Nessa Kay Jul 4

He was beautiful
and that would never go away
a kind of beautiful that imprinted itself
in the places you wouldn't remember

It had been two years, but your beauty never escaped me
Nessa Kay Jul 2

they spoke like me
they used my words
they had felt my emotions
and I'd never be whole without knowing

Nessa Kay Jun 26

it's all lies
and truths
and dust
and dreams

Written for the boy but belonging to the King
Nessa Kay Jun 24

it was no longer even a question
he was there
he was what I wanted
and I was going to do
everything in my power
to make him believe
that I was his

Nessa Kay Jun 22

He was mapped out in my mind
with blank or missing parts
So I became a pirate
in search of all his treasures

Nessa Kay Jun 16

It may sound cheesy
but I swear the whole world fell away
in the moment
that I was a princess
and he was a boy
as a prince
reaching out
without withholdings

Nessa Kay Jun 14

So much like
and creation
his eyes
were a nova
beginning to burn

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