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B L Costello May 1
We all are made to break,
Who knows when,
That separation starts,
As soon as you bend,
Perhaps you changed your mind,
People often do,
Or maybe you just turned,
And saw a different view,
I guess it does not matter,
We all make mistakes,
Nothing’s ever perfect,
We all are made to break
B L Costell©2020
B L Costello Apr 23
I am scared,
I am confused,
my heart is crying,
I am not afraid of going broke,
I am afraid of dying,
But how I miss your face,
A mask cannot hide beautiful,
I wish you would have worn it,
We can’t even have a funeral
B L Costello ©2020
I don't know how to feel. I feel awful. True story
B L Costello Apr 21
It’s not about you,
It’s not about me
It’s that f** virus covid-19
I don’t want to miss you.
I already do,
But I know I will see you when this is through
“It could peek again”,
Some experts expect,
I already spent that stimulus check,
But a nation divided,
Is sure to fall,
So, stay home and cook dinner,
They closed the mall,
There are so many things we can do without,
And we can save the world right from our couch
I apologize for the language. That's really not me, but I have such disdain for this thing. The growing division on this issue, is terrifying.
B L Costello Apr 8
Social distance,
Stay in the house!
All that changes,
The shape of my couch,
I ate all  my snacks,
They went too quick,
Tonight, I'll binge more netflix,
I don't dare complain,
Thank God....I am fine,
God bless Cuomo and our frontline.
Sigh, I have no business being scared when I look around and see how it is for others.  Lets hang in there gang.
B L Costello Apr 4
Social distance,
Staying inside,
I don’t have a fever,
I am drunk and I am high,
God, help us!
Forgive my addiction,
But life feels like science fiction,
I don’t really know how much I can stand,
Between naps....I play Rocket Man,
The numbers increase,
We're losing the pace,
I am never going to touch my face

©B L Costello 2020
B L Costello Apr 2
Is it a lesson or is it a test?
I am unstudied,
But I try my best,
And you so smart,
Life is not fair,
You already know I am unprepared.
©B L Costello 2020
B L Costello Mar 17
The world so turned away from his love,
I have to wonder,
Is this the “Flood”?
Karma reminds,
The is no end,
“What comes around goes around, again“,
That being said,
Who could dare say?
Is the Savior here?
Is this judgement day?
Depending on your sentiment,
It could be old testament,
The decision alone makes me age,
Its just a virus,
Its not the plaque
©B L Costello 2020
Strange days indeed.  There is meaning to everything.  We need to think about what the meant to all of this is.
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