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I only let you see
one piece of darkness
fall out of me.

Were you afraid?

What if I let you hear
when the space between
becomes less clear.

Will you understand?

What if I let you feel
when the constricting nerves
begin breaking steel?

Will you stay the night?

What if I let you see
when all the darkness
rushes out of me?

Will you still be mine?
every day and night
I try to **** my shadows

my mind is
the constant beat

of midnight rain
and vampire bats

they want to tell
all my secrets
to everyone

I am so rich
I am on all the lists

so numbers have
more power than


but I will use
my words to

hide my numbers
in the shadows

and then I will
continue to try to

**** my shadows
so they can never speak
the cut of loneliness
does not bleed

no matter how
many cuts

everything inside
is dry
and dead or dying

I am not the first
to feel

this way but
for your sake

I hope I am
the last

truth is slippery
not slimy

but some words are
not real

they are birthed
in the swamp

by soul *******

who make you

who make belief

like they are making
a midnight snack

taking a bite
and throwing away

the leftovers
I was raised
in a wild field

where colors clash
and everything grows

rain floods and
no one drowns

bees feed sting
and die

to be reborn every spring

weeds are beautiful
and grass is free

we live every day
we are alive

we are bounded only

by both stages
of the dandelion

bright sunshine
and silver dust

blowing free
in the wind

to land and
grow in another

wild field
my favorite flower is a ****
the spider web captures
and I am stuck

wanting to be liked
wanting to be loved
it is the way you

makes me

I whisper to you
my beautiful and
desperate words

born of life’s tiny scars

I whisper to you
my beautiful and
desperate words

wanting to cover you
in the finest silk

I whisper to you
my beautiful and
desperate words

wanting you to feel loved

I am my beautiful
and desperate words

longing to be held
longing to be remembered

by you
I see in me

what you said
is in me

I am his
I am he

the one
who painted

the hatred in
your heart

I cannot help it

I cannot drain
him from me

sometimes blood
is poison

that does not ****


sometimes cells
are cells
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