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 May 30 maddie
Why do I put myself
through a living hell
for people who won't share
even one piece of their heaven?
 Jan 19 maddie
 Jan 19 maddie
she is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.
 Jan 2019 maddie
moon child
Turn the lights on.
At the human form.

See the body
See the curves
See the imperfections

Turn the lights on.
Look at me.
 Jan 2019 maddie
 Jan 2019 maddie
You’re licking your lips
And you’re loosening your collar
And I’m trying not to feel like the world is ending
 Jan 2019 maddie
i needed to be closer
but the clothes between our beings forbid us
 Jan 2019 maddie
Grace Spellman
i go to funerals
without shedding a single tear
i've looked the devil in the eyes
and i've been touched by demons
i've died inside so many times
and bled out more than i count
and you think
i care what you may think of me?
you're mistaken, dear.
Don't wait until Halloween
To make her scream
Not from fear
But for more.
 Sep 2018 maddie
i was alone
within a crowded room
when it came for me
i could feel it lurking
amongst the deadened souls
and its amber eyes
disguised themselves as comfort
to pierce through my flesh

its hands looked like yours
but embraced my neck
and as they tightened their grasp
its talon fingers
reached towards my flooding eyes
and traced a path down my cheek
carving skin in the pattern of a waterfall

it fastened chains
around my chest
and invisible serpents
slithered their way into my lungs
their vile breath
stealing the air within them

and as my nails began to dig
to hide from the monster
buried beneath my skin
the indolent world around me
gave no second glance
for my screams were silent

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