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Ishita Jan 2016
Salty air,sultry weather
A lone ship sails in blue waters.
Steadily,inch by inch in the suicidal sea
Making its way through the giant sea.
As the sky turns grey,
And the waters turn prey,
It balances n composes itself.
Against all odds,with all lords.
The voyage has begun.
And so has the competition.
Competition-against the mighty blue sea.
Bon Voyage!
Ishita Jan 2016
Personality overshadows beauty.
And with that I kickstart my 2016.
Ishita Dec 2015
Don't be a part of my life.
Be  my  life .
Sickened by love.
Ishita Nov 2015
Have you wondered that the greatest satisfaction comes from one's own deed to help needy people in the gravest situations.
Ishita|Rediscover Yourself|Satisfaction
Ishita Nov 2015
I met someone who made me fall in love with the two colors I hated the most.
Ishita Nov 2015
"Your undying love is the basic content of my poetry"
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