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Mckenna Lynn Jul 2016
He undressed me with his eyes,
but I clothed him in my love,
and that is where we failed.
excerpts from a poetry book I'll never publish (1)
Mckenna Lynn Jul 2016
but i loved him
Mckenna Lynn Dec 2015
I loved an arsonist
who didn't love me.
Seeing him love her
was the match that ignited
my gasoline heart.
It combusted into
the flames of pure envious
friction, the flames
licking all cavities.
Each beat of my
slowly burning heart
pumped lighter fluid
through the arteries
only to create a wildfire
inside my chest,
ablaze with no hope of
containment, and no
source to extinguish.
My unjustified love for you
is nothing more
than the firewood that feeds
the malicious venom
in this inferno of jealousy.
I loved an arsonist
who didn't love me,
and for that,
my heart will smolder.
watching him love her lit a deadly fire inside my heart
  Oct 2015 Mckenna Lynn
Last night,
I held the ocean's hand,

It was soft and giving,
Nothing like the mysterious depths you described,
That body of water was created inside your mind,
You built her up so high, she couldn't help but fall,
Couldn't help but violently crash onto the rocks below

Now she's bruised and cut, with precious pieces missing,
But I'll be the sun that rises and sets for her every night and day,
and I am not afraid of what lies beneath,
Because she's seen my face, even the masks I try to hide,

I smile and kiss her cheeks,
She is 70% water and I will drink her before drowning in the warmest depths of her skin,

Perhaps the moral of this story is that your ocean,
was never meant to be crossed,
It dwells like a black sea, with secrets and the broken hearts of others,
When the night is betrothed to the shadows,
He does not betray her and seek out other light,

But you did,

And now the ocean is gone,
Her gentle waves have reached a safer shore,
and I will keep her here with gentle truth and love

The ocean isn't just beautiful at night, but she is full of rage and fury,

And at last,

She is mine.
Good things come to those who wait and tell the truth about who they are. A man who opens the heart of a woman without the intention to hold it in his hands is not a man.
Mckenna Lynn Oct 2015
It's scary how your mind
can play tricks on you.
It's not until 1 am,
after the day has passed
and I have showered
and slipped into my pjs
and snuggled up into my bed,
that I start to feel alone.
I toss and turn and
imagine your arms around me
stroking my back
and you whispering
in my ear how you'd
rather be nowhere but here.
This is what keeps me up
at night but I know you sleep
sound without a single
thought of me.
It's scary how your mind
can play tricks on you.
Just when I think
I'm finally moving on,
the stillness of my
room at night reminds me
just how alone I am.
the days are easy, it's the nights that are hard.
Mckenna Lynn Sep 2015
You promised to love me
and forever we would be.
I fell for your lustful lies
and got lost in your green eyes.
I was just another body to touch
and of me you didn't think much.
Now you're kissing someone new
and I'm still stuck missing you.
I drink to numb the pain
of falling victim to your game.
A hangover after drinking cannot heal,
yet hurts less than the heartbreak I feel.
he promised to never leave...
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