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 Oct 2020 Max Vale
Through my window
Lies an old bark
Chopped away, used up
For flames long cold.

The rain is useless.
The sunshine a memory.
The damp black dirt
The only hope it knows.

Just roots remain
Sinking into Nothingness,
A pale faded oak
Turning grey and ******.
Cracked and wrinkled,
Scarred and blunt.

It doesn't move with the Wind
Or offer shelter and
It just wants to rot away
Before tomorrow comes.

But each night,
This old bark stares
Back through my window...
Waiting with me.

a haiku a day
keeps the mind doctor away
less stress more laughter.
 Jul 2020 Max Vale
Rule #9
 Jul 2020 Max Vale
Don't expect someone to love you,
if you don't love yourself..
If I could turn back time
I would hit Backspace all day,
Id put on Caps Lock
and SHOUT what I say.

I'd use the whole Alphabet
To tell you hello,
Press seven Numbers
Til you picked up the phone.

I'd Tab through the comments
I didn't want to hear,
And use the Arrow Keys
To drag your body near.

I would Delete the harsh words
I didn't mean to speak,
And Insert the "I love yous"
I before couldn't leak.

I would use Ctrl to
Keep reigns over my heart,
And I would Escape lies
That tore us apart.

I'd Print out your photo
And kiss it goodnight,
Use the Calculator
To check that we were right.

I'd Paint you a picture
of us, you and me,
Then I'd hit Enter
Just so you would see.

Those are the things
I would do in my strife,
If only Backspace
worked in real life.
This is the first poem (that I have a copy of) i wrote that I actually thought was good. I was in seventh grade, twelve years old, and I wrote it for a newspaper competition. I knew it was really great but I didn't think I would beat all other applicants in the state in my age group. So you can imagine my surprise I'm sure when I DID win! That is the first time I was proud of my writing. So this one has a lot of special sentimental value. Thanks for reading.
 Sep 2019 Max Vale
Bo Burnham
I said no to drugs once.
I looked a bag of **** right in the face
and, like a loving but firm father,
I said, "No."
I was really high.
 Sep 2019 Max Vale
Lips that have never been kissed
Hair that's never been brushed back
Cheeks that have never been caressed
Hands that have never been held

Yes, I know I dont need a boy
But it gets kind of lonely
These days I spend my time in wistful dreams
 Sep 2019 Max Vale
a strong man's loss

is a weak man's gain--

find the difference.

what persists...
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