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 Feb 7 Isamarie
Poetry Art
you are my sun
but i know
you are rising
for someone else
the moon to the sun who loves the earth.
 Feb 5 Isamarie
It’s rare to find
people who

I see the frozen flowers with stems cut long as they lay upon the icy ground
And wonder to self what could this mean to see the petals scattered round
For ‘tis still Winter that nips the air and the chill that draws the silence
But the budding rose upon the snow creates a contrast stark and violent
 Feb 2 Isamarie
 Feb 2 Isamarie
She said "I'm falling in love."

I said "I'm falling apart."
What's the difference?
 Feb 2 Isamarie
There are few things,
Which can't be expressed,
They cannot be told,
How we felt .
It's a little stupid and dumb,
But my fluttering heart is not numb.
It can feel the pain of even the unseen,
And gets happier just by the smell of the wet sand.
I'm going insane,
Out of my mind.
The black ink pours in
The white page is pure gold
Wisdom seeps through
Transforming the lives
And the knowledge speaks
To the people in every fold
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