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1.3k · May 2020
To Fade
Max Vale May 2020
It's a long road,
And I'm on my own.
I'm scared of the things,
That I don't know.

As the night comes,
I look up to the sky.
I send a prayer,
Hoping my dreams won't die.

I wish my monsters will leave,
And the demons will go away.
I'm just begging,
For the darkness to fade.
1.3k · Apr 9
Max Vale Apr 9
We grew up on the same street,
We blew dandelions into the sky.
We chucked shells into the blue sea,
Wondering what it would be like.

To grow older.

I came back to the same street,
It's not the same without you.
I can still hear the sound of your feet,
I can hear mine too.

Wish we didn't have to grow older.
1.3k · Aug 8
Max Vale Aug 8
sometimes it was like,
the sun was going to shine,
you by my side,
i didn't think life could be,
but fall comes,
and turns into winter.
its not only the weather,
that gets a bit colder.
Max Vale Jan 2017
Thunder storms bring rain,
That makes the sky black.
Snowstorms bring hail,
That hurts my back.

My knees creak and snap
they didn't used to be that way
The weather, wet and cold
Snap, crackle pop, those days

Sub zero temperatures,
Blazing, fierce heat.
How I manage to still live,
Is a pretty sick feat.

Life is measured in time
in strength and determination
while standing in the fallout line
the doorway, to damnation

The weaker die off,
The stronger stay alive.
Tis the survival of the fittest,
Where only the best may thrive.

*Forgotten are the heroes
who don't reach their hands down
to pull up the weakest
so, none of us will drown
915 · Feb 2017
Right Behind You
Max Vale Feb 2017
Wherever you go I follow,
I'm always right beside you.
So don't worry about tomorrow,
You go first, I'm right behind you.
906 · Jan 2017
Pressure (ft Aqua Rose)
Max Vale Jan 2017
I'm always under pressure,
I'm always expected to be great.
I'm always expected to be the leader,
But I'm not the best so don't under-estimate.

Always on
Always doing things
For other people
Because that’s what they want
But what about me?

You don't care about me,
You put pressure on me.
Just because you're free,
It doesn't mean it'll last thee.

You think you know best
Know my limits
But if you push too hard
You’ll soon find
I don’t just snap,
I explode

Pressure is like a dark fog,
It creeps and appears.
It bites like a savage dog,
And disappears.

But even when it’s gone
The bites are infected
Leaving a little pressure in everything you do
******* the joy from the things that used to offer a break
A shadow on the sunniest of days

Years later,
The wounds are the same.
Those scars won't leave me,
And those scars bare shame.
I want to remove them,
But sadly they wont go.
They're too deep,
And my greatest foe.

*Your voice in my head
Echoing my deepest doubts
Scars from your abuse
Running rampant in my head
Adding the pressure
To prove you wrong
This is my first "duet". A massive thank you to Aqua Rose for writing this with me. If you would like to write a poem duet with me please massage me. I would love to.
882 · Aug 2018
Max Vale Aug 2018
Glorious hills,
Hall of fame.
Cheap thrills,
God of the Game.

How did I get here?

Shipwrecked boat,
Undiscovered land.
Sore throat,
Parched and bland.

It came from above,
Woken by the sun.
By the sight of a dove,
My training begun.

I fought beasts,
I ran till I could run no more,
I challenged chiefs,
I won the war.

My ordeal had not ended,
It had literally just begun.
My road was not apprehended,
By myself or anyone.

I surfed waves,
I braved the whirlpool.
I plunged into the ocean caves,
To recover the infamous jewel.

I climbed the mountain,
Silent and still.
At the peak lay a fountain,
Ready to spill.

The water enlightened me,
I was ready to fight.
Nothing could stop me,
As I flew into the night.

At long last I was home,
Captain's armband.
In this very stadium dome,
I will create history by my very own hand.
836 · Feb 11
Not Scared Of The Dark
Max Vale Feb 11
So let's run away together,
Ready, set, on your mark,
With you by my side forever,
I'm no longer afraid of the dark.
832 · Feb 2017
Max Vale Feb 2017
Breathe me in like a vapor,
Let me embrace you in my warmth.
Carry me in your pocket for later,
I'll be there to warm you in storms.
Max Vale Jul 2018
The vans on the interstate
they go real slow, they go real slow
the vans on the interstate
20 MPH below, 20 MPG below
the limit

I'm too fast for this road,
There's nowhere I can't go.
I'm free I carry no load,
Speed limit? No.

The vannies are nannies
don't ya know, don't ya know
vannies are nannies
really slow, really slow
it really is
no secret

Time goes quickly,
Soon it'll go below.
But life's too quick,
For me to go slow.

I'm not sure they
comprehend, comprehend
really not sure they understand
either GMC, or Chevrolet
whether GMC, or Chevrolet
being the clot
in the road

Embrace the speed while you can,
Before you blink.
It'll disappear,
Before you can think.
798 · Dec 2016
Leave Your Worries Behind
Max Vale Dec 2016
We'll be singing a song,
A song you won't forget.
So leave your worries behind.
And come and sing-along!

Love me with your sweet kisses,
Love me when I'm down.
Love me wherever I go,
Love me by the rainbow.

I'll be with you forever,
I'll never really die.
My spirit will always be with you,
So you'll never have to cry.

Don't leave me here alone,
I'm not going anywhere.
Without your love,
I won't be there.

Leave your worries behind,
And come and sing with me.
So come on singing,
And make your dreams reality.
780 · Dec 2016
Can I do this?
Max Vale Dec 2016
A singer once said to me,
You can't do this!
A footballer once said to me,
Dude, you shouldn't do this.
A businessman once said to me,
Seriously sir, You can't do this.
An old man once said to me,
**Yes! Go on! You can do this!
When i asked people if i could be famous, Everyone laughed at me,
Except the old man its because of him,
I write these poems.
735 · Dec 2016
Its A Long Road Ahead
Max Vale Dec 2016
I'm only young i haven't yet seen the world,
I'm only just  beginning  to understand,
How the world works and runs,
And how our world is everyones.

I've heard the world is a bad place,
That people **** and steal,
And others that try to and disgrace,
Our human race.

I've heard the world is a good place,
That people help and assist others,
And others that are really ace,
That say we are all brothers.

Mostly the world is an OK place,
It has places good and bad,
And although i am still young and still building my knowledge base,
I know the our world can be a great and happy place.

*We've got a long road ahead of us
702 · Jan 2017
Max Vale Jan 2017
You are a gorilla,
Strong, ugly and fat.
But we all love you,
And we know you love us too.
Even though you're not here,
*We'll be keeping you near.
Harambe 1999-2016
699 · Sep 2019
Max Vale Sep 2019
Sometimes in life,
We have to take the hard way.
But when you find love,
You'll be cruising on the highway.
680 · Feb 2017
My Name Is Kunte Kinte
Max Vale Feb 2017
My name is Kunte Kinte,
I've come from lands far away.
I was taken hostage and prisoner,
And forced to be a slave.

Those people took away my name,
And gave me another instead.
My name is now Toby,
And thus Toby I became.

Few weeks past,
I ran away.
I was caught and whipped,
And forced to work again.

I ran away again,
I was caught again too.
This time they also,
Cut off my right foot.

I married a lady named Bell,
Who was black and a slave like me,
We had a little daughter,
Whom I loved and named Kizzy.

I died of a broken heart,
When my wife was bought and sold.
I now lay in a grave,
My story forgotten and in everlasting cold.
After you watch Roots......
668 · Dec 2016
The Lonely Ghost
Max Vale Dec 2016
There was once a ghost,
Who was once a human ,happy and free.
Now he's dead and can do no more,
He wanders the streets alone.

His old house is left in ruins,
His old street is dead.
The ghost is confused,
Doesn't anyone care?

The old ghost its weary,
As he steps into the big city.
He sees streets full of cars,
And lively restaurants and  jolly bars.

The old ghost is happy,
That the people have moved on,
And have developed this loving city,
He let out a big yawn.

The old ghost satisfied returned to his grave,
And let his soul be with his body again.
The old ghost finally let go,
And got ready to go to heaven and say hello.
661 · Oct 2017
The Peacock & The Cock
Max Vale Oct 2017
The Peacock and the ****,
Went a' walking.
Says the Peacock,
"What shall we do on this fine day?"
The **** said,
"Why not find some bread?"
So off they went.

The Peacock and the ****,
Went a' wandering.
Says the Peacock,
"Alas my friend,
I do not see any bread"
The **** replies,
"What a shame,
Let us retreat to the barn again,"
So off they went.

The Peacock and the ****,
Went a' ambling.
Says the Peacock,
"Alas the sun has come up,
We have wasted our day"
Replies the ****,
"For you yes,
But boy did i get some exercise"
So off they slept.
640 · Jan 2017
Social Media
Max Vale Jan 2017
These days we spend so much time,
On the internet.
What we share and what we hide,
We'll never forget.
The old ways of letters and post,
What do all these servers host?
However without it,
The internet.
Would never come into existence!
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626 · Dec 2017
Max Vale Dec 2017
God did not give us wings,
So we could build our own.
He did not give us many things,
As he wanted us to discover alone.

My wings I have built,
Are a blessing.
From the guy up there's,
eternal loving.

So I wear my wings with pride,
I soar over the skies.
I skim over the tide,
And embrace the ocean's cry.

The Sun comes up,
I feel his radiance.
The clouds float by,
As I dance.
624 · Dec 2017
Sky High
Max Vale Dec 2017
You can't always play in the little league,
There are bigger ones out there.
You can't always win everything,
There's harder challenges out there.

So don't be afraid to climb the ladder,
Of glory, honor and fame.
You ain't gonna get better,
Sitting around all day.

The mountain is too tall,
So let's take it once step at a time.
The risk is to fall,
So let's continue our climb.

Once you're up,
Don't look down.
The greatest of all will fall,
Sink and drown.

So goodbye to the little leagues,
And prepare to die.
Rebirth yourself once more,
And say hello to the sky high.
The best way to live is to die first. Once you have, you can do anything.
The sky high is waiting.
Max Vale Nov 2017
Each page conveys the sentiment
the words, more meaning still
to pause for just, a moment
listening to, the writer's quill

Inspiration flows,
From my soul to my mind to my eye.
My quill glows,
Connecting the dots, of the paper my ally

It's there for you and me
the comradere of prose
sung, lined, rhymed, or free
and perfectly, composed

My quill sings a story,
My heart translates its feelings.
My paper is never lonely,
For the words fill its openings.

We deal with emotions
the ones, we can't suppress
words, in constant motion
poetically, expressed

The words we can,
We scream, shout or yell.
The words we can't,
We sit quietly and dwell.

The feel of synchronicity
a push, sometimes, a pull
not knowing what will, or may not be
a glass not empty, but yet, not full
Expression - featuring Temporal Fugue
600 · Jul 2019
Airport Girl
Max Vale Jul 2019
She was prettier than a summer's day,
Like a sparkling pearl.
But now she's gone and flying away,
Where are you now airport girl?
597 · Jan 2018
Love Yourself
Max Vale Jan 2018
You're not always what people think you are,
You're not always what you think you are.
But time will take you to different places,
And the world will untie like your laces.

But you can keep tying yourself together,
Hold on to yourself.
One man with the correct attitude,
Can move a whole mountain of solitude.

Yes, You will always fall,
Yes, You might fail.
Yes, You might be rejected,
But who knows, maybe you'll prevail.

It takes one step,
For the whole world to change.
So keep in good health,
And keep loving yourself
594 · Jan 2017
Sail to the Blue
Max Vale Jan 2017
A golden compass,
A broken mast.
A ruined sail,
A battered hull.
A ***** deck,
Yup the boats a wreck.

The boat is leaking as I sail to the unknown,
The wind blows against my hind.
But no way am I afraid,
As I sail to look and find.
The true me.
I go on a new journey, I've got **** equipment but I don't ******* care.
Max Vale Jan 2017
I've been to Syria and much horrors I've seen,
I've been to Afghanistan and terrorists I've seen.
I've been to places where I should never have been,
I've seen hell.
I've been to Ethiopia where people beg for food,
I've been to China where people are *****.
I've been to Brazil and seen child labor.
And no one was going to help.
Ive been to France where the homeless sleep on streets,
I've been to Venezuela where people are murdered everyday.
I've been to Trinidad and Tobago where people hunt and steal.
*I've done my best to help,
But I can't do it alone.
Remember the horrors others have faced,
And lets make the world a better place.
587 · Dec 2016
The Wind
Max Vale Dec 2016
The wind is a living creature,
Just like you or me,
It has and obeys no leader,
And the wind will always be free.
582 · Dec 2016
Four Brothers
Max Vale Dec 2016
There once were four brothers,
Who looked just like each other.
They lived together,
On the hills of heather.
Together they worked hard every day,
To bring back their daily pay.
Although they looked alike,
They each had the likes and dislikes.

The first brother by the name of Summer,
Who loved the sun and the bee's hummer,
He would sit by the stream,
Eating ice cream,
And enjoying the nice hot weather.

The second brother by the name of Spring,
Who loved the flowers and living things.
He would watch the flowers grow,
And feel the wind softly blow.

The third brother by the name of Autumn,
Who loved the leaves as they sink into the lake bottom.
He would sketch the leaves as they fall,
As he sat along the garden wall.

The fourth brother by the name of Winter,
Who loved the snow as it starts to fall bigger.
He would make igloos and snowmen,
And watch the pond's water go frozen.

When the four brothers had gone and went,
They named the seasons their events,
For theres a time where you wish to be cold,
And other times where you wish to be warm!
576 · Oct 2019
On Her Way
Max Vale Oct 2019
When she's gone,
She'll be on her way.
And like my dreams,
She'll slowly fade away.

568 · Jan 2017
The Truth Lies
Max Vale Jan 2017
The truth is not always true,
It happens so many times.
When the truth lies to you too,
Its lying to me now, as I write these lines.
The truth lies to me all the time
563 · Jan 2017
Max Vale Jan 2017
Oh sweet hummingbird,
How do you do today?
Fly by me and carry,
The smell of nectar and hay.

Don't your wings get tired?
As you fly, fly, fly.
You always brighten my day,
*And I don't lie, lie, lie.
562 · Feb 2017
I Don't Want To Know
Max Vale Feb 2017
I don't care,
I don't give a ****.
So please leave me alone,
Cos I don't wanna know.
When you try to shut up some ******....
559 · Dec 2017
Legends Never Die
Max Vale Dec 2017
When the fighting is fierce,
And all hope it lost.
No help is near,
Heavy cost.

Let your passion ignite,
And heart burn.
Pride relight,
And stomachs turn.

The storm is calling,
The dragon is awakening.
So let out your battle cry,
*Because Legends Never Die.
Legends never die, they live in our hearts and stories for eternity.
533 · Oct 22
Max Vale Oct 22
Oh darling do you know what that's worth?
It's a shame we're a match made in heaven,
But we were on Earth.
528 · Jan 2017
Halley's Comet
Max Vale Jan 2017
The meteors that fall down on Earth,
Shooting stars they call them I hear.
The blue hot comets that circle our hearth,
Like old Halley who visits once every 75 years.
Much love to the man himself  Edmond Halley for discovering our traveling friend ;)
507 · Aug 2018
Max Vale Aug 2018
I was brought here by a star,
One that I had rode on from afar.
Here on this planet called "Earth",
Was destined to be my hearth.
Millenniums folded,
The Earth moulded.
From a barren plain,
To the Earth we see today.
Then I met Man.
Gone were the forests,
Replaced by cities.
Gone were the creatures,
Who had no say.
Man was not evil,
Man had good intentions.
Shame that the life of one race,
Mattered more than the life of others.
Earth, my home.
A friend I used to know,
A girl I used to love.
Now I'm faded.
487 · Mar 2017
You Don't Need Me
Max Vale Mar 2017
You don't need me
No you really don't.
You'll be fine on your own,
So its fine, let me go.
485 · Jan 2017
Max Vale Jan 2017
The music of silence,
Is one you'll never forget.
Not even the power of science,
Can explain why we never get enough,
Of this wondrous sound.
485 · Feb 2017
Max Vale Feb 2017
Why do I feel so empty?
Why do I feel so blue?
My memories I cant remember instead,
My mind's fogged up by you.
Ever felt so empty that you could **** yourself?
Quick tip : Don't.
484 · Feb 2017
See you in Hell
Max Vale Feb 2017
He couldn't just let me go,
He dragged me down with him.
He made sure I lost too,
And now the future looks pretty dim.
He looked at me in the eye,
My morale fell,
He grinned and said,
*See you in hell.
Some people never let go.
466 · Jan 2017
Hello, Hello Poetry
Max Vale Jan 2017
Hello, Hello Poetry,
How are you today?
What poems have you got to showcase?
A romantic poem here,
A joyful one there.
Maybe even one about lust,
Oh what wonders you bring to us.
Everyday I wake up , I grab my phone, I've got to read em all.
462 · Nov 2017
Max Vale Nov 2017
Everyday is gonna,
Be a good day.
So wake up every morning,
With a smile of your face.
The world is ready,
For you to take.
450 · Feb 2017
Max Vale Feb 2017
My tail leaves vapor,
My wings give you flight.
My body gives you accommodation,
As you sleep on me through the night.

**What Am I?
440 · Sep 2020
Someone New
Max Vale Sep 2020
My head was pounding,
The world was spinning.
I can't see my surrounding,
Pain is only beginning.

I could hear your voice,
You were weeping and crying.
In the background noise,
I could hear the medics trying.

The silence is creeping,
A sleep I can't escape.
My eyes were falling,
My vision full of shapes.

I'm sorry I didn't make it for you,
Hope you can find someone new.
438 · May 2017
Max Vale May 2017
I was a ****** friend,
I made you cry.
And yet you still came after me,
Every day till you couldn't take it no more.

I am sorry for being a *******,
I hope you find better friends.
You deserve em.
I'm sorry
438 · Jun 2019
Max Vale Jun 2019
Didn't mean to call you this time,
Maybe I was throwing a lifeline.
Could we have worked a second time,
Or am I dreaming in my mind?
437 · Dec 2016
The Wind (2)
Max Vale Dec 2016
The wind is a spirit that can't be broken,
Its an eternal soul.
It will travel the world for centuries to come,
And  carry Santa and his reindeer, back to the north pole.
Thank you for so much support for the first one, i just had to write a second verse!
430 · Jan 2017
Max Vale Jan 2017
I believe in miracles,
The reality and the dreams.
Of the people who dream and wonder,
If the world could be born anew.
What would you change if you could start again?
424 · Jun 2017
Max Vale Jun 2017
I can not see,
For I am blind.
I can not live,
For I left my body behind.
I can love,
For my soul is always inside.
Max Vale Jan 2017
I walk these streets alone,
Empty, forgotten and finally free.
The old faces of happiness and hope,
Are long gone and never to be seen.
I'm the only one left,
My street is dead.
The old community that once thrived,
Has now sadly died.
Holocaust Memorial Day, R.I.P
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