Nessa Kay Apr 2

he held ever possibility
which I'd thought I'd forgotten
but they were all there
just trapped
behind the bars he called braces

Nessa Kay Apr 1

You think
I have all these endeavors
but you are the only one
I feel
is worth pursuing

Nessa Kay Apr 1

fingers cold
cheeks iron hot
these are the moments
we live for

Nessa Kay Mar 29

You just love being up there, don't you?
I just feel so powerful
my breath caught in my chest
and his smile
could have stripped me to the bone

Nessa Kay Mar 22

It's terrible not knowing
It tastes  like sand and dread
crushed between your gums
digging and prodding at your weakness
when the signs were there from the start

Nessa Kay Mar 21

I was out of breath just walking with you.
It wasn't the sun
or the hay bathed heat,
it was the passion
with which you held your silence
that harkened the blood from my veins
and flushed my emotions
clear across my cheeks.

Nessa Kay Mar 20

The flavor burned
it was too strong
and too much
I wanted to taste it
I wanted to burn

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