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Irlomak Dec 2016
I need to be reminded that it's okay to be alone. Well, I am not exactly alone for I have myself and that should be enough. At the end of the day, the one person who's going to be there for me, is myself.
  Oct 2016 Irlomak
Of all the places
she sought to hide
She only found one
safe place inside
in dancing images
where the poetry
  Oct 2016 Irlomak
I feel sad whenever you get treated badly

ㅡbecause I know in myself that I would cross oceans for you.
I would cry you not just a river but a waterfall
because if it's you, then it's worth it.
I would build a house for you,
on top of the highest mountain to bring you closer to heaven,
where you belong with the angels.
I would give you all that you truly deserve and more if I can

And I feel so ******* sad when you don't get what you deserve because you,
You are the person I love most**.

I would give you the whole universe
if only you'd let me.
I feel sad because I know I can treat you better.
Irlomak Oct 2016
I had a dream. I was finally able to get a hold of my world and then I woke up grasping your hand. Seems like one of my dreams has come true.
Irlomak Oct 2016
They said,
you take the one you love to Paris
hence the name, "City of Love"

But how do you take the one you love
if he's already happy in the arms of someone else?
Irlomak Sep 2016
I wanted to write something about you but some sense knocked into me and said;

”Time is precious, it should not be wasted.”
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