at all costs, avoid the pain
Shame comes down on you at once
Like a bullet to the brain
Dec 2016 · 648
K G Dec 2016
I've once soared upon the barren land's monitor
Before the snow dimmed my outdoor activities
Shrouding me below the christmas gossamer
Until the upcoming stumbling lump of leaves-
Began to prosper
Dec 2016 · 435
Social Sites
K G Dec 2016
This crimson orb, maimed the worms of our talk
This barren land, remained under concealed grins
This pair of petals are gilded within the foggy mist
This consign is but a whisper within sleep paralysis
K G Dec 2016
We were but a heart on thin wires
But my body was the heart and wires
Your flat sunlight bent me in a drowse
Your moon's ******* meant to arouse
You disavowed, you broke our vow
Enkindling all limerence within now
Your forged emotions
Are what sodomized & conned my mind
Your forged emotions
Are what bend our created light
K G Dec 2016
When the sun hits
She pillages tools from the toolbox
Only herself to fix

When the moon sits
Her ocular mislay the bones buried beneath chest
Matters not where she is

Some nights
She's left to claw a dresser with folded oaths
Inflating lungs, forging trust, to lift two toes

Some nights*
The capsules burglarize her gas-tanks war
Stifling her endlessly to the end of the tour
Dec 2016 · 494
Shot by Jesus
K G Dec 2016
I'm enveloped with-
Shotgunned lovers on the avenues
That no one gave a **** about
Kin of the lovers live on the news
Ape-**** on the hood of their cars
For balloons of views to peruse
Sirens burning in the bushes
Hearts rattling in the noose
Bonds shining like the sun
Religion is in need of roots
The concrete is stuffed too full
Because we're jumping roofs
Dec 2016 · 427
-I'm No Pioneer At All-
K G Dec 2016
There's a war through the kitchen and out by the lake
Close the door, let my footwear flick off the roof
Determined to get rid of the dust from my eye
I'll go for a swim, think, and ****** a gaze
Of gusts of wind that would impair my stride
If that spider happens to bite on the thigh
I'd use my left hand as cannonballs
And a pill to reality as my right
K G Dec 2016
You're a lost parcel in the flooded, leafy, obsolete box
That's likely tumbling down a peak into a pit of despair
Acknowledge that your lifespan is a mangled square
You're clung onto cardboard walls with fear daubed
To believe in luck is to loosen your wholesome grip
With the weight of the bible's fibs to fist your lips
It all started with closed lips and a slit in my gut telling me that you really didn't know me the whole time, I had to convince myself that its because i'm still discovering myself but if they opened they'd ****** you in like black holes
You're in a head much larger than mine, in a reverse of the times but holding onto your childish passions that's earning our lost and empty world to flatten left by famine and a fake embrace so you'd have excursions and new games to employ sermons that only repeat "I'm not your friend, I'm your father".

It was then I realized you were not from my world. You're not human at all.
Dec 2016 · 785
Sunder Ave.
K G Dec 2016
Our wizened kismet is total exhaustion
Our headroom, now the coffin, holds in-
Our memories that die so often
Dec 2016 · 433
White Plum + Open Jaw
K G Dec 2016
Easy, slushy, high
With an open tomb
Like the skanky alchy’
Inside the barroom
Steaming the coldest aisles
With wrinkled lips
For the finest perks
For the messiest tips
K G Nov 2016
Our ovoid showers copper on the fourth of july
Slips fists until bliss razed the grass with red dye
Empty sieve lead hooks to spank through the nights
Our mare’s nest by-passing sparkled like a firefly
Birds & trees vastly sprout young waves of light
Lugged for incredible misbehavior
Until glass rolls & lights up with majestic flavors
K G Nov 2016
This chair rigged me to the cross after my tophet
This chair was clutching hell while serving heaven
This chair was hemmed by apartheid
Which felt younger than yesterday
This seat was daubed for a height
The apathy melted its own pipe
When a spark of distrust shorts out our delicate circuits
Utopian structure slewed right back out
These chairs grew wild, imperfect, and infinitely nervous
Nov 2016 · 950
Flesh Container
K G Nov 2016
When the camera was a following suit
It would gnaw on the amaranth, internally
******* the air and all emotion inside itself
Giving eyes to itself
It saw the deploring dump of flesh
As it split, with the coyest drone
Nov 2016 · 386
K G Nov 2016
Care is weight
While we remain anemic
Observing my bedraggled face
You can tell we haven't been eating
We're just fading away
Nov 2016 · 607
Inside Doesn’t Matter
K G Nov 2016
Call down the vultures to dine on something gray and homespun
Problems steadily sink in when you leave the blinds open
Unconscious plans recline in the garden of your home
Two vultures braced solid, arched in a bowl
The reeling air of melancholy is carved out alone
Nov 2016 · 465
K G Nov 2016
How long before this has to end?
Unspoken words remain off route
Not only streel in the room, but lean in
You take your head out the oven
To see love decline again
How long before this has to end?
We talk, talk, and ascend
We climb above their upends
They only reach to our chins
Tread lightly over what we’ve maimed
May have put the imago into the flame
You’re down and out, on higher ground
Heaven’s on fire with a lack of sound
There’s things you need to heft
Before they weigh on you
Regardless on how you feel
Rid the ample gossip and gab
When frailty tries to take the wheel
Take the door and don’t look back*
You’ve found your peace of mind
You've found someone new to heal
Until they crack their jaw of glass
Miss ya
Nov 2016 · 458
On The Pull
K G Nov 2016
As the clock hit twelve, they came in
The poets whistle and hum a seducing tune
We'd sloom to the guns choking the highway
Or the flooding of limerence burying us
As the clock hit twelve, they passed on
The shifting lights from the odd passing car
Gives a prim reflection of us pulling our weight
Peaking over the farthest stretch of earth
For our last slim moments thoughts thicken
Great homesickness that cannot be shaken off
Begins to sink in with the stolidness
As we hover over the horizon
With our backs arched against angst
Oct 2016 · 713
K G Oct 2016
I'm sorry we've had to sleep on the ground for the past three weeks
Would you rather live in a place with such an unstoppable grief?
That's a harsh realm of parasites across the street
Piled right up your shoulder blade is concrete
They sadly noticed my silent birthday wish was wings
To leave from the entrance, of the air I breathe
Oct 2016 · 862
Avalon Howl
K G Oct 2016
As the clouds began to howl
More glorious than the gods
Of those evil neighbors of ours
Glory shows up
Exposes us
I’m naked here
Forsaken here
Strokes my ego
Echoes a hole
As the clouds began to roll
Into a thunderstorm
They shook loose
From the whispering fingertips
From the flickering flames
Standing in the sun
In the morning
We are new
To stiff upper lips
To crawling palisades
K G Oct 2016
Filthy chins are heaving
Weeks in and weeks out
To see the daylight leaving
My eyes pointed south
As i turn in

With eyes that fully see and hearts that fully love
The cows and sheep and crept onto houses one by one
The city icily eyes the approaching sun
As the light crawled, it all began to awake
Oct 2016 · 366
Bound To Happen
K G Oct 2016
In the backyard I strayed far, far along
It was bound to happen
You find your balance and start to tip off
Still you go on and on
Floating right by your flaws
Float by empty bottles when you scoff
I know its not my place
But you need to stay inside
Take time to recover from memory loss

I know it's not my place
but should you care about fame and pride
If you refuse to remain alive?
You should close your eyes
I'd press them with my cheek
You cannot live without the thought of genocide
Hold your ears and fall, fall asleep
The next pill when send you a hundred feet high
This time you won't trip off the peak
Oct 2016 · 423
Kaley's Vultures
K G Oct 2016
Shivered like a vein, slashed bright and new
You said, you felt a brisk shift
In the breeze

With the color red surrounding your throat

The vultures equipped mercy above you
The angels limp over and lift
You kaley*

With the color red surrounding, your throat
Oct 2016 · 2.0k
Good Times Ahead
K G Oct 2016
Cloak if by edge
Six paces from the rest
I wish to stop and rest
Though duress is on my neck
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