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maddie Dec 2019
to anyone searching
for a sign to stay strong
well here it is
so keep holding on
maddie Dec 2019
if i gave myself
even half of the love i give you
i would be so happy
and confident too
maddie Dec 2019
i have the tendency
to accept the pain
just to keep you from leaving
and not return again

it breaks my heart
and i take it all
even when i know
i should not feel this small
maddie Dec 2019
words that leave you feeling sore
are as simple as
"I don't love you anymore"
maddie Nov 2019
i know you lied about your forbidden love
had to remove me to have her
broke my heart without restraint
hard to believe i loved a liar
maddie Oct 2019
he says i love you, sometimes.
i'm not sure if he means it.
i want to feel loved.
i did.
for a while.
but he still loves her.
i'm not her.
i just wish i was enough for him.
maddie Oct 2019
i try to make it look like i'm okay but i'm lying
and no one sees through the smile and sees that i'm crying
i keep pretending that things are fine
i can't keep walking this line

why can't you see i'm broken
#broken #line #lying #cry #smile
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