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B L Costello Oct 2021
Nic the knife,
Mac's little brother,
His daddy is Jack,
Lizzy's his mother,
A born killer,
He'll tear you apart,
Handsome too,
But not as sharp
Lol, getting in the halloween spirit
B L Costello Oct 2021
Everyone’s begging for armageddon  
They all want to see the blood,
Punish them all
Lock them up
But all we need is love
It’s not about ***,
It not about baby’s
**** his ring
No one can save me
Nobody sees behind my mask
Or touches me without a glove
We are all becoming senseless
And all we need is love
B L Costello Oct 2021
I wanted to work,
But business was slow,
My boss left six months ago,
So the job I loved and the place just changed,
I pulled up my mask,
Nothing's the same,
I hate interviewing  
They can't see my face,
“10 years...and you just left the place?”,
As if it was all for my enjoyment,
”Over a year, you we're on unemployment?”
I just feel judged,
I'm still not well,
3 months….I still can't smell,
“We'll call you”,
Did he smiled?
He did sound cordial…..
God help me survive the
New Normal

Forgive my rant, but my whole life has changed. I miss so many people. I hope the two-part conversation was expressed well please be kind I appreciate you all
B L Costello Oct 2021
The music was much more,
When you had nothing to say
So, whether I read or not,
I interpreted anyway,
How such a thrill it was,
Amazed I sat in the dark
So many shades of gray!
Then talkies broke our hearts

Yes, I was born late!  But some of my fondest childhood memories included going to the public library with my mom to watch free silent films.  NOSFERATU,  METROPOLIS, I am still a kid I'm still hooked on the Integrity of these masterpieces
B L Costello Sep 2021
My muse does tickle,
I cannot deny,
but she does not stop…until I cry,
so I try to be happy,
I want to be free,
but then I miss her,
touching me,
With  a tear in my eye,
I reach for my pen,
begging for her to touch me again

Nope, I dont speak French!  Lol, but I could not resist the word play merci and the suggestion of gratefulness and to spare. Hope you'll forgive
B L Costello Jun 2021
You're on camera,
They know who you are,
They know what you did,
and where you park your car,
and it's all been written,
so you better read your script,
Because big brother is watching,
And God is getting ******,
So smile,
We're all pretty,
They know who you are,
Hero or villain,
Baby you're a star
B L Costello Jun 2021
As if it had something to prove,
It stayed right there,
It did not move,
And I kept coming,
Expecting  the best,
I could have missed it!
I failed that test,
I just kept going,
it went too far,
I’ll  dry my tears,
and I'll wash my car,
I never meant it to come to this
An accident or a death wish?
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