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Irlomak Jul 2018
I dreamt about you today
I cherished every single moment of it
for it's the only dimension that I can be with you
it's the only place where
I could feel your touch and warmth
I wanted my time with you to be longer
nothing but a mere harsh slap of reality jolt me awake.

I'd wait for more than a century just to enter the same dimension with you again.
Irlomak Jul 2018

One day
ill grow older
ill become busier
to the point where i won't have any time
to update myself about you
and ill be looking back at this very day
amazed and amused
you have served me such happiness
have given so much joy
and motivation in my life
i would look at a picture of you
with a genuine smile on my face
and would knowing nothing
but gratefulness
for all the positivity, motivation and happiness
that you've given me and
will constantly bring into my life
thank you for being there for me
always and forever
you're always in my heart
i will always be thankful
thank you for existing.
Irlomak Jul 2018
All these things I'm trying to do will never be enough to show how important you are to me.
all these things I'm trying to do will never be enough for me to express all the things you make me feel
and lastly,
all these things I'm trying to do, you deserve more than any of this
I'm sorry.
Irlomak Jul 2018
He used to be fine with the fact that he's not an expressive person
it's often hard for him to find the right words to say
he is fond of keeping things to himself
but right now,
the things he would do just to be able to let his sense of expression rise from the bottom of a dark abyss.

His mind is yearning for him to convey his bottled-up frustration of thoughts.

"He needs to tell her how much he loves her  
how much he appreciates her  
how much she means to him
how blessed he is to have her
how beautiful she makes his life
he needs to tell her all these things, but how."

She will never  know.
Irlomak Jul 2018
Words aren't enough to tell you how much I am proud of you,
for your accomplishments, achievements and hard work
you made it this far and you're gonna go even further
don't stop, never
don't settle
just continue
you're going to make yourself even more proud in the future.

It's time to stop caring about what other people think
think of what your future self will think of you when she looks back,
you should only care about what you think, of yourself.
that's the only thing that matters.
what you think about yourself is solely the important thing you should be giving much attention to.
so, make yourself proud.
be confident.
be comfortable in your own skin.
own it.
Irlomak Jul 2018
wishing for him to care about her as much as she does for him, hopelessly dreaming that he'd notice her feeble attempt of affection for him.

expecting for something that is impossible to happen,  a habit she's grown accustomed to.

this should be stopped.
Irlomak Dec 2016
She's not like all the other people out there. She has no one but herself. She has many friends but she doesn't have that one bestfriend that would always stay by her side. Indeed, she gets sad about this.

Then she realized,
Maybe she is meant to be independent.
To depend on no one but only, herself.

And this realization has helped her build herself better. Now, she is ready to face and conquer every obstacle by herself.
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