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Max Vale Sep 2017

There's a mad man on the touchline,
Yelling at us 24/7.
He's always trying to release,
That extra 10%.
Aint you always?
Max Vale Jan 2017
I've spent 20 years preparing,
And I can finally take the test.
Once I start to making a living,
This is a test I'll never forget.
I've taken the test and I've failed,
My best was not enough.
However I know I wont bail,
*I Will Work Harder
My best was not enough, I will work harder
Max Vale Nov 10
People call me crazy,
For being afraid of ghosts.
But their shadows haunt me lately,
They find their way to my soul.
Max Vale Dec 2016
The night is dark, cold and scary,
Only the moon gives light.
However the night is great for party,
And the sun will shine in the morning
You know she's gonna break your heart,
You know she's gonna love you and leave you again.
You know she's gonna take you apart,
So why did you fall for it again?
You know he gave you his heart,
You know you're just gonna leave him again.
You know you're going break him apart,
So why did you leave him again?
Max Vale Feb 2017
My tail leaves vapor,
My wings give you flight.
My body gives you accommodation,
As you sleep on me through the night.

**What Am I?
Max Vale Jul 13
She was prettier than a summer's day,
Like a sparkling pearl.
But now she's gone and flying away,
Where are you now airport girl?
Max Vale Oct 2017
Alas we cannot always say,
Our final goodbyes.
We cannot wait til' the very last day,
Until then lets see what the future lies.
Max Vale Jun 9
Cruising in some Off-White,
Waiting for the sunrise,
Eating some french fries,
Keeping my dull eyes,
Close to the skies,
This is our prize,
Our dizzying highs,
There is no surprise,
Don't wear a disguise,
When will we realise,
All you tell are lies?
Max Vale Mar 2018
Walking down these folded roads,
Alone, Alone, Alone.
Wishing there was somewhere to go,
Home, Home, Home.

Darkness is the only road I know,
Alone, Alone, Alone.
Graveyard of broken dreams I follow,
Home, Home, Home.

No kindness I've seen just remorse,
Alone, Alone, Alone.
Depart from this life I,
Go, Go, Go
Max Vale Jun 23
Hey don't go,
Please don't break my heart.
Hey I know,
Its better we're apart.
Max Vale Mar 2017
You tried to burn me to ashes,
You threw me onto the fire.
You tried to erase my memories,
But sorry, I survived.
Max Vale Jan 2017
You left me the way I was,
In the middle of nowhere.
The back of beyond,
And of course you didn't care.
It took me ages to come out alive,
I've brushed with death,
And survived.
So no matter how hard you push me,
Down the hole,
Or off a cliff.
*You'll never hurt or destroy my soul
**** those haters and the people who let you down, You must never give up. If you do they win and you lose. And who wants to lose?
Max Vale Jul 1
When you're dying all alone,
And somebody's taken your glee.
I'll be on the phone,
For you to blame it on me.
Max Vale Jan 2018
Every life matters,
Every life is worth living.
Give life your all,
And maybe you'll achieve something.

Treasure the little things,
As much as the big things.
Love yourself,
And see what life  brings.

Live your life with no regret,
Don't stop to think.
Don't be afraid of any threat,
Because life will go by like a blink.
Max Vale Aug 2018
Slow setting sun,
The night's beginning to crawl.
I guess summer's done,
Brace for fall.
Max Vale Nov 2017
Rules are out there for a reason,
Laws are there for a reason.
Obey the law,
Max Vale Feb 2017
I'm a piece of glass,
You may call me a window.
I reflect the sun and propel the wind,
I let you see through me.
But why does everyone want to break me?
I swear its soo satisfying to see glass break...
Max Vale Feb 2018
Everyone had dreams once,
Everyone had loved once.
We all sat upon the fence once,
We all come off the bench once.

We all belonged once,
We all cried once,
We all laughed once,
We all lived once.

We were all alone once,
We should have kept dreaming.
When you awake you have to choose your path,
Broken hopes, reality is harsh.
Max Vale Jan 2017
Bumble bee, Bumble bee,
Come and visit me.
Bring be Queen bee and King bee,
And we can all have tea.

Bye Bye Bumble bee,
I hope I see you soon.
Have fun at your nest by the willow tree,
And come back tomorrow afternoon.
50th poem , Cheers people ;)
Max Vale Dec 2017
Storm in a bottle,
Hurricane at large.
Winds at full throttle,
Blizzard hits harsh.

Feel the music in your heart,
Feel the beat of the drums.
Let your outer shell tear apart,
And your inner spirit hum.

Unleash your beast,
Fireworks at ready.
Soul unleashed,
Soldier's steady.

Together we will thrive,
We will not die but survive.
So roar your battle cry,
And let's burn up the sky.
Let your anger spark passion and your passion spark victory :)
Max Vale Jan 2017
Throw sticks and logs into the fire,
To keep it alive.
Let its light guide you and shine,
And may its light be a gift to us all.
Max Vale Feb 23
You say I'm depressed,
I've changed, I'm lonely.
If that's the problem,
Then why don't you call me?
Max Vale Dec 2016
A singer once said to me,
You can't do this!
A footballer once said to me,
Dude, you shouldn't do this.
A businessman once said to me,
Seriously sir, You can't do this.
An old man once said to me,
**Yes! Go on! You can do this!
When i asked people if i could be famous, Everyone laughed at me,
Except the old man its because of him,
I write these poems.
Max Vale Jan 2017
There are things I can do,
However sadly I refuse.
To push myself harder,
And make me better.
You either can't or won't
Max Vale Jun 13
I'l go wherever you go,
Follow you from coast to coast.
Throw everything out of the window,
To be with you when you need me the most.
Max Vale Oct 26
Its a lonely night,
I've got nobody to hold.
Pretending I'm alright,
When really I'm just cold.
Max Vale May 2018
Bone dry ice,
Ocean's daughter.
No other paradise,
Like deep cold water,
Max Vale Jan 2017
I'll be here whenever you need me,
I'll be here when you're down.
I'll be here for you to pour your feelings,
I'll take them and I won't drown.

Let your emotions flow onto me,
Set your mind and spirit free,
And once you're done,
*You can dance on me.
Max Vale Jan 2017
I often sit and wonder,
What the world could have been.
Without its villains and heroes,
Or without me.

Would the birds sing in the morning?
Would people be so forgiving?
Would the flowers bloom in May?
Would the night become the day?

Would the world leaders be at war?
Would their tales still be ancient lore?
Would millions of people be saved?
Or would billions more die today?
Our world is at war. Everyone is dying. Why are we even fighting?
Lets stop war today @
Max Vale Aug 11
Saw it in the distance,
Maybe I'll get it someday.
A light, a hope,  a dream.
So close but so far away
Max Vale Jun 4
Calm down,
No need to go crazy.
It’s so easy for me to say,
The screams in your sleep they never fade.

We'll fight all the monsters,
We'll keep running.
Till we get out alive.
Swear to God won't let you die.

So take a deep breath,
And think about what you say.
Don't say I don't love you,
Because you know I do.
Max Vale Mar 2017
Don't worry about tomorrow,
Don't worry about your mistakes.
If you don't worry you'll beat your sorrow,
If you don't worry you've got what it takes.
Max Vale Jan 2017
Don't cry when you die,
Don't whine when you lose.
Don't give up on you.
You know you've had a good life,
That why you're up in heaven so high.
Max Vale Mar 2017
I dream while I sleep,
Am I ethereal?
Am I just a ghost?
Am i even real?
Max Vale Dec 2016
My world is a circle wrapped by your love,
You bring to peace like a gentle white dove,
Your heart is glowing and radiant as can be,
Whenever I see you i feel full of glee.
It like I'm being set free.

So why not bring your happiness to the world?
Why does it have to only exist in my dreamworld?
Max Vale Jan 2017
I believe in miracles,
The reality and the dreams.
Of the people who dream and wonder,
If the world could be born anew.
What would you change if you could start again?
Max Vale Jan 2018
Look up at the sky.
How many stars do you count?
Are you sitting there lazing,
Looking up and stargazing?

Draw a constellation,
Let your imagination run wild.
Is that an angel I see,
Or is it a child?

The stars can be anything,
You can be too.
Embrace everything,
Then life will embrace you.
Max Vale Jun 2018
Anger, Love and Hate,
Binds me as a person.
Sadness, Joy, Afraid,
Helps me or worsens.
My soul is held in strings,
Pulled by emotions.
But I'm not the only one feeling things.

One is not alone with these blinding things. My heart aches from the controlling effect of empty emotion.
But one such only reminds, the sorrow I feel when my heart stops.

When my heart stops,
My brain puts on the brakes.
My mind begins to jump and hop,
Because I can't grasp this.
My resources are empty,
My emotions are down.
See you in a while heaven,
My emotions make me drown.

I feel like nothing,
Like my mind is losing something.
I can't never tell what they are, I try to chase my feeling but they're simply too far.
My emotions are to fragile and weak, I'm slowly losing my mind... I'm at my peak.

I feel nothing,
I see nothing.
I can do nothing.
Duet! :)
Max Vale Feb 2017
Why do I feel so empty?
Why do I feel so blue?
My memories I cant remember instead,
My mind's fogged up by you.
Ever felt so empty that you could **** yourself?
Quick tip : Don't.
Max Vale Nov 2017
Each page conveys the sentiment
the words, more meaning still
to pause for just, a moment
listening to, the writer's quill

Inspiration flows,
From my soul to my mind to my eye.
My quill glows,
Connecting the dots, of the paper my ally

It's there for you and me
the comradere of prose
sung, lined, rhymed, or free
and perfectly, composed

My quill sings a story,
My heart translates its feelings.
My paper is never lonely,
For the words fill its openings.

We deal with emotions
the ones, we can't suppress
words, in constant motion
poetically, expressed

The words we can,
We scream, shout or yell.
The words we can't,
We sit quietly and dwell.

The feel of synchronicity
a push, sometimes, a pull
not knowing what will, or may not be
a glass not empty, but yet, not full
Expression - featuring Temporal Fugue
Max Vale Aug 2018
I was brought here by a star,
One that I had rode on from afar.
Here on this planet called "Earth",
Was destined to be my hearth.
Millenniums folded,
The Earth moulded.
From a barren plain,
To the Earth we see today.
Then I met Man.
Gone were the forests,
Replaced by cities.
Gone were the creatures,
Who had no say.
Man was not evil,
Man had good intentions.
Shame that the life of one race,
Mattered more than the life of others.
Earth, my home.
A friend I used to know,
A girl I used to love.
Now I'm faded.
Max Vale Jan 2017
I tried so hard,
But I couldn't succeed.
But in my heart,
I know I will succeed.
Just got my test results back , Not good!
Max Vale Jan 2017
I've been sent from heaven,
To assist those on Earth.
By leading the people,
I can make you the first.
People  lead by an angel,
Who will protect you from danger.
People often say to me, Max you're too good! Why are you playing for a division 3 soccer team? And I always say, When I've finished my job here, I'll move on.
Max Vale Oct 4
When I first saw her,
She shone like a star.
A blistering beauty,
That came from afar.
She barely noticed,
How hard I tried.
She never knew,
How much I cried.
I wish I was good enough,
Good enough for her.
But I was never good enough,
Not enough for her.
She never saw me in that way,
Only as a friend.
No matter how hard I try,
Always a dead end.
My friends,
They tried to help.
Little do they know,
How I didn't want their help.
She saw me one time,
Gave me a smile.
I wished I could say,
That she stayed a while.
Maybe I did,
Linger on too long.
Probably because,
I wasn't that strong.
I tried my best,
But it wasn't meant to be.
I should have,
Spent more time on me.
Perhaps in the future,
I would try again.
Maybe in a different life,
We're together amen.
But in reality,
I have to accept what's harsh.
Sometimes in life,
We finish in last.
We don't always win all of our races in life. Sometimes we have to accept we finish in last and that's alright. Maybe in a different life we were meant to be. But not in this one.
Remember, if you really love her,
You'd let her go.
Max Vale Feb 2017
The mist creeps up on you,
Like a long forgotten grudge.
And hey **,
It'll bite you like a savage foe.

You can't see through its face,
It's body blocks your smell.
When will you escape?
Only time will tell.
Max Vale Sep 2017
The heroes of long gone are forgotten,
Despite the good deeds they've done.
Now they lie in their graves rotten,
And no one knows what they've done.

The cotton picker who fought off wolves,
The candlestick maker who kept the pirates at bay.
The baker who fed the homeless with his loaves,
The beggar who brightened everyones day.

The soldier who sacrificed himself,
The nomad that fed the hungry.
The gypsy that always gave help,
The missionary that gave flowers to the sickly.

Their deeds are forgotten,
By everyone except me.
God bless them in their coffins,
And let's help others that are in need.

These people were real they lived in my village for years,
God bless these heroes.
Max Vale Dec 2016
There once were four brothers,
Who looked just like each other.
They lived together,
On the hills of heather.
Together they worked hard every day,
To bring back their daily pay.
Although they looked alike,
They each had the likes and dislikes.

The first brother by the name of Summer,
Who loved the sun and the bee's hummer,
He would sit by the stream,
Eating ice cream,
And enjoying the nice hot weather.

The second brother by the name of Spring,
Who loved the flowers and living things.
He would watch the flowers grow,
And feel the wind softly blow.

The third brother by the name of Autumn,
Who loved the leaves as they sink into the lake bottom.
He would sketch the leaves as they fall,
As he sat along the garden wall.

The fourth brother by the name of Winter,
Who loved the snow as it starts to fall bigger.
He would make igloos and snowmen,
And watch the pond's water go frozen.

When the four brothers had gone and went,
They named the seasons their events,
For theres a time where you wish to be cold,
And other times where you wish to be warm!
Max Vale Nov 2017
Fresh in the morning,
The world renews every day.
Washed by the evening,
The Sun Makes Way.
Max Vale Mar 2017
I creep in the night,
You find me in the morning,
I make your mother angry,
Because I delay your schooling.

What Am I?
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