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 Nov 2014 Franny
keeping your emotions to yourself,
is the safest way to hide pain
yet the fastest way to die insane
 Nov 2014 Franny
Love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
-Stay with me,
a little bit than never
 Nov 2014 Franny
I want to be with you,
maybe not forever,
but at least a little bit longer than never.
-Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you.
 Nov 2014 Franny
 Nov 2014 Franny
I fall, I rise,
I make mistakes,
I live,
I've been hurt,
but ..
I'm alive ..
i'm only Human,
I'm not perfect,
but I'm thankful
-learned to be contented cause were only human.

It is very easy to bear a child
when you are a good parent or not

It is also not too tough to write some words
when you are a good poet or not

But it is too tough for a parent to grow up   
their child as being a real man

As it is too tough for a poet to make
a meaningful poem with those words

Though either you are a very good parent
or a very good poet

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
too tough as being a real man or a poet and this the reality
Tracing the outline of your scars
Is like reading your soul.
The stories they can tell.
Just more parts to your whole.
Never cover them,
Do not be ashamed
Your scars show the truth
Of life filled with love and pain.
They are a part of you,
What makes you truly whole
I'll trace the outline of each scar
To better understand your soul.
For a friend.
You know who you are. :)
 Aug 2014 Franny
 Aug 2014 Franny
And even on
My brightest days,
With thoughts of you
Come storms.
Get out of my head.
 Jul 2014 Franny
Forgotten Heart
I still love you
with those every little pieces
that you left bleeding
I still remember
every little thing
I used to do
to remember you
You are the only one
Who makes me
the happiest
and the saddest
I want to say
I don't need you
 Jul 2014 Franny
Forgotten Heart
i used to say "i love you"
but now
with a slight difference
i say "i loved you"
this slight difference changed my life
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