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Lilly Gibbons Jun 2018
In Descartes reading misery, contemplating life.
letting go is torture, keep momentum rife.
Seek out the pro's that teach the winning game,
searching for bragging rights, craving all the fame,
Nobody stops to calculate as words tear and multiply,
yearning for the screens real truth, never asking why,
the bumps in narrow roads deepen, crawling closer to the curve,
are pedestrians ready, have they rehearsed how to serve?
Lilly Gibbons Sep 2017
Open if i never wake from the deepest dreams of more,
Open if I give up, succomb to a roaring seashore,
Open if my eyes give way to darkness, where is the light.
Open if my arms fling down, i have given up the fight.
Open if time passes without a murmur, a wanting or a tune,
Open if I run, I hide, seek solace in the flashing moon.
Open if you no longer feel a yearning for a place in the world.
Open if there are no sounds or encouragement to be heard.
Open if it's hard to swallow, the pain, striking right at the chord.
Open if when the rain stops beating, you still can't find the words.
Open if your mind stops wondering, where and when and how?
Open if the door stays locked through bangs and knocks and rows.
Open if I begin to forget all of my manners, my ways.
Open if we're no longer placing photos in frames, of the better days.
Open if all friends have walked by and you find yourself alone.
Open if worry takes centre stage, know that I'll eventually come home.
Lilly Gibbons Sep 2017
Today I thought I died,
A darkness folded around me,
And a spark that once shone bright,
began to lose its flame.
Lilly Gibbons May 2017
Walk a mile in my shoes,
Tell me how it feels.
Do you skip the cracks?
Do you kick the fallen leaves?
Can you read the signs,
placed high above the trees?
Is the sky blue in your eyes?
It's always grey in mine.
Do you ponder time,
passing by in minutes?
Days were longer weren't they?
Now darkness invades hourly.
Take a stroll in my shoes,
give the branches names.
Listen to the traffic moaning,
pick flowers in the Spring.
Yearn to give love freely,
hide that aching smile,
notice that others hurt,
See it in their eyes.
Lilly Gibbons May 2017
A slave, I no longer know of pain,
To easy to succumb,
Wrong you say, it's not a game.
The battles have begun.

Colonised, we seek the truth,
Anywhere but here,
Slamming, kicking, screaming out.
Not knowing what we fear.

Beating keys, an ant-like tune.
Peddling, shores awash with debris.
New story, old story, make it count.
No minute wasted, just be.

A loud moan rising to panic,
Who dares make such noise, then delay.
Return to your stations dear slaves.
Be minions, unafraid, decay.

Sip, slurp, be nothing; now chirp.
The clicks will tell time passes.
Cautious of ants being usurped
Lift your head, nod to the masses.

As I bowed to greet the bed,
Strange thoughts began to fade,
The mob that crowded city streets,
Now lost to another day.

And all I can hear are worries,
The sorrows, the cries hanging 'round.
Echos of distant ambitions.
The haunting, those perilous sounds.

It stood in doorways, laughing.
It reached our subconscious states.
Repressed, it pushes those boundaries,
Destroyed, with little fate.

Plenty arise to follow,
Plenty arise to just be,
Plenty leave life behind them,
Not on my time, not me.
Lilly Gibbons Feb 2017
Bend low, feel the tide take a swipe,
Retreat, turn, climb the steps to safety,
Stay, let scattered shells guide the way.
There is hope in blends so rare.
Swirling stumps neatly press into the hardened sand.
Barnicles in shallow waters of the seashore
Attach themselves to emptied crab cases.
We mourn the life inside, lost.
Standing with our backs to the ocean,
Toe tipping a game so sure,
Daring to win, edging closer to the thrill.
There is hope only when we reach our fill.
Lilly Gibbons Jan 2017
There were many who believed in ideals,
Fretting about in their heels,
With bollards and plackards,
They marched and nattered,
All hell they would repeal.

ISIS let rip in the east,
Fear more important than peace,
Assad called the Russians
We heard the percussion,
Aleppo mourned daily deceased.

The climate was caught unawares,
When it realised nobody cares,
The smog came in strong,
Al Gore wasn't wrong,
When people flirt with despair.

Brexit was no laughing matter,
The public blind to what they were after,
Trigger at the ready,
It isn't looking steady,
For a kingdom with too many actors. 

Trump, we thought at first glance,
Didn't have much of a chance,
But Hilary's scandal,
Left the US at a stand still,
Now the world's in Russia's trance.

Farewell to the icons we'll pine,
Our culture was built on their spine,
Prince, Bowie and George,
With legends we forged
The moments that will surpass time.

Ireland became a haven for a few
Pity there wasn't a queue,
With a fight for corporate heads
Banks left dry and bled,
Tech an oligopoly? Who knew.

Aleppo left drenched with no fate,
The little reaction to late,
UN cries unheard,
Media reports blurred.
It's hard to keep up at this rate.

Silicon Valley is offering free food,
to workers becoming robots or goods,
12 hour days,
extraordinary pay,
But with no creativity they're *******!

Sporting greats made their way to the stage,
this year's Olympics causing outrage,
medals were plenty,
seats were empty,
And controversy graced every front page.

Here we go blindfolded into 2017
Only the wealthy living the dream,
while most young folk,
believe politics a joke,
Tell me, is it time for a new regime?
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