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4d · 16
Just a Kid
I'm just a kid,
I don't know life.
All I know is that,
I've got to get it right.

Perhaps its the road,
Maybe a sharp bend.
But there's a reward,
Waiting at the end.

Sometimes the path leads you astray,
But that's OK.
You'll live to another day.
Let the demons go away.

I'll learn as I go,
The journey is enough.
Hopefully I'll have a chance,
To find true love.
May 13 · 1.2k
To Fade
Max Vale May 13
It's a long road,
And I'm on my own.
I'm scared of the things,
That I don't know.

As the night comes,
I look up to the sky.
I send a prayer,
Hoping my dreams won't die.

I wish my monsters will leave,
And the demons will go away.
I'm just begging,
For the darkness to fade.
May 8 · 38
Why Did She Leave?
Max Vale May 8
She told me she loved me,
Loved her like a princess from Disney.
Still wondering why she tricked me,
Why the **** did she leave me?
May 3 · 45
Come Through
Max Vale May 3
I'm lost in my imagination,
All my thoughts are thinking of you.
I've exhausted all my patience,
Why don't you come on through?
Apr 13 · 45
Max Vale Apr 13
People go,
People change.
Its OK.
To let go.
You're better off,
On your own.
Apr 5 · 83
Pitch Black
Max Vale Apr 5
In hopeless times,
Look for the light.
In pitch black,
It can shine so bright.
Mar 29 · 30
Max Vale Mar 29
Look how far,
We've grown.
Look how far,
We've changed.
Look how much,
I've lost.
Look what more,
I've gained.
stay at home squad :)
Mar 8 · 53
I Love You So Bad
Max Vale Mar 8
Moved out of town,
Went looking for you.
Where are you now?
You were gone too soon.
The past was then,
I made a mistake.
I wanna hold you again,
I wanna see your face.
I searched day and night,
You've been gone for so long.
Gotta keep it tight,
I gotta stay strong.
Nothing but you,
Can heal my heart.
You not being here,
Tears it apart.
The memories we had,
They'll never be gone.
I'll never forget,
Your favorite song.
It plays in my heart,
It echoes in my head.
I'll never give up,
Until I'm dead.
When I find you,
I'll hold you close.
I'll whisper in your ear,
"I'll never let you go".
Cuz -

I love you so bad
Mar 1 · 61
Sorry You Lost Me
Max Vale Mar 1
I don't wanna fall asleep,
I don't wanna shut my eyes.
Because every time I close them,
All I think about is lies.
The promises you made,
You said you loved me too.
But now you're gone our memories will fade,
Like all the love I had for you.
But I want to fall into bed,
After a very long day.
I want to feel your touch again,
Saying it'll all be OK.
Now I'm sad you're gone,
You never said goodbye.
And like all my dreams,
They'll surely fade and die.
But now we're done,
I hope you'll finally see.
There was no need to run,
I'm sorry you lost me.
Feb 21 · 44
Empty Sadness
Max Vale Feb 21
It hurts to me,
The way you smile.
Your eyes are full of empty sadness,
Because you haven't been loved in a while.
Feb 15 · 92
Max Vale Feb 15
Forget about the wolves,
That chased you today.
Just remember to hold on,
Tomorrow will be OK.
Feb 2 · 123
Closed Minds
Max Vale Feb 2
Closed minds are like,
A broken down car.
With an attitude like that,
You ain't gonna go far.
Jan 17 · 56
Left on Read
Max Vale Jan 17
Don't you call me when you're alone,
Don't you dare pick up the phone.
Just to leave me on read,
And wake up in somebody else's bed.
Max Vale Jan 2
This place called paradise,
Is where I want to be.
The limit is the sky,
For you and me.

Nothing can touch us,
The world is at our feet.
Can't you finally see?
It was meant to be?
Dec 2019 · 192
Feeling Small
Max Vale Dec 2019
When you're feeling small,
And the shadows close in.
Just take my hand,
And look again
Dec 2019 · 48
Perfect Choir
Max Vale Dec 2019
An ocean of dreams,
Is a perfect choir.
Hope bursting out the seams,
Filled with glorious desire.
Dec 2019 · 212
Running Game
Max Vale Dec 2019
Please tell me how you feel,
Don't play your running game.
Don't deny its not real,
I know you feel the same.
Nov 2019 · 39
Max Vale Nov 2019
You know she's gonna break your heart,
You know she's gonna love you and leave you again.
You know she's gonna take you apart,
So why did you fall for it again?
You know he gave you his heart,
You know you're just gonna leave him again.
You know you're going break him apart,
So why did you leave him again?
Nov 2019 · 37
Afraid of Ghosts
Max Vale Nov 2019
People call me crazy,
For being afraid of ghosts.
But their shadows haunt me lately,
They find their way to my soul.
Oct 2019 · 538
On Her Way
Max Vale Oct 2019
When she's gone,
She'll be on her way.
And like my dreams,
She'll slowly fade away.

Oct 2019 · 80
Max Vale Oct 2019
Its a lonely night,
I've got nobody to hold.
Pretending I'm alright,
When really I'm just cold.
Oct 2019 · 37
Finish In Last
Max Vale Oct 2019
When I first saw her,
She shone like a star.
A blistering beauty,
That came from afar.
She barely noticed,
How hard I tried.
She never knew,
How much I cried.
I wish I was good enough,
Good enough for her.
But I was never good enough,
Not enough for her.
She never saw me in that way,
Only as a friend.
No matter how hard I try,
Always a dead end.
My friends,
They tried to help.
Little do they know,
How I didn't want their help.
She saw me one time,
Gave me a smile.
I wished I could say,
That she stayed a while.
Maybe I did,
Linger on too long.
Probably because,
I wasn't that strong.
I tried my best,
But it wasn't meant to be.
I should have,
Spent more time on me.
Perhaps in the future,
I would try again.
Maybe in a different life,
We're together amen.
But in reality,
I have to accept what's harsh.
Sometimes in life,
We finish in last.
We don't always win all of our races in life. Sometimes we have to accept we finish in last and that's alright. Maybe in a different life we were meant to be. But not in this one.
Remember, if you really love her,
You'd let her go.
Sep 2019 · 646
Max Vale Sep 2019
Sometimes in life,
We have to take the hard way.
But when you find love,
You'll be cruising on the highway.
Sep 2019 · 48
Lady Liberty
Max Vale Sep 2019
Yeah we call it history,
Our ancestor's misery,
True or false a mystery,
Throw in a bit of trickery,
That tasted bitterly,
When we are kept in captivity,
Bringing out the artillery,
Might just be simplicity,
Or maybe just stupidity,
Learn a bit of humility,
Sit on a rock tranquillity,
Inspiring **** creativity,
Everything is a possibility,
Whether we react with negativity,
Or take it literally,
Follow religion divinity,
Maybe we just need some responsibility,
Work together synergy,
To get to a place called victory,
Doing it all for Lady Liberty.
Tweaked :) wrong version published, my bad.
Aug 2019 · 112
Max Vale Aug 2019
Been waiting for a long time,
Ever since I started to dare,
To dream that I'd be fine.
Waiting for you like a prayer.
Aug 2019 · 123
Max Vale Aug 2019
Saw it in the distance,
Maybe I'll get it someday.
A light, a hope,  a dream.
So close but so far away
Jul 2019 · 216
Max Vale Jul 2019
Things change and,
Relationships break and fall apart.
But that doesn't mean,
That I still don't want your heart.
Jul 2019 · 485
Airport Girl
Max Vale Jul 2019
She was prettier than a summer's day,
Like a sparkling pearl.
But now she's gone and flying away,
Where are you now airport girl?
Jul 2019 · 186
Blame It On Me
Max Vale Jul 2019
When you're dying all alone,
And somebody's taken your glee.
I'll be on the phone,
For you to blame it on me.
Jun 2019 · 273
Max Vale Jun 2019
Hey don't go,
Please don't break my heart.
Hey I know,
Its better we're apart.
Jun 2019 · 393
Max Vale Jun 2019
Didn't mean to call you this time,
Maybe I was throwing a lifeline.
Could we have worked a second time,
Or am I dreaming in my mind?
Jun 2019 · 252
Coast to Coast
Max Vale Jun 2019
I'l go wherever you go,
Follow you from coast to coast.
Throw everything out of the window,
To be with you when you need me the most.
Jun 2019 · 95
All You Tell Are Lies
Max Vale Jun 2019
Cruising in some Off-White,
Waiting for the sunrise,
Eating some french fries,
Keeping my dull eyes,
Close to the skies,
This is our prize,
Our dizzying highs,
There is no surprise,
Don't wear a disguise,
When will we realise,
All you tell are lies?
Jun 2019 · 130
Don't Say I Don't Love You
Max Vale Jun 2019
Calm down,
No need to go crazy.
It’s so easy for me to say,
The screams in your sleep they never fade.

We'll fight all the monsters,
We'll keep running.
Till we get out alive.
Swear to God won't let you die.

So take a deep breath,
And think about what you say.
Don't say I don't love you,
Because you know I do.
May 2019 · 71
Take a Second & Stay
Max Vale May 2019
On the brink,
Of the morning.
If it's too cold,
Let me know.
Even the sky moans,
When it wants to be left alone.

Going so far away,
Like you're not coming back.
Like a rising cloud,
Don't forget you cry.
Like a black thorn rose,
Her beauty shows.

Riding along,
Towards sunset.
Pass the cliff,
Of no return.
Down towards the beach,
She's just out of reach.

Tides coming in,
Moon begins to rise.
White sail at sea,
Following the sun.
When you go everything turns to grey,
Don't leave me take a second and stay.
May 2019 · 353
Maybe It'll Be OK
Max Vale May 2019
Maybe I'll feel sorrow,
Maybe it'll be OK.
Maybe when I wake up tomorrow,
I won't feel this way.
Apr 2019 · 122
Max Vale Apr 2019
Life is a peach,
On these streets of California.
When you hit the beach,
I'll be sure to be waiting for ya.
Cali X
Max Vale Apr 2019
Thank you,
       For hurting me.
                 Thank you,
                      For setting me free.
Apr 2019 · 55
Get Up & Go Again
Max Vale Apr 2019
There was once a girl,
               Who taught me many things,
To love the earth,
                    And count my blessings.

Once I was broken,
                    Beyond repair.
   I laid on the floor,
                           Full of despair.

       She walked by me,
                 I thought she'd pick me up.
     But she said to me,
                          Get the hell up.

She didn't give me a hand,
              She didn't help me at all.
She just made sure I got back up,
                           That was all.

             So I sat there,
Sobbing and crying.
Like a little baby,
                                  Moaning and whining.

            She said to me,
Why do you cry little one?
                                 There are bigger battles,
To be fought and one.

               Hearing her words,
Made me get back on my feet.
               I said no more,
I disliked defeat.

               She smiled at me at last,
Knowing she'd taught me right.
     To never give up,
                           Without a fight.

      Reaching out her hand,
           Get up she said.
                        I took her hand,
                                              Got up and went again.
The most valuable lesson, I've ever learnt :)
Apr 2019 · 235
Max Vale Apr 2019
I am hypnotised,
In those perfect pools of blue.
When I look into your eyes,
There's no one as beautiful like you.
Mar 2019 · 123
Max Vale Mar 2019
Baby please take all my love,
You know what you've got to do.
Moments with you I can't get enough,
So meet me at our rendezvous.
Max Vale Mar 2019
Why you gotta be so beautiful?
There's a sparkle in your eye.
Like a diamond in the sky,
You make me feel so alive.
Mar 2019 · 97
Wishing To Be Free
Max Vale Mar 2019
It's a path we walk,
Whenever we feel alone.
When we don't want to talk,
But just want to go home.

When it rains,
It rains on me.
The wind pains,
It hurts to be me.

I hate the cold,
Yet it loves me.
It always loves to hold,
Tight, surrounding me.

I wish I was better,
That I didn't have to be me.
My life's so bitter,
I wish that I was free.
Its a cold world out there
Feb 2019 · 144
Call Me
Max Vale Feb 2019
You say I'm depressed,
I've changed, I'm lonely.
If that's the problem,
Then why don't you call me?
Feb 2019 · 95
I'll Come Home
Max Vale Feb 2019
Remember when I told you,
That there will always be hope.
Remember when I told you,
To hold onto the rope.

Remember when I told you,
The road was long.
Remember when I told you,
To please stay strong.

Remember when I told you,
You'd never be alone.
Remember that I've promised,
That'll I'll come home.
Im coming home
Feb 2019 · 191
She's Keepin' Me Alive
Max Vale Feb 2019
She's the song that keeps me alive,
She's the reason why I don't wanna die.
She always warms my heart.
I'm prayin' we'll never be apart.
Feb 2019 · 138
See You One Last Time
Max Vale Feb 2019
Will pay everything,
To see you one last time.
But heaven takes nothing,
Not even the biggest bribe.
Its been a while Lacy, I love you
Jan 2019 · 58
Max Vale Jan 2019
We took a Polaroid,
I put it next to my heart.
So no matter where we go,
We'll never be apart.
Nov 2018 · 101
Max Vale Nov 2018
Melancholy song,
Delivers to the heart.
Nothing is worse,
Than having to part.
Sep 2018 · 76
Storm Rising
Max Vale Sep 2018
The storm is rising,

A maleficent beast.

The end is coming,

Time for darkness to feast.
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