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Jul 2014 · 186
Franny Jul 2014
Have you ever said you were done with someone and came right back ?
Jul 2014 · 172
Franny Jul 2014
I searched everywhere for happiness and all I found was you.

                     You were my happiness.

What happened?
Jul 2014 · 798
Franny Jul 2014
When I think of you, It's like a leprechaun finally getting his *** of gold at the end of the rainbow. - the happiness in his heart as he says "mine mine mine. It's all mine."
Not greed, but more less satisfaction. He gets what he always dreamed about.
Jul 2014 · 247
Franny Jul 2014
Do what is right, but would you look back 5 years from now and realize what was right is actually wrong.
May 2014 · 1.1k
I met this girl
Franny May 2014
November 28, I met this girl.
She was broken. From the bullies that struck her with their words.

We got to know eachother. I got to know her favorite color, favorite food, favorite song.

Through out the the weeks we talked, I found out how truly broken she was. How words cut like knife, how she had demons inside of her.

I also realized that I was falling for her. I was falling for a broken girl. When I myself was a broken girl.

I fought with my feelings.
I couldn't be. I wouldn't be... Gay.

I found out she liked me too.

It drove me insane. Me liking a girl? Wanting to be with a girl? It was absurd. My mom would never approve.

Months later.
We're 5 months. 5 months of her being mines, and me being hers. 5 months of tears. 5 months of laughs. 5 months of love. 5 months of hate. 5 months of two broken girls trying to fix eachother.

Can we succeed or will more months pass as the little happiness we have left disappear. And our demons strengthen.

I met this girl. She changed everything.
Blah. Idk
She's different....
May 2014 · 368
Franny May 2014
You hold a big piece of my heart. It's fragile. I bet you already knew that. How it gets smaller everyday. How you can control me. How you make me feel completely insane most of the time.
My heart is cracked. Because I let you carelessly hold it. My mistake. I take full responsiblity. I gave my fragile, cracked heart to a stranger.
Our anniversary was last week. Almost half a year with eachother. Yelling, crying, laughing, joking, loving, hurting. You say you love me. I question that everyday. Should I let another stranger carry my fragile heart once again?
May 2014 · 299
Franny May 2014
You're the one.
You are the one.
The one I want to spend the rest of my life with.
The one I want to build a family with.
The one that I can't imagine life without.
The one that makes me smile the biggest.
The one that makes me cry the hardest.
The one I want to grow old and die with.
The one that I want.
The one that I need.
The one that I have.
You're the one.
You are the one.

— The End —