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 Jan 2021 Kaity
John Destalo
 Jan 2021 Kaity
John Destalo
like the moon
I go through


some of my
lights go out

and I become
dull and distant

give me time
they will come

back on

like the moon
I do not ask

for praise or

it is just a

I am going through
 Jan 2021 Kaity
and when you think about love
you need not worry
to speak your language
for that someone could simply
understand you
no translations needed
 Jul 2018 Kaity
Tyler Matthew
Got broken up with today.
Expect poetry soon.
 Jul 2018 Kaity
It's all the same;
the destructive kind,
the beautiful kind.
It's an obsession;
satisfied only by desperation.
it tears you apart,
it puts you back together.
It is weakness,
it is strength,
Without it we are alone;
with it we are forgotten.
It can be overturned so quickly,
it's nature changes.
Light to dark,
Dark to light.
Hope turns to fear,
fear turns to hope;
it's all the same,
Now read it backwards
 May 2018 Kaity
 May 2018 Kaity
It's in everything.
The release of endorphins as I hit my stride,
the way my legs burn as I take turn after turn,
It's the air that scorches my lungs as I inhale;
the cheering that fills my head,
it's the way I fly when I peak,
It's the white noise in my head when I can't go any further,
and it's the way I collapse when i finish;
it's in everything and it's in nothing.
Just a fun little poem that I decided to write
 May 2018 Kaity
You say I'm Beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking,
You say you could write an entire essay about my beauty.
Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't.
The point is,
You say all these nice things,
And all can think is it's too much.

You tell me I'm amazing,
with that smile of yours,
and I should be lit up inside;
but I'm just scared.

You talk about our future,
like it's something that's set in stone,
like we're forever.
And I should be amazed that anyone one make that commitment,
but I'm still scared.

You've done this before,
and, every time,
you fall for her.
That girl who is perfect in every way.
They are your world, your everything.

This time,
I am that girl;
and it's scary,
it's too much,
and I feel like I'm;

What can I do?
Wait for you to go?
That's the simple answer, yes.
But is it the right one?
 May 2018 Kaity
Do you hear them?
Because you can't.
They died;
so long ago,
and yet,
so recently.
Their voices forever silenced.
By the
gun that went;
So many lives lost with no reason as to why.
They left us;
their friends,
their family,
their classmates,
their fellow citizens.
Wondering why.
Why did they leave us so soon,
those affected by gun violence?
They are all around us,
families of victims,
that kid you shot in the street,
those who committed suicide,
all of them;
All of them gone.
Never to be heard from again.
A tribute to those who lost their lives, loved ones, and those who are affected by gun violence.
 May 2018 Kaity
Citizen Lost
What's the plan, What is the purpose,
Why do we stay here, When they just continue to hurt us,

What's the goal And can we really achieve it,
Have faith in yourself and then others will believe,

Have hope in the future and learn from the past,
We have all made Mistakes But the pain will never last,

It is ok to be fearful, We have all been afraid,
Don't be disheartened, don't be dismayed,

Our Strength is a blessing that we all hold inside,
If you search deep within Then the strength you will find,

The Courage will come, be patient, give it time,
Along with the desire to no longer hide,

Your spirit has awoken and will soon start to rise,
The fire Burns bright with hope in your eyes,

Open your heart, Open your mind,
Only speak words that are Both wise and kind,

Have a Listen, Hear what they say,
Give them a smile, get on with your day.

Today is a gift,
That's why we call it the present,

So that is the plan, follow it through,
Just for today, Be grateful to be you.
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