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 May 2015 Love
I ache for the ocean
I long for the sea

I desire for the coast
the shore
the sand
I crave for the tide
the current
the rip

I ache for the ocean
I long for the sea

I yearn for the reef
the deep
the bed
I hunger for the swim
the surf
the dive

I ache for the ocean
I long for the sea

I bleed
I breathe
I live
for the waters
the horizon can see.
 May 2015 Love
Paramount Pawn
 May 2015 Love
Paramount Pawn
Instead of hiding in this place of nothingness
Let's go run to a place of brightness
A place we can have fun
Particularly, under the sun
Maybe have love blossom
Love is also awesome
But let's keep running
And never stop smiling
 May 2015 Love
palak aggarwal
And after loosing those 100 of friends ,
I had not cried a single tear
because I realized that they created place for the
one who is worth more than 100 friends .
 May 2015 Love
 May 2015 Love
When you feel like you're drowning,
Sinking into the deep,
Darling, don't you dare utter a scream.
Don't call out his name, her name, or any name at all.
Fight, darling.
Swim up, up, up.
Push yourself.
But don't you dare count on anyone else.

They won't come running,
They won't risk their safety for yours.
Oh, darling,
Don't be naive,
There is no white horse or a brave, manly knight.
It's all fairytales to help you sleep tight.

They don't exist sweetie,
None of them do.
They don't really cherish you.
They don't know the value of a diamond,
Not unless it was on display to the world.

Remain chaste my sweet,
You're not just a stop on the way, my dear.
You're a destination
They aren't worth even one single tear.
 May 2015 Love
 May 2015 Love
If I ever wrote romantic poetry, it would go something like this,

He told me he loved me,
That he saw stars in my eyes,
He told me that green was his favourite colour,
Until his eyes met mine.
He told me he’d never seen a smile
Quite as beautiful as mine;
That just looking at me could stop time.
He said that he loves me,
Loves me more and more everyday,
Tells me that I absolutely take his breath away.
he said he'd never believed in love till he laid his eyes on me,
Never thought his heart could skip a million beats.

The thing with romantic poetry is,
That none of this,
Not even he
Is real.
 May 2015 Love
 May 2015 Love
How could a muscle,
The size of a fist,
Be the cause of all this.

How could a *****,
So small,
Cause this big of a brawl.

How could that small, red
Be what drove us apart.

How could something so futile,
Make my whole body burn
With your touch that
Lingered on my arm.

The tingling sensation
of your Lips on mine,
brings me back to a happier time.

It’s funny how
all this pain caused
By this worthless pump,
was the one that caused my whole body to shiver when you touched me last.
The two sides of the spectrum
I experienced.

Yet I can’t pick up the million pieces
of this muscle the size of my fist.
It’s broken and can never be fixed.
 May 2015 Love
Christal Tan
I always wonder
why people loved fetching eyes
instead of deep souls.
 May 2015 Love
mannley collins
One Son of 'god'
Kills another Son of "god"
and the bombs explode in the 'side of the bog'.
Let me tell you brothers
I can feel it in my groin
there are strange goings on in Old Ardoyne.
Were ringing in freedom sings the Fighting man.
Mr Politician gonna put you in a Can.
Mr soldier boy you better go to bed.
Wake up in the morning with a hole in your head.
Verse from a song (unrecorded)that I wrote in the middle 1960s when the IRA(Irish Republican Army) and the British Army of Occupation in Northern Ireland were fighting each other on the blood drenched streets of Belfast and many other places elsewhere in Northern Ireland.
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