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Mckenna Lynn Mar 2015
"Our song came on the radio yesterday and for the first time, I didn't roll down my windows or turn it all the way up or sing along. I forced myself to turn it off."
"I washed your sweatshirt after sleeping in it for so many nights so it wouldn't smell like you anymore and I boxed it up to put in the top of my closet, out of sight."
"Remember when we went to the beach and kept snapping photos? I finally burned them yesterday. I watched as the flames burned out, just like we did."
"Our anniversary passed, and I didn't feel empty like I did the month before. It only took me four months."
"I'm deleting your contact out of my phone so I won't feel tempted to text you when I lie awake at night thinking about what we used to be. I guess I'll be doing you a favor, seeing as you don't care about the past us like I do."
"I hope you're happy with her, because after all this time I'm finally happier without you."
finally moving on
Mckenna Lynn Dec 2014
His love an ocean,
and I was willing to *drown.
his love crashed over me like the waves of an ocean
  Oct 2014 Mckenna Lynn
Nithya Venkat
Words never spoken
Feelings never expressed
Buried deep inside
Forever encapsulated
In the heart
Imprisoned in the soul
Not a word uttered
Not a sound heard
Words filled with love
Blanketed muffled
Only to echo
The deafening
Sound of Silence
It is sad that some people never have the courage to express their love.
Mckenna Lynn Oct 2014
I find it beautiful
all the ways you can
express how much
you love someone.
1. "Put your seatbelt on."
2. "Get some sleep."
3. 3 am text: are you awake?
4. "Did you get home safe?"
5. "Watch your step."
6. "How are you feeling?"
7. "I listened to your favorite song."
8. "Let me drive you home."
9. "Please be safe."
10. "Do you need company?"
Open your ears,
and pay close attention.
Because my dear I'm sure,
that somebody out there
loves you.
there's so many ways for someone to show you they love you, you just have to listen.
I live in the mountains
Middle of no where
I'm all alone tonight
It don't seem fair
Yet I see the stars
Shining so **** bright
Every last little one
Giving off a speck of light
Each one a part of something greater
Each one a piece of what's real
I don't know what YOU are feeling
But that's how I wanna feel
Like I actually belong here
Like I'm not living for myself
Like there's some bigger out there
Like I'm as special as everyone else
I want my light to shine that bright
A smouldering sky for YOU to see
I just wish that someone out there
Was making a wish to have me
  Oct 2014 Mckenna Lynn
He asked me why
I never looked him in the eyes
And I looked at the ceiling
and said i didn't know
He once asked me
what color his eyes were
And for the life of me
I wanted to forget
that his eyes were the color
of the purest blue ocean
just before a storm and scattered
with crystal shards like sea shells
Because the second I looked
up at him
The air was stolen
right out of my chest cavity
His eyes engulfed my soul and drowned it out
until I forgot where I was
His eyes could melt fire and freeze ice but he doesn't have
a destructive bone in his body
His eyes are the sky
right before dawn
a blue so electric
it sends shivers down my spine
So wasted with wonder
and dappled with specks of sarcasm
I've been told drowning
Is the most tragic way to die
Though maybe it's where you drown that makes it a tragedy
because I think
drowning in his eyes
would be the most
beautiful death
Mckenna Lynn Oct 2014
“I messed up.”
I only wish it didn’t
take you this long
to realize.
“Can we talk?”
My whole body aches,
yearning to say yes.
“Are you there?”
Yes, I am here.
“Please answer.”
I surely don’t think
I have that strength.
“I still love you.”
My heart beats,
my stomach churns.
“You were the best
thing that ever
happened to me.”
I used to think the same
about you.
“Why aren't you answering?”
“Because for 7 months;
I waited.
You tore me apart,
it felt like I was drowning.
You didn't even look back.
Not once.
How can I just forget that?”

I hit send.
“I’m sorry…”
“I’m sorry too.”*
Except this time,
I don’t hit send.
"When what you want isn't what's good for you, that's when you need to learn to walk away."

— The End —