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John Destalo Mar 2021
soon there will be leaves
growing everywhere
hiding the desperate beauty
of these raw emotions
the crisscrossing chaos
the aching naked
of exposing more
of themselves
during the coldest months
I feel alive
when I walk
amongst them
they speak to me
they speak for me
outwardly I will
enjoy the leaves
but inside I will be
waiting for them to fall
John Destalo Mar 2021
we never had
the chance

to recover
to speak to

each other

about our
divergent paths

one adult
to another

to reach an

of our loving

to show our
scars and share

our stories

it was late

the night she
said goodbye
John Destalo Mar 2021
she remembered

she had a dream
or was it a thought

it can be hard
to distinguish

the goings on
in the mind

everything can
seem so real

the bipolar pendulum
swings between

perfection and

her room is
always being

trying to be

the first to discover

the myth named
John Destalo Mar 2021
I shed myself
all over you

black marks of magic

that create meanings
in the way they connect

they were secrets
when they only

existed inside of me
but you give them

the means to live
you give me a life

oh sweet paper!
the child of wood

you carry my soul
all over you

please don’t lose me
I don’t want to be

lost again
John Destalo Feb 2021
little one
you roar

like a lion
roaming free

the world
shivers when

they hear you
they know

you cannot be

contained or

you will

all your fears
and rule

whatever world
you choose to

John Destalo Feb 2021
we tiptoe

the fresh water
the cold first

day of spring

we feel the goose
bumps grow

rising up our
legs into our

speeding hearts
our hands

desire to speak
their first words

but they have
not learned

a language

so we remain
still and smile


is changing
John Destalo Feb 2021
I want to be the echo

the powerful remains
of the last word


deeper than a memory
I want to be

that which becomes
a disturbing sensation

that stays in your brain
and cannot be named

and reminds you
that something was

lost in the chaos
you created

but you won’t know

what it was
you had your chance

you made your choice
you have to live

with me, the echo
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