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 Aug 2019 Max Vale
 Aug 2019 Max Vale
Talent lies in the blood.
When it floods
A master-piece is made.
 Aug 2019 Max Vale
 Aug 2019 Max Vale
I've tried to write
So many poems about you
But you're beauty is copyrighted
And I don't believe
In plagiarism
Sad poet
I am the difference that
shelters the difference;
I am the hope to
nourish the heart;
I am the truth that
lights up the darkness,
And causes all fear to depart.
 Jul 2019 Max Vale
Tell Me
 Jul 2019 Max Vale
I want you to tell me
All your darkest secrets
So I can tell you mine,
But I need you to really want it, my dear
I’d hate for you to waste our time
 Jul 2019 Max Vale
Elijah Lee
A mother
Two sons
A reckless drive

Deadly injuries
Tried staying alive
Faces of tears
As he disappears

Leaving them broken
Along with hopeless
Everyday the notice
That their son was motionless
 Jun 2019 Max Vale
The sun rose
On another day
On the cherry tree blossoming
Away. And the redbirds on limbs
Happier than larks and
A lone man on the porch
Just sitting giving thanks
Breathing deep sighing
A memory perhaps of days
Gone by and the blossoms smelling
Like they did and the sun bright as then and his breath just as breathless
As when he was younger
It can not stay gloomy forever
The light will take away the darkness
The clouds eventually fade away
The scenery shows its brightness
Maintain your composure
It is all in the mind
Stay upbeat and positive
Be gentle and kind
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