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Feb 1 · 146
With Care
Isamarie Feb 1
Day lilies floating on the unspoken pond.

Deer's sprint to their pack.

A nature fix in the afternoon.

Doves gliding gracefully, making rapid circles on the water.

Fresh cut grass, surrounded with prunes.

Cicadas chirp sending signals to the bees.

Butterflies flutter onto the glistening willow trees.

Squirrels chase one other and bury
their last gift.

Sculptures of stones stacked on a nearby cleft.

The Sun beamed on the majestic mountain.

Birds quivered there wings,

Bathing themselves on a fountain.

The clouds formed a wispy shape in the air.

Nature is delicate, and must be handled with care.
Feb 1 · 126
Isamarie Feb 1
He draws a silhouette figure on paper with ink.

He knows what she thinks.

He is fixed by her,

Like he just saw a woman for the first time.

She can just lay there and her presence shines.

He studies her body like the galaxy.

His interest won the acknowledgement test.

She won the academy.

He slips it on her desk.

And says to her  "You are art."
Jan 30 · 95
Isamarie Jan 30
All my emotions bottled up.

Part of my soul has sunken in.

Your voice vibrates on my skin.

Bittersweet memories circulate like a washer on full spin.

I line my feelings and pin my agonizing thoughts.

Poured all my emotions, you stole all my tokens.
So cheap.

Drying all the wounds that cut so deep.
Jan 29 · 873
Love Means
Isamarie Jan 29
Love hurts you but wouldn't lie.

Love surprises you but wouldn't die.

Love brings our shadows to the light.
Love itself wouldn't fright.

It opens your mind and changes your reality.

Love doesn't hide your flaws.

It brings its personality.

Jan 29 · 332
Summer With You
Isamarie Jan 29
Warm to the touch, your hand on my knees.

Watching the birds land on glistening trees.

Wind caressed my hair on the summer breeze.

The kiss of your lips.

The sun in your eyes.

You must've been sent from above, your energy is so divine.

Jan 24 · 91
Detached Body
Isamarie Jan 24
Her eyes could tell you stories for ages.
Her mind has memories stuck in cages.
Her experiences corrupted her body.
It haunts her in dreams,
Sees the silver lining as she granted wishes through streams.
Her eyes gleam unseen.
Unseen the monsters that chased her forbidden parts.
Touched her legs, cries at night.
She sits there like a toy.
Hoping the next day will bring her joy.
Jan 24 · 119
Chess Player
Isamarie Jan 24
In numerous ways you aced chess.
Now this time it took death.

Lingering eyes, that cameras couldn’t catch.

You took me for granted and then on to the next.

You knew of me but never again.
All's not lost, but I know my heart will mend.

You didn’t see the pain that was left behind.

No cover of mine.
Your words were twisted like tree vines.

But stung me like poison ivy.
You didn’t give a dime.

Jan 24 · 90
Sprinkled Desire
Isamarie Jan 24
Forget your lousy text, and leaving me on the edge.

I feel uneasy sometimes not knowing where this will end.

But if I stay any longer.
I’m going to fuel the fire.

All of it was false hope sprinkled with desire.

Like an honey your words tasted so sweet but stung like a bee.

This soon will be gone.
Until you keep playing those same old songs.

Jan 24 · 69
Isamarie Jan 24
She is stardust, she’s all you need.
She is stardust, the air you breathe.
She is stardust, she is all you have.
She is stardust, you never kept tabbed.


— The End —