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she exposed
herself so

many times
singing her

pains and pleasures
helping you

to feel your own
helping you come

to come to terms
with yourself

it is her body
leave her out

of your mean words

she already
exposed her

most important parts
so many times
she still lives
in me
she is impossible
to eradicate or
she is a brain
she is inter
     a ****
         a vine
her traces
are such
she cannot
be traced
a slight
gives her life
    in me
       an ember
           a spark
I cannot
live without
you always
preferred windows

to mirrors
they were more

reflective to you
the outside

spoke to you
in ways you

could never
speak to yourself
I think we
speak too much

or maybe just
too fast

there is no space
for listening

we hear our
own thoughts

a billion bees
buzzing in

our ears

I think we
speak too much

there is no space
for understanding

to form
we met each other

in an age
of distance

our hearts leaped

and our limbs were
made of dreams

thin but strong
we did not resist

the wind or
the times

we extended

as far as we
were allowed

and shadow

our first dance
waiting for the

wind or the times
to change
I was happy
walking in a


from my lips
I was alone

making up
a conversation

I would have
with you

when we met
I would know

it was you
because you

would be happy
walking in a

she is grounded
what is left of
her little yellow
wings won’t lift her
I cry when I
see her run
across the sharp rocks
she jumps and each
time she lands
she cuts her toes
leaving droplets
of blood
that spread leaving
a trail of red
that she hopes no one
ever follows
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