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Trinity Mar 2019
oh how do you see me
the filcke thing i call me

do you see me as i dance?
do you see me as i fly?

can you watch me as i crash
can you watch me as i fall?

will you hear me if i call
will you hear me as i cry

does it hurt to have me around
does it bother you to have me gone

what does my love feel
what does your scorn taste like

oh how do you see me?
but how can I're as fickle as me?
Trinity Mar 2019
Why doth the sky remindith of there?
The moon swollen with my love for thee,
Thy star doth twinkle for thee,
I'd bring the whole sky for thee,
The love I feel is bigger than me.
Trinity Mar 2019
If I ran away.....

How long would it take?
Would your heart break?

Could I ever expect,
That this love that isn't a regret.

Something deeper than this,
Anything more than a kiss?

If I ran away
Would you count the day.

I can't return,
For I have a burn.

A belish on this heart
From the love that is too ****

If I runaway.....
Would you even care, anyway?
Trinity Mar 2019
i see the boy.
the one that runs from me.

the one i can only see
the boy who can't see me

i scream his nameless name in my dreams
why cant he see me?
i can hear him as he speaks

the nameless boy who i cant see
the faceless man who can only see me

i want the man to see me
the illusion of the boy i once was able to see
Trinity Mar 2019
if i could dream the endless dream
the dream of all dreams
the dream that i could feel

in this dream i would dream of sadness
in this dream i would dream of happiness

the endless dream;
i would dream about living
i would dream about pain

in the endless nightmare;
i would think of hope
i would think of dying

in the endless dream i dream
Trinity Mar 2019
to take a love that isn't mine
for I have taken a love that isn't mine

the love I did not want
the love I could not find

I have taken
I have stolen
you have shot you have killed

what is left is only the misery of what we feel
I can't bear to lose what wasn't mine
I can't bear to find what I can't see

I don't know what I should do for the love that wasn't mine
for the heart I've taken
for the way I've shaken
and for the life I've taken

for the love that wasn't mine
and the love I didn't want

— The End —