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 Jul 2015 Love
And still,
You are interwoven,
Ingrained into my very thoughts.
Trying out 10 word poems
 Jul 2015 Love
Mahdiya Patel
~ I am chaos and I will ****** your tranquility.
~ I am drugs and I will cause you to feel withdrawals.
~ I am love and I will teach you to admire yourself.

~~ I am the perfect balance of the bad and the good this temporal world has to offer.

           NOW LET ME LOVE YOU.
 Jul 2015 Love
 Jul 2015 Love
Don't fall in love with a girl who writes
Don't fall for her words that she calls
A song.
Don't fall in love with what she uses as an outlet for all who has done her wrong.

Don't fall in love with a girl that spews her emotions on a paper.
All of her poems will be about you. You and.
Only You.
Don't fall for her seemingly pretty words that in reality tear through flesh like a bayonet.  

Don't fall for this girl who writes.  
Don't tell her about your thoughts that keep you awake at night
Your conflicting emotions of do I text her or not?!

Don't tell her how you feel

Don't tell her anything...

Anything that you tell her
She already knows.
This girl who writes only writes for you.
This girl who vowed never to fall
Has already fallen for you.
Her fragile heart betrayed her and a million unspoken promises.

She vowed never ever to fall for a boy that she can't call
At 4 in the morning with a cheesy pick up line in mind
She vowed never ever to fall at all.

Don't fall for anything or anyone at all.
Everything that falls only gets shattered into a million
Little pieces.
 Jul 2015 Love
 Jul 2015 Love
You know his favourite smell,
The colour of his eyes when he’s happy,
The curve of his lips with each emotion he feels.
You know him on the inside and out.

He only knows you in the dark.
He knows only the shadow of your bones
The dip of your waist,
The curve of your legs wrapped around his.
He’s mapped out his favourite places to caress,
He’s marked it as his.
Only. His.

You know him.
You know his breath on your neck,
You know his words in your ears,
You know his short breath on your stomach ,
And the feel of his hair.

But you don’t know his gentle touch…
Only his bruising fingers...
You know nothing of his sweet words,
Only the profanity's and curses
You know the purple on your skin,
But you've never felt his burning, lingering touch.

You've always been an escape ;
A Fantasy.
you know you deserve to be a reality.
 May 2015 Love
another elegy
 May 2015 Love
he kissed me and left
a hollow taste in my mouth,
one that reminded me
of the smell of cigarettes.

I tried to write
an epic poem once
but there were no

me, I feel brave
when I get out of bed
in the morning.

"you can't do this anymore"
he said
"you're taking on too much"

"I'm fine"
I said
"you're not"
he said

"you're fighting a war."


"I don't care that you're winning look what it's doing to you."

I got up with the alarm tomorrow
and got dressed in black
and it's all I had time for.

did ophelia drown herself or was she
and who
and can
when all else is dying

in my head faces were screaming
screaming why wouldn't it stop
something inside me wanted to
climb outside and crawl through my eyes
only to be burned by daylight.

the sun is too bright for me these days

I am
a goldfish
in a desert.

he kissed me and I couldn't breathe
but not
good way.
 May 2015 Love
Christopher Black
Tell me what has happened
To the love we used to share
Why did you just let me go
Like you never even cared

Tell me whats been trampling
Through your georgous mind
When you close your eyes
Is it my face you find..

Tell me what has changed
In the days of your retreat
Do you feel victorious
Over my hearts defeat?

Tell me do you love me..
Do reciprocate my pain
When its bright and sunny
Does your reality rain

I'll tell you what has happened
Since you walked away
Mt heart still beats for you
Even though its been betrayed

I'll tell you whats been eating me
Drilling through my head
Its sleeping on the couch
Because I still feel you in my bed

Don't tell me that your sorry
Because its what I want to hear
Don't come back looking
Baby cause I will not be here.
 May 2015 Love
life as many roads we all have to take
which road will we travel  which road will we take
we must take the right one from the very start
decide which one is best and follow with your heart.

take each step with care steady as you go
never try to rush take it nice and slow
the road of life  is one.   that we have to take
the outcome of its journey is up to to you to make
 May 2015 Love
 May 2015 Love
I don't want to own you
I just want to love you
The most important thing when learning to love rationally.
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