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Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
He stands on the edge,
Looking at the world in front of him.
He takes a deep breath
And slowly, he steps off.
He's falling to the world below.
He gently touches the ground.
He looks up,
And feels the rush run through his body.
He closes his eyes and let's the fresh air touch his face,
And it's where he wants to be.
I don't know. Just something I wrote this morning. It's rough and needs work. Just felt like sharing.
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
Every time you open up,
People never look at you the same.
They see you as if you're insane.
You have to be careful now
Who you open up to.
Because the people you think will stay,
Are always the first ones to walk away.
But don't be discouraged, my friend.
I won't walk away,
I'm here to stay.
I don't know what you're going through,
But I sure as hell know I'm here for you.
Through the highs and the lowest lows,
If you feel like you want to go,
Just you remember this:
I care about you, I truly do.
Let me hug you tight
With all my might.
Wipe away those tears,
have no fear.
You know I'm always near.
You know I'm always here.
Don't go.
If you ever feel like leaving, know there's always someone who cares about you.
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
Standing on the shore,
The water and the sand run
between my toes and under my feet.
I feel the cool breeze kiss my face.
I look out to the horizon,
I think of what's beyond.
That's where I want to go.
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
For one hundred days, we set sail without as much as one distraction.
But the skies open up,
the waves begin to groan.
The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound,
and a wave broke over the railing.

The lost ship would not float again,
with tattered sails and opening seams,
and deck bestrewn with falling beams,
in the deep ocean it will remain.

I feel your fear and despair.
I was much farther out than you thought.
I scream but nothing, nothing will come out.
You’ve gone too far…..
Another nameless sailor’s ghost lost to the sea.

As the tide just sweeps and sways,
When will I find my way home?
Where is the shore-line?
Will this open water become my tomb?
Whoever told the sun to wake?
And whoever told the moon to clutch the sea?

Alone, yes alone, I may not survive.
The water’s getting so hard to tread
with these waves crashing over my head.
Just a hug could make me feel like I was never alone.
Light rain-drops fall and wrinkle the sea.

I should have known the tides were getting higher.
I will fall asleep,
to close my eyes is to be at sea,
and live eternally, immortally.

There was never any way of going back to the old world with any sort of victory,
or good tidings of new discovery.
At sea I sail in the bellowing gale,
on my way to the end.
I made this a few years ago. This was a lyric poem of lines of songs and poems combined into one poem. Sources:  
Line 1: Sinking Ship by Glamorous Enigma
Line 2: Shipwreck by Mary Weston Fordham
Line 3: Shipwreck by Mary Weston Fordham
Line 4: Sinking Ship by Glamorous Enigma
Line 5: You Took Your Life by Ann Bedford
Line 6: Not Waving but Drowning by Stevie Smith
Line 8: With Ears to see and Eyes to Hear by Sleeping With Sirens (written by Sleeping With Sirens)
Line 9: With Ears to see and Eyes to Hear by Sleeping With Sirens (written by Sleeping With Sirens)
Line 10: The Prodigal by Jamie’s Elsewhere
Line 11: Anchors by The Amity Affliction (written by The Amity Affliction)
Line 12: Lost At Sea by Richard Steinmueller
Line 13: Lost At Sea by Richard Steinmueller
Line 14: Anchors by The Amity Affliction (written by The Amity Affliction)
Line 15: Alone On Sea by Allenika
Line 16: Even the Rain by Agha Shahid Ali
Line 17: Oh How I Miss You by Clara Thompson
Line 18: Souls and Rain-Drops by Sidney Lanier
Line 19: A Prophecy by Asking Alexandria (written by Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria)
Line 20: Don’t Fall Asleep at the Helm by Sleeping With Sirens (written by Sleeping With Sirens)
Line 21: Eternity at Sea by Annie Cordelia Adams
Line 22: Eternity at Sea by Annie Cordelia Adams
Line 23: Treasured Moments by Ron Tranmer
Line 24: Eternity at Sea by Annie Cordelia Adams
Line 25: Lost At Sea by Richard Steinmueller
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
Is this really happening?
My heart sinks to my stomach as I see who walks in.
I can’t bear to look at him.
‘Get me out of here’- I’m trapped.
The flashback begins…
The cut I made deep before it hit the vein,
From a piece of shattered glass from a broken picture frame.
Back in reality, I see his face, it’s so insane!
I had him out of my brain.
But now he’s back,
he’s like a parasite.
I won’t let him in.
That door was slammed long ago.
I won’t let him win.
I see him tall standing there looking at me with a grin.
I see him proud with his non- existent crown.
My vengeance will come through.
‘I’m stronger,
I’m braver,
I’m better than you.’
So I bear a smile on my face,
To show he’s nothing more than a disgrace.
Now I stand tall,
Now I stand proud, with my non- existent crown.
This is an old poem I made some years back. Wanted to share it.
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
You look at my arms like you've seen a ghost.
You look back at my face as though
I'm not the same person I was a second ago.
You look down and ask me why.
I simply say,
"Look up at me, let me see your face.
I'm not that person anymore.
Don't shut me out.
Don't walk away.
I'm telling you I am okay.
So, don't worry about me.
Just walk beside me and be my friend."
Jenn Schwartz Mar 2014
Why did you have to pierce your vein,
Only for a momentary high?
Why did poison become the only thing you cared about-
The one thing you let consume you?
And then that day.
That day you drank that pill
That made you blue, made you still.
After all the times we've told you to stop,
Like a record played on endless repeat,
You continued to wear your frail body out.
Maybe it was to escape reality.
Or maybe it was to forget all the bad memories floating in your head,
So you took whatever you could find and laid down on your bed.
Or maybe it was to fill the empty holes in your heart,
But little did you know, it created new ones right from the start.
Little did you know,
We were here to help you.
We were here to hold you.
We were here to listen.
We were here, we were.
Little did you know, your mother was sitting on the porch the day you left,
With an old picture of the better days, wondering how it got this way.
Tears fell down her face as she clenched onto the hat you always wore.
Little did you know, your sister was laying on your bed,
Listening to the breeze out the window,
And remembering your loudest laugh while catching tears in her mouth.
Little did you know, your dog was sitting on the kitchen floor,
Looking out the back door with the leash in his mouth,
Waiting for you to take him out.
Little did you know, your father was working on his car in the garage,
Trying to cope with a beer and a cigar.
But out peaked the old baseball and your old
Worn mitt from a box on the shelf.
He started to cry because he remembered of the times you played catch With him on the front lawn.
Little did you know, we were all sitting in a circle
On the grass of your favorite place,
Blasting your favorite songs.
I know this isn't the end.
I know wherever we go when we die,
You'll be there to welcome us and say hi,
With that beautiful smile on your face,
Where we'll be young forever
Just like the old times.
Until then,
"See you in another life, brother."

-quote from the show, Lost. Said by the character, Desmond
This is for anyone who's ever lost a friend or someone close to drug abuse.
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