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John Destalo Apr 29
she was not much
younger than me

but she so easily believed

growing up in a world
that did not deceive

the words around her
were soft like angels

seeds of life that
nourished her

shining stars that
would guide her
to truth

I was darker than that

words in my world
were twisted little

small poison pills
given to me
to be swallowed whole

but I swallowed them
just once

I only let them
spread through me

I only let them
make me sick once

the next time
they were given to me

I crushed them
into dust

placed them in
an urn on my shelf

so they could never
be spoken again

she was not much
younger than me

but we lived in
different worlds
John Destalo Apr 29
she looked so breakable

sitting inside herself
squeezing into a dark circle

she seemed to me to be

a star refusing to die
in danger of
becoming a succubus

the noise outside
was a hurricane

a pounding voice
begging for attention

thin strands of yellow
hair crisscrossed her sad face

trying to hide inside
the circle

she did not speak
even though her
body said she

had something to say

the noise outside
took up all her space

and she thought
no one noticed

but I noticed
I always do
John Destalo Apr 28
he was a vessel

power surging
through him
from above

his words
made the world
seem different

a new world created by
a new set of words

I listened to him closely
followed each time he spoke

I let him invade me
with his words

and I could see more
of what could be

and I could see

that what could be
could become what is

a different world
for everyone

speaking made
him weak in body

so that
he collapsed
in my arms

he knew what
was to come

he knew what
he was
being asked to do

for his words
to have meaning

and he didn’t know
if he could do it
John Destalo Apr 28
a sound wakes me

I don’t know if the
sound was real

or in a dream

I have no one to ask so
it will remain a mystery
John Destalo Apr 28
they were

pulled from
their tight

small bolts
of energy

linked by
mystery but

trapped in
separate cages

in songs

of longing
for each other

I listen to them
when I want to cry
John Destalo Apr 23
I only let you see
one piece of darkness
fall out of me.

Were you afraid?

What if I let you hear
when the space between
becomes less clear.

Will you understand?

What if I let you feel
when the constricting nerves
begin breaking steel?

Will you stay the night?

What if I let you see
when all the darkness
rushes out of me?

Will you still be mine?
John Destalo Apr 23
every day and night
I try to **** my shadows

my mind is
the constant beat

of midnight rain
and vampire bats

they want to tell
all my secrets
to everyone

I am so rich
I am on all the lists

so numbers have
more power than


but I will use
my words to

hide my numbers
in the shadows

and then I will
continue to try to

**** my shadows
so they can never speak
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