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Naked Writing Feb 2020
Actions speak loudly
much louder than words
I love you
means nothing
if it's not spoken
in verbs
Naked Writing Sep 2018
just because
they don’t love you
how you want
them to
does not mean
they do
love you
the best way
they know
Naked Writing Sep 2018
sometimes I don’t want
to look for silver linings
or talk about timing
how things work out
as they should

sometimes I want to simply
sit down with
look it in the eye
acknowledge why it’s there
without assigning it
some universal meaning
I want to tell it, I wanted that so badly
without hearing reasons
why it couldn’t be

it is what it is
it isn’t what it never was
and I
am disappointed
Naked Writing Sep 2018
I finally learned how
to feel good alone
and pull up barstools
on my own
and that love comes
from many different places

then I saw a grey-haired
couple on the street
he looked at her
like you once looked at me
I didn’t know how much heartache could come
from unfamiliar faces
Naked Writing Sep 2018
we learned in science class
that pressure
makes diamonds
out of coal
there is so much pressure
to be perfect
I don’t want to be
a flawless cushion cut
bought from a velvet case
where I was kept on display

I want to be
the seafoam green
smooth center edges sharp
ocean tumbled piece of sea glass
someone discovers
on the shore
and says, she is imperfect
but she is exactly
what I’ve been looking for
Naked Writing Sep 2018
I hope
wake up
for everything
you have
it is
right now
you are
Naked Writing Jan 2018
You slide into my inbox
and I roll my eyes
thinking how our ancestors
would roll in their graves
under wildly blooming roses
the kind of fragrant bouquets
they gave one another
on a first date
a gesture of courtship and respect

they would be so disappointed
in the way their Shakespearean love
has devolved
into self-involved
lazy digital foreplay

you can save your DM
for someone else;
I will continue waiting
for my rose.
Insta: @nakedwriting
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