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Irlomak Aug 2018
I was making letters for my friends and I wanted to make one for you. I wanted to write down all the things I adore about you but I stopped and think would you even care? Would it still even matter to you? Would you still pay any attention to it now that you have the love of your life in your arms? So never mind, I should keep these words I have to myself for who am I to you? Just another person. Just another human you met in college and I will never be anything more than that to you.
Made: 22/09/2017
Irlomak Aug 2018
we met unexpectedly
not hoping for anything vast
just the usual friendship
but we accidentally crossed the line
even though another already
grabbed your attention and affection
you still came to me,
surprisingly, you've let me mark you
why did you do that?
why did you ask for it?
and why did i give in?
i was the one who marked you yet
it feels like the opposite
the taste of your skin
still attached to my lips
your skin marked my lips
the sound of your moans
still ringing melodically into my ears
and the caress of your lips against mine, god, the things i'd do just to feel it again, one last time
because more than a month has passed,
and here i am
still foolishly thinking of you
when you probably threw me out of your mind a long time ago
do i need help? no.
i miss you more than you will ever know. you're the one who proved to me how much i can badly miss a person.
but i think this is where i draw the line for i can only do nothing but miss you.
the time wasn't in our favor when we met and all i wish for is,
one day, if our paths ever cross each other again, it will give us a chance. the chance that i would take without any hesitation.
until then, i will remove you out of my mind. i will stop looking left and right for your familiar sight. i will know nothing of you, but do know that my heart will always recognize you.
Made: 22/09/2017
Irlomak Aug 2018
I’ve had a very good day
my night has ended well
we’ve said our goodnights
all I feel is contentment.
For once in many years,
I felt so satisfied with my life
I couldn’t ask for anything better
and as I write this,
tears are streaming down my face
for this happiness that I’m feeling
is too overwhelming for me to take
but if this is the reason for my tears
every single day, i wouldn’t mind shedding more.
Made: 07/10/2017
Irlomak Jul 2018
I used to be so excited for sleep
to get on the bed
and slip myself inside the warmth of my blankets
but as unbelievable as it is, it changed.

For this time,
going to sleep means I have to part ways with you
but you know how everything has a positive side?

Let me tell you, for all the years I have lived
never in my life have I ever been so excited to wake up every morning knowing that I'd be spending a new day with you.
Irlomak Jul 2018
Giving him her all
is what she does best
so fearless, so selfless
she is, for him.

Wouldn't you flaunt her
if she was yours?
wouldn't you be proud
to tell everyone that
she's yours?
I would.

Too bad the person who owns her
is not too appreciative of what he has
Too busy focusing on the affection everyone else is giving him
that he probably forgets to tell them that
he's taken and is being loved by an exquisite person.
Irlomak Jul 2018
Like a human blowing a candle
you were the candle,
I was the human who blew the light of the candle,
making you disappear
all the light you once provided
the warmth you once emanated
the goodness you've sweetly dispensed me with
a single trace of your scent
nowhere to be found.
Months have passed,
head still turning left and right
back and front
always hoping to see a familiar sight
only to realize that
even hoping too much
won't ever bring you back to me.
Irlomak Jul 2018
You were there in my dreams, holding me
I woke up minutes later,  not knowing if I should be happy or not
facing the reality of,
you being a hundred miles away from me,
nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be touched
o, heavens
will the day of being with him ever come?
will I ever get to see his beautiful facade up close?
will I ever get to know what it feels like to hold him?

The answer is No.
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