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Emi Jun 2015
It seems as if
the only time
you pay me
any mind
is when a part
of your body
is inside mine
Emi Jan 2015
the sky's glowing orange
and your fingers trace my body
in the same pattern as
the songs you play on the piano

I no longer view sunsets as an ending
Emi Oct 2014
and the moon be still as bright

and the stars and the world

stops shining

and the moon is the only light
Emi Sep 2014
He asked me why
I never looked him in the eyes
And I looked at the ceiling
and said i didn't know
He once asked me
what color his eyes were
And for the life of me
I wanted to forget
that his eyes were the color
of the purest blue ocean
just before a storm and scattered
with crystal shards like sea shells
Because the second I looked
up at him
The air was stolen
right out of my chest cavity
His eyes engulfed my soul and drowned it out
until I forgot where I was
His eyes could melt fire and freeze ice but he doesn't have
a destructive bone in his body
His eyes are the sky
right before dawn
a blue so electric
it sends shivers down my spine
So wasted with wonder
and dappled with specks of sarcasm
I've been told drowning
Is the most tragic way to die
Though maybe it's where you drown that makes it a tragedy
because I think
drowning in his eyes
would be the most
beautiful death
Emi Jun 2014
I live for the lingering seconds
right before we kiss
when I can feel the atoms in you
vibrating towards the atoms in me

its such a unique and wonderful sensation
like the universe is trying to put itself
back together
Emi Jun 2014
The thunder
Mimicked the way your heart
Beat on top of mine

And the rain felt like
The little kisses you'd leave
On my skin

And the humid storm breeze
reminded me of
The way you'd breath ever so lightly
Into my neck

But these early summer storms
Don't last very long
And my dear,
I'm afraid we might not either
Emi Jun 2014
Whenever I like someone
they don't like me
so I'm trying my hardest  
to not like you
but you're not helping
by making flowers grow every time you smile
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