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On the brink,
Of the morning.
If it's too cold,
Let me know.
Even the sky moans,
When it wants to be left alone.

Going so far away,
Like you're not coming back.
Like a rising cloud,
Don't forget you cry.
Like a black thorn rose,
Her beauty shows.

Riding along,
Towards sunset.
Pass the cliff,
Of no return.
Down towards the beach,
She's just out of reach.

Tides coming in,
Moon begins to rise.
White sail at sea,
Following the sun.
When you go everything turns to grey,
Don't leave me take a second and stay.
May 3 · 312
Maybe It'll Be OK
Max Vale May 3
Maybe I'll feel sorrow,
Maybe it'll be OK.
Maybe when I wake up tomorrow,
I won't feel this way.
Apr 30 · 63
Max Vale Apr 30
Life is a peach,
On these streets of California.
When you hit the beach,
I'll be sure to be waiting for ya.
Cali X
Max Vale Apr 19
Thank you,
       For hurting me.
                 Thank you,
                      For setting me free.
Apr 9 · 36
Get Up & Go Again
Max Vale Apr 9
There was once a girl,
               Who taught me many things,
To love the earth,
                    And count my blessings.

Once I was broken,
                    Beyond repair.
   I laid on the floor,
                           Full of despair.

       She walked by me,
                 I thought she'd pick me up.
     But she said to me,
                          Get the **** up.

She didn't give me a hand,
              She didn't help me at all.
She just made sure I got back up,
                           That was all.

             So I sat there,
Sobbing and crying.
Like a little baby,
                                  Moaning and whining.

            She said to me,
Why do you cry little one?
                                 There are bigger battles,
To be fought and one.

               Hearing her words,
Made me get back on my feet.
               I said no more,
I disliked defeat.

               She smiled at me at last,
Knowing she'd taught me right.
     To never give up,
                           Without a fight.

      Reaching out her hand,
           Get up she said.
                        I took her hand,
                                              Got up and went again.
The most valuable lesson, I've ever learnt :)
Apr 2 · 185
Max Vale Apr 2
I am hypnotised,
In those perfect pools of blue.
When I look into your eyes,
There's no one as beautiful like you.
Mar 29 · 57
Max Vale Mar 29
Baby please take all my love,
You know what you've got to do.
Moments with you I can't get enough,
So meet me at our rendezvous.
Max Vale Mar 23
Why you gotta be so beautiful?
There's a sparkle in your eye.
Like a diamond in the sky,
You make me feel so alive.
Mar 2 · 80
Wishing To Be Free
Max Vale Mar 2
It's a path we walk,
Whenever we feel alone.
When we don't want to talk,
But just want to go home.

When it rains,
It rains on me.
The wind pains,
It hurts to be me.

I hate the cold,
Yet it loves me.
It always loves to hold,
Tight, surrounding me.

I wish I was better,
That I didn't have to be me.
My life's so bitter,
I wish that I was free.
Its a cold world out there
Feb 23 · 123
Call Me
Max Vale Feb 23
You say I'm depressed,
I've changed, I'm lonely.
If that's the problem,
Then why don't you call me?
Feb 14 · 62
I'll Come Home
Max Vale Feb 14
Remember when I told you,
That there will always be hope.
Remember when I told you,
To hold onto the rope.

Remember when I told you,
The road was long.
Remember when I told you,
To please stay strong.

Remember when I told you,
You'd never be alone.
Remember that I've promised,
That'll I'll come home.
Im coming home
Feb 8 · 169
She's Keepin' Me Alive
Max Vale Feb 8
She's the song that keeps me alive,
She's the reason why I don't wanna die.
She always warms my heart.
I'm prayin' we'll never be apart.
Feb 1 · 121
See You One Last Time
Max Vale Feb 1
Will pay everything,
To see you one last time.
But heaven takes nothing,
Not even the biggest bribe.
Its been a while Lacy, I love you
Jan 9 · 43
Max Vale Jan 9
We took a Polaroid,
I put it next to my heart.
So no matter where we go,
We'll never be apart.
Nov 2018 · 74
Max Vale Nov 2018
Melancholy song,
Delivers to the heart.
Nothing is worse,
Than having to part.
Sep 2018 · 50
Storm Rising
Max Vale Sep 2018
The storm is rising,

A maleficent beast.

The end is coming,

Time for darkness to feast.
Sep 2018 · 56
Tear Shed
Max Vale Sep 2018
Not every tear shed,
Will receive sympathy.
Not every single death,      
Will go down in history.
Aug 2018 · 159
Brace for Fall
Max Vale Aug 2018
Slow setting sun,
The night's beginning to crawl.
I guess summer's done,
Brace for fall.
Aug 2018 · 600
Max Vale Aug 2018
Glorious hills,
Hall of fame.
Cheap thrills,
God of the Game.

How did I get here?

Shipwrecked boat,
Undiscovered land.
Sore throat,
Parched and bland.

It came from above,
Woken by the sun.
By the sight of a dove,
My training begun.

I fought beasts,
I ran till I could run no more,
I challenged chiefs,
I won the war.

My ordeal had not ended,
It had literally just begun.
My road was not apprehended,
By myself or anyone.

I surfed waves,
I braved the whirlpool.
I plunged into the ocean caves,
To recover the infamous jewel.

I climbed the mountain,
Silent and still.
At the peak lay a fountain,
Ready to spill.

The water enlightened me,
I was ready to fight.
Nothing could stop me,
As I flew into the night.

At long last I was home,
Captain's armband.
In this very stadium dome,
I will create history by my very own hand.
Aug 2018 · 192
Max Vale Aug 2018
I was brought here by a star,
One that I had rode on from afar.
Here on this planet called "Earth",
Was destined to be my hearth.
Millenniums folded,
The Earth moulded.
From a barren plain,
To the Earth we see today.
Then I met Man.
Gone were the forests,
Replaced by cities.
Gone were the creatures,
Who had no say.
Man was not evil,
Man had good intentions.
Shame that the life of one race,
Mattered more than the life of others.
Earth, my home.
A friend I used to know,
A girl I used to love.
Now I'm faded.
Jul 2018 · 73
Stormy Waves
Max Vale Jul 2018
The storm is coming,
You can run but cannot hide.
You better start running,
Cuz this is a wave you cannot ride.
Max Vale Jul 2018
The vans on the interstate
they go real slow, they go real slow
the vans on the interstate
20 MPH below, 20 MPG below
the limit

I'm too fast for this road,
There's nowhere I can't go.
I'm free I carry no load,
Speed limit? No.

The vannies are nannies
don't ya know, don't ya know
vannies are nannies
really slow, really slow
it really is
no secret

Time goes quickly,
Soon it'll go below.
But life's too quick,
For me to go slow.

I'm not sure they
comprehend, comprehend
really not sure they understand
either GMC, or Chevrolet
whether GMC, or Chevrolet
being the clot
in the road

Embrace the speed while you can,
Before you blink.
It'll disappear,
Before you can think.
Max Vale Jun 2018
Anger, Love and Hate,
Binds me as a person.
Sadness, Joy, Afraid,
Helps me or worsens.
My soul is held in strings,
Pulled by emotions.
But I'm not the only one feeling things.

One is not alone with these blinding things. My heart aches from the controlling effect of empty emotion.
But one such only reminds, the sorrow I feel when my heart stops.

When my heart stops,
My brain puts on the brakes.
My mind begins to jump and hop,
Because I can't grasp this.
My resources are empty,
My emotions are down.
See you in a while heaven,
My emotions make me drown.

I feel like nothing,
Like my mind is losing something.
I can't never tell what they are, I try to chase my feeling but they're simply too far.
My emotions are to fragile and weak, I'm slowly losing my mind... I'm at my peak.

I feel nothing,
I see nothing.
I can do nothing.
Duet! :)
May 2018 · 78
United By Blood
Max Vale May 2018
Growing together,
United by blood.
Awaiting the weather,
To bless us with a flood.
May 2018 · 74
Max Vale May 2018
Malefic gunner,
Limits she don't know.
Temperamental runner,
Legendary Hero.
May 2018 · 73
Cold Water
Max Vale May 2018
Bone dry ice,
Ocean's daughter.
No other paradise,
Like deep cold water,
Apr 2018 · 135
Max Vale Apr 2018
You're my thunder,
I'm your lightning.
We fear nothing.
Apr 2018 · 95
God You're Beautiful
Max Vale Apr 2018
Roses are red,
Your eyes are a perfect blue.
God they're so gorgeous,
I think I'm in love with you.
Mar 2018 · 95
Winter Is Here
Max Vale Mar 2018
When the rain comes,
And the oceans turns.
The flood decides to run,
And the hurricane burns.

The snowstorms hit,
The cold bites harsh.
The terrain submits,
To the frost that always leave last.

Surviving hot coals,
Perish under the onslaught.
From when the snow falls,
No life is untouched by the assault.

Upon this white hot snow,
The terrain buried under a blanket.
Across these fields we go,
of this unrecognizable planet.

Alas my hands are freezing,
The cold has infected the air.
No warmth is displeasing,
Oh look winter's here.
Mar 2018 · 149
Max Vale Mar 2018
Walking down these folded roads,
Alone, Alone, Alone.
Wishing there was somewhere to go,
Home, Home, Home.

Darkness is the only road I know,
Alone, Alone, Alone.
Graveyard of broken dreams I follow,
Home, Home, Home.

No kindness I've seen just remorse,
Alone, Alone, Alone.
Depart from this life I,
Go, Go, Go
Mar 2018 · 178
Max Vale Mar 2018
Here we go!
Everybody gets high sometimes ya know?
What else can we do when we're feeling low?
Thunder feel the thunder,
Lightning and the thunder.
She said where d'ya wanna go, how much you wanna risk
I'm not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts.
I hate you I love you,
I hate that I want you.
Hey mama don't stress your mind,
We ain't coming home tonight.
Theres a hope just waiting for you in the dark,
You should know you're beautiful just the way you are.
If we go down then we go down together,
They say we can do anything they'll say that I was clever.
I've been running with the wolves,to get to you, to get to you
I've been down the darkest alleys, saw the dark side of the moon
To get to you, to get to you.
'Cause baby now we got bad blood,
You know it used to be mad love.
Ooh, look what you made me do
Look what you made me do.
Are you ready for it?
Feb 2018 · 253
Broken Hopes
Max Vale Feb 2018
Everyone had dreams once,
Everyone had loved once.
We all sat upon the fence once,
We all come off the bench once.

We all belonged once,
We all cried once,
We all laughed once,
We all lived once.

We were all alone once,
We should have kept dreaming.
When you awake you have to choose your path,
Broken hopes, reality is harsh.
Feb 2018 · 91
Max Vale Feb 2018
They told us we were weak,
Useless, ****.
We were awful and meek,
That was should give up and quit.

But no,
Alone we are raindrops.
Fragile, small,
Together we are an ocean,
Strong, proud.

So don't listen to those,
Who all they do is swear and spit.
Together let us walk forward,
And refuse to ever quit.
Jan 2018 · 133
Max Vale Jan 2018
There's a time when you're lost,
Alone, terrified.
There comes a time when you feel,
Scared and horrified.

Everyone goes through these phases,
Yet not everyone makes it out alive.
There are some impossible stages,
Wait a little while, and see it resolve in time.

So if you're ever down,
Depressed and tainted,
Take a knee,
And tie up your laces.
Jan 2018 · 310
Max Vale Jan 2018
Every life matters,
Every life is worth living.
Give life your all,
And maybe you'll achieve something.

Treasure the little things,
As much as the big things.
Love yourself,
And see what life  brings.

Live your life with no regret,
Don't stop to think.
Don't be afraid of any threat,
Because life will go by like a blink.
Jan 2018 · 464
Love Yourself
Max Vale Jan 2018
You're not always what people think you are,
You're not always what you think you are.
But time will take you to different places,
And the world will untie like your laces.

But you can keep tying yourself together,
Hold on to yourself.
One man with the correct attitude,
Can move a whole mountain of solitude.

Yes, You will always fall,
Yes, You might fail.
Yes, You might be rejected,
But who knows, maybe you'll prevail.

It takes one step,
For the whole world to change.
So keep in good health,
And keep loving yourself
Jan 2018 · 302
Max Vale Jan 2018
Look up at the sky.
How many stars do you count?
Are you sitting there lazing,
Looking up and stargazing?

Draw a constellation,
Let your imagination run wild.
Is that an angel I see,
Or is it a child?

The stars can be anything,
You can be too.
Embrace everything,
Then life will embrace you.
Dec 2017 · 198
Word Chain
Max Vale Dec 2017
History, Philosophy,
Fame, Fortune, Glory,
Chaos, Disaster, Spent.
Yellow, Blue, Black.
Void, Killer, Murderer.
Lazy, Incompetent, Slack,
Traveler, Explorer.
Master, Lord, Supreme.
Pleasant, Jolly.
Fit, Strong, Lean.
Bluebell,Daisy, Poppy.
Tranquil,Serene, Calm,
Ocean, River, Lake.
Oak, Birch, Palm,
Steal, Grasp , Take.
Dec 2017 · 111
Hold On Pain Ends
Max Vale Dec 2017
Darkness is the absence of light,
Defeat is the absence of pride.
Chaos is the absence of right,
Insanity is the absence of mind.

There will always be a battlefield,
Full of chaos and lies.
Don't be afraid,
A hero will rise.

The hero is abstract,
It can't really be seen.
But the hero can be felt,
And provides a shoulder to lean.

The hero has a sword,
And from the ashes it will ascend.
Stronger than any lord,
All pain will end.

We all take little things for granted,
But they mean the most to us.
A blade of emotion,
Strikes harder than one of steel.

God gave us a gift,
And from the  heavens it will descend.
The greatest gift of all tells us,
**Hold On All Pain Will End.
The hero is called Hope :) Hence the title :P
Dec 2017 · 168
I Ain't Giving Up On You
Max Vale Dec 2017
We haven't got long left,
Our time here is limited.
We may have never met,
But I'm glad we did.

You may have given up,
On life itself.
Why should you?
When you haven't fought that battle yourself?

I am here today,
Because of who  was yesterday.
What you are tomorrow,
Is what you make of today.

So I ask you once more,
Do you want to die too?
Because until then I don't,
Cuz I ain't giving up on you.
Dec 2017 · 165
Burn Up The Sky
Max Vale Dec 2017
Storm in a bottle,
Hurricane at large.
Winds at full throttle,
Blizzard hits harsh.

Feel the music in your heart,
Feel the beat of the drums.
Let your outer shell tear apart,
And your inner spirit hum.

Unleash your beast,
Fireworks at ready.
Soul unleashed,
Soldier's steady.

Together we will thrive,
We will not die but survive.
So roar your battle cry,
And let's burn up the sky.
Let your anger spark passion and your passion spark victory :)
Dec 2017 · 552
Sky High
Max Vale Dec 2017
You can't always play in the little league,
There are bigger ones out there.
You can't always win everything,
There's harder challenges out there.

So don't be afraid to climb the ladder,
Of glory, honor and fame.
You ain't gonna get better,
Sitting around all day.

The mountain is too tall,
So let's take it once step at a time.
The risk is to fall,
So let's continue our climb.

Once you're up,
Don't look down.
The greatest of all will fall,
Sink and drown.

So goodbye to the little leagues,
And prepare to die.
Rebirth yourself once more,
And say hello to the sky high.
The best way to live is to die first. Once you have, you can do anything.
The sky high is waiting.
Dec 2017 · 197
We Go Drowning Together
Max Vale Dec 2017
Seashell shores,
Ocean blue waves.
Dancing fires,
Lustful airwaves.

We go through the woods,
We go through the river.
We go down the deepest lake,
Till we're lost and gone away.

We know we cant stay up,
The only way we can go is down.
Once your fears have gone away,
And you're sitting by the sundown.

I don't care what people say,
Just survive another day.
And then once you do,
**We Can Go Drowning Together
No one is going down alone. If you're going down i'm coming with you. At the end of the day guess I'll see you all in ****. I don't care at least we're together.
Dec 2017 · 408
Legends Never Die
Max Vale Dec 2017
When the fighting is fierce,
And all hope it lost.
No help is near,
Heavy cost.

Let your passion ignite,
And heart burn.
Pride relight,
And stomachs turn.

The storm is calling,
The dragon is awakening.
So let out your battle cry,
*Because Legends Never Die.
Legends never die, they live in our hearts and stories for eternity.
Dec 2017 · 548
Max Vale Dec 2017
God did not give us wings,
So we could build our own.
He did not give us many things,
As he wanted us to discover alone.

My wings I have built,
Are a blessing.
From the guy up there's,
eternal loving.

So I wear my wings with pride,
I soar over the skies.
I skim over the tide,
And embrace the ocean's cry.

The Sun comes up,
I feel his radiance.
The clouds float by,
As I dance.
Dec 2017 · 289
Max Vale Dec 2017
Life is always rewarding,
The rewards just take time.
You can accomplish anything,
If you have a go and try.

So no matter the times I slip,
No matter the times I fall.
Life is always worth the trip,
Climbing over the wall.

You can throw me to the wolves,
You can throw me off the track.
But in time I will return,
And I'll be leading the pack.
There is an old saying "Throw me to the wolves and I will return leading the pack"
Dec 2017 · 90
If I Could Be Anything
Max Vale Dec 2017
I know it's going to be a long day,
So i brought my ukulele.
Let me sing you a song,
One of beauty and glee.

If I could be anything,
You asked me.
If you could whatever,
What would you be?

Baby I'll be your blanket at night,
I'll keep you warm till the morning light.
Baby I'll be your novella,
Your beloved Cinderella.

Baby I'll be your boat,
Struggling just to keep you afloat.
Baby I'll be your muse,
When you've got those blues.

Baby I'll be those fireflies,
And all those butterflies.
Baby I'll do anything,
To give you everything.
Dec 2017 · 113
Here's To Adventure
Max Vale Dec 2017
We all don't belong on this world,
It takes us a while to settle in.
But alas once we have I am told,
The future brings more in.

So don't be afraid to let go,
Don't let your joy become sorrow.
For once you have courage to lose the shore,
You'll have the bravery to cross.

Life is short,
So lets see all its splendor.
Raise your torch,
And say hello to new adventures.
Get outta of there, Raise your cups cuz this is to new adventures
Nov 2017 · 224
You Are Not (Never) Alone
Max Vale Nov 2017
Life is about walking,
Not always in a straight line.
But always pushing,
The limits of your time.

Most people run,
From the wolves.
Most people hide,
From the toughs.

However life give us an option,
To take or challenge this alone.
Thanks to other's collaboration,
May we triumph over this cyclone.

No matter the winded paths,
No matter the unforgiving hearts.
May the path give birth,
To those long forgotten laughs.

So let's reach out to those in need,
And warm those hearts of stone.
Whatever this life heeds,
Remember you are never alone.
Max Vale Nov 2017
Banished to an island,
Of desertion and isolation.
Running form the wolves,
Of fear and alienation.

The ghosts still haunt me,
The lions still hunt me.
All in hope that I lose,
Then **** breaks loose.

Broken, hurt
Hopeless, lost,

I'm on my own on this island,
I've got loads of things to fear.
But I will always look to the future,
For the light that shines is always here.
Stay strong
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