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 Jan 2018 Ishita
haiku 01
 Jan 2018 Ishita
everyone knows that
concrete emotions can’t be
destroyed by laughter
 Jan 2018 Ishita
When I miss you, I can hear my heart breaking and the sound of my soul being crushed under the weight of too much hope. The hope that I will see you again, the way I once did. The hope that you will feel the same way. The hope that there will be home in your arms and love in your heart for me. The hope that that day will not be far away.
 Jan 2018 Ishita
The Ironies
 Jan 2018 Ishita
We all have eyes, we all have hearts,
Meant to see and feel.
Yet they often fail to see and feel,
the truths, honesty,empathy.

We all have mouths,
That speak and speak,
Yet it too speaks least,
When engrossed in 'emotional intensity'.

We all have brain,
Which works and works
At its vigorous rapidity,
Yet gets stuck too,
When the extremity
Hits its peak.
 Jul 2016 Ishita
Talk is cheap
Life isn't
So speak up
If you feel down
thank you all for the 101 followers!!! Love you all!
 Jul 2016 Ishita
I am confused
What is love?
please tell me... I am rather confused. Is it attraction? Is it a sense of security? Wanting to protect? Is it humour? Is it something else?
 Jul 2016 Ishita
Guess Who
 Jul 2016 Ishita
Looked at the mirror
Who are you?
Someone I don't understand
Why did you follow me?

The only one constantly by my side
The others come and go
But I was always there for me
Although I didn't always help

I expected others to help me
But only I was there for me
When all you get is called ugly
Stupid, and such, it's easy to see

But I turned on myself
I ripped my flesh apart
I tortured myself with nightmares of dead "friends"
For an entire year I tortured myself

All to prove that I cannot always be there
For my friends
All to prove
That I cannot protect those I cherish most

I can't even understand myself
So I look in the mirror
Into those hazel eyes
Who are you
Who am I?
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